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12 Best Car Racing Games for iPad and Android

Are you a fanatic, eager to race and looking for car games? As you know, in the real world, racing can be life-threatening and risky. But, the thrill of racing may hypnotize and nudge you into realistic scenarios. Once you dive into the car racing games world, you will be influenced to compete and encounter a win-win situation against the competitors or specifically say rivals. Steering and controlling the vehicle is totally done by a mere finger touch and get completely engrossed in the car racing game and lay the foundation.

So, wanna start racing? We have listed out some of the best racing games that will thrill you while playing.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Game

The Gameloft has come up with the Asphalt 8 with a notion of getting you airborne. This car game drifts away on the ramps and pulls off the stunts with over 220+ souped-up cars and bikes. With skyrocketing speeds, experience the twists and turns in exciting locations in 40 high-speed tracks with the high-octane vehicles.

Stay invincible by gaining the upper hand in multiplayer racing and different modes like 400 events in career mode, gate drifted mode and most dangerous, infected mode. Zoom off by getting familiarized with the high fidelity motor sounds, amazing visuals, HD effects and reviving music to rejuvenate the spirit. You can get updates by following the community on various social networking sites.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS | Android

Real Racing 3

With many excellent awards and over 100 million downloads, Real Racing 3 stands in the leading position out of best car racing games. Being a sequel to the Real Racing game, this car racing game occupies 1.5GB space on your device. Moreover, it features more than 140 cars that are designed based on Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, and other popular manufacturers.

The game offers typical Mint 3 engine, 43-car race grid, 17 licensed racing tracks each mapped with real-world locations. Race against time to win more than 4000 challenging events not only by upgrading your vehicle in possible ways but also by customizing the controls according to your preference. Publisher of the game has come up with Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) technology which makes it different from the ordinary multiplayer mode. It’s updated version showcases on racing against formula E drivers and standing a chance to earn old Mercedes Benz models.

Download Real Racing 3 for iOS | Android

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Drag Racing

Drag Racing GameDrag Racing is a car driving game, that competes between two vehicles and only winning strategy is to cross the finish line first. Burning up the tires at the start is a basic method in this racing. Although you enjoy racing 1 on 1, take a chance and try multiplayer racing by going online.

With nitro-fuelled vehicles, select from various exotic cars, upgrade the vehicle in accordance with your choice, begin the race, balance the power and grip simultaneously, beat the time, and win the 1/4 or 1/3 mile race. Start connecting with other racers, form a team, exchange and develop strategies and share your achievements. To increase your excitement, nitrous oxide is implemented at the later stage of the racing for the best driving experience.

Download Drag racing for iOS | Android

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 GameAs the name itself indicates, the car racing takes place while climbing uphill. Take a leap by bagging the best uphill driver tag by racing in various cups and tracks. Make it more enjoyable by customizing the vehicles, selecting from 14+ tuning tools, creating characters and upgrading the vehicle performance.

With this car driving game, you can gain access to 20 variety of vehicles by unlocking modes and participating in weekly events that are held in different terrains. Nevertheless, compete with others by showcasing your skills of winning races and stay on top of the leaderboard.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 for iOS | Android

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 GameWith stunning next-gen 3D graphics, this turns one of the best racing game for Android and iOS. Customs Street Racer 2 car game presents drag racing with an augmented reality concept. Paint the town red by placing yourself in licensed vehicles such as Ferrari, Porsche, Buggati, BMW and more stylish cars, and get acquainted with detailed interiors. You can even configure and customize the interiors and exteriors of the car.

With exotic car collection showoff, race, master and win against your competitor. As in reality, we can even strip away the parts and attach it to own car, check the tire pressure, tune and adjust gear ratios. Gain extra benefits and cash by playing single player mode, multiplayer race, and race all the way from rookie to pro by winning challenges and events conducted. Setup up password and restrict unauthorized access to In-app purchases.

Download CSR Racing 2 for iOS | Android

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Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider GameThe Traffic Rider car racer game provides a path to whisk away through the traffic. In this game, the rider is expected to drive fast and overtake the traffic when exceeding 100 kmph as it helps in scoring and earning more. You also have an option to select from 19 languages when inconvenient with English. With a manual gear option, unlimited time, 20+ bikes to choose from, start riding through traffic and unleash 70+ missions.

