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Best 7 Torrent Apps for your Android Phone

Torrents are quite popular for distributing the pirated content along with free files like custom ROMs and several other items to the people all around the world.

They serve as the best place to download anything over the internet and the cost of downloading any file is free expect the internet connection amount.

Working on peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) protocol connected to the servers, the person can access them through the internet to torrent download free from anywhere and any place they want to.

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Mainly the torrent downloader tools are available for desktops, but the miniature computers that we carry in our pants pocket are now also capable of downloading torrents for you.

The torrent downloader apps serve as a torrent client for accessing the peer-to-peer network and download the particular file.

There are numerous apps that can help you to download the torrent files directly to your device and here are the best 7 Android Torrent apps for you.


With almost three million active users, FrostWire is one of the most popular Android for torrent download free and has become a well-known file sharing app over the time. It is a fast app that searches swiftly and throws on issues while downloading multiple files. It connects to several different torrent search engines as well as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Archive.org.

FrostwireThe app ticks most of the items on the checklist that people sort for in a peer to peer network. There is a variety of content present to be downloaded easily.

aTorrent – Torrent Downloader

aTorrent is one of the most convenient means for managing the torrent downloads directly on your device. The app has all the elements that one should have to be your primary torrent downloader app for your Android device.

aTorrentIt offers full speed content downloading over your Wi-Fi connection. Limit the download of torrent to when the device is plugged in for charging. The app supports magnet links and pauses your download when your device’s battery is low.

tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client

It is the free trial version of tTorrent Pro and offers limited functionality to the users. You can set the download and upload speeds to control the consumption of data.

tTorrentYou can avoid the overuse of the data to the torrents and ensure that the downloading of torrents is done only on Wi-Fi. It also has a queue system that initiates the download after each other not simultaneously.

Flud – Torrent Downloader

Flud offers some advance settings to the users in order to give them more control over the torrent download. It allows you to manage the seeding ratio, the number of connections and auto shutdown.

FludYou can move the files from one storage to another while they are being downloaded and also has the support to change the theme from light to dark.

Vuze Torrent Downloader

It is a simple looking powerful torrent downloader, Vuze Torrent Downloader might not be the most feature rich app available for Android users but it gets the job done.

VuzeIt will automatically alert you when the task is completed and auto-starts when the device is being rebooted. Vuze gives you simple torrent search and discovery to download the content.

BitTorrent® Pro – Torrent App

Who doesn’t knows about BitTorrent, it is the most widely used Torrent client for torrent download free on the desktop and now can be accessed on Android. The app is easy to use and inherits a great intrusive design for the Android device users.

BitTorrentThe torrent client is a paid app and offers battery saver feature to shut down the torrenting in the background in low battery.


Another popular desktop Torrent client, µTorrent is now available for Android device users, allowing them to download the torrent files directly to their device easily without any trouble.

uTorrentThe app offers the users an integrated music and video player to access the media content easily. There are no speed limits and size limits for torrent downloads on the app.

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Fulfill your quest of finding the best Android torrent downloader apps by selecting the one given in the above list. Quickly download large files without any trouble through these torrent apps directly to your device.

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