Download Traffic Rider for iOS | Android

Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed GameThere is no introduction for Need for Speed car racing game. This is one of the best racing game that supports underground street racing with lots of mayhem. From 2.5 million combinations of cars available on this car game, customize your favorite car from the black market or mod shop, while racing. There are many real-world cars from well-known manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Pagani, Hannessey and more of which you are about to own and have an amazing experience.

Get behind the wheel to race against 1000+ challenging modes that you are about to encounter. Be cautious in every lane you are speeding into as there are more chances of cops or local crews behind your back. Show off your skills and mislead them.

Download Need for Speed: No Limits for iOS | Android

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing GameIn a class by itself, this car driving game distinguishes itself from others by karting or kart racing concept. The car racing occurs in an adventure filled island against tropical-loving opponents that are held on 15 adventurous racing tracks from extreme dangers to beautifully paths. Race with your recruited team, with each having unique abilities and discover shortcuts along with surprises.

You can Collect more power-ups by overtaking or crushing others and use them to stay ahead in the leaderboard. Even with more earning, you can accumulate cars of your choice. With 6 various gaming modes, switch to touch-screen or joypad and change your graphics setting for every mode. Upload and save your game and achievements on the cloud for later gameplay.

Download Beach Buggy Racing for iOS | Android

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer GameTraffic Racer is yet another racing game offered by same keeping in mind the Traffic Rider. Almost with some similarities, it distinguishes itself from the traffic Rider. This car driving games has a collection of 35+ different cars with smooth gaming controls that are readily available for customization. Start traversing and racing through the rich environment in various climatic conditions.

Being a fast racer, you can start mounting up from a free ride to a police chase. Although the Traffic Racer breaks some rules by making us race in opposite direction to the two way NPC traffic, it’s worth giving a try to have unlimited fun.

Download Traffic Racer for iOS | Android

Nitro Nation 6

Nitro Nation 6 GameNitro Nation presents us Drag Racing with cars powered by CarX physics engine. Altogether it requires 1.5 GB of RAM space on your device. Those who are a favorite of drag racing can race in more than 100 international branded cars that require no fueling at all. Put your imagination forward to give an awesome touch to all parts of the car.

Nitro Nation with its realistic graphics and applied physics upgrades and improves car components. Burn up and race against fellow mates starting at 1/8 mile to full, wager races by winning tournaments and rise from bronze to gold division.

Download Nitro Nation 6 for iOS | Android

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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme GameRace to extremes by breaking rules with Asphalt Xtreme game. Try unraveling exotic places from the glaciers of Svalbard to jungles of Phuket with 50+ monstrous machines. The world ahead is nothing but a full-time racing track that awaits to create more obstacles with 5 gaming modes, 300+ career events, and 1100+ mastery challenges.

Along with rugged vehicles, you can unleash licensed bigger brands so that we can race off-road. Race with multiple players online beat the competition to gain the lead. So go ahead and follow the Asphalt Xtreme on various networking sites for latest updates.

Download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing for iOS | Android

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Horizon Chase: World Tour

Horizon Chase GameHorizon Chase has bagged many rewards and earned a good place among Brazilian games. The Horizon Chase game is a arcade gameplay that takes place around the world. Enjoy the free world tour by racing for the first 5 tracks, 2 cars and pay for the rest of the racing that leads you to 80+ tracks, 30+ cities, and more cars.

With exclusive 16-bit graphics implemented, the tour is visualized with most picturesque scenarios on recent variations. It has many more features such as Barry’s Leitch’s sound effects, 7 Gamepad compatibilities with cloud support that makes you cling to the game.

Download Horizon Chase: World Tour for iOS|Android

Best Car Games for iPad and Android

With these spine-chilling car racing games that are free to download, hope you will enjoy and immerse into the full gaming world. The basic requirement for these car games is to have a stable network connection. And a minimum 2GB space in your internal memory, you can download these car driving games on Android or iPad. You can even avoid ads that vex you by making in-app purchases that are available in almost all the car racing games listed.

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