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8 Best Android Multiplayer Offline Games

When the internet took over smartphones, Bluetooth connected games lost its popularity. Game developers shifted their attention to HD multiplayer games in recent times. This allowed gamers to play with their friends anytime, anywhere. But it’s always fun to play small 2D games with friends whenever you get together.

Here is a list of top android multiplayer offline games, that can be played via Bluetooth or WiFi.



With less than 10 MB, DUAL is the most competitive local android multiplayer game. A Bluetooth connected game which allows two users to shoot each other from one screen to another. Players in DUAL can DUEL, DEFLECT, or DEFEND together. DUEL is a competitive mode where two players fire each other and the winner is the last man standing. DEFEND is a cooperative mode where two players team up and fight against the attackers.

This game has In-app purchases. If one of the players own a full version of DUAL, both players can play DEFEND and DEFLECT together. Instead of interactive buttons, DUAL senses motion. The players have to tilt their phone to evade bullets, to fire, and to move, making it more fun to play. Players can connect over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Download the game DUAL!

Bomb Squad

BOMBSQUAD As the name suggests, the main theme of Bomb Squad is to blow up your friends. Two teams of 4 players each can compete with each other to kill friends using various bombs. The game takes place in a raised platform. The platform makes it difficult to survive while fighting each other. Players get to use a variety of bombs to destroy the other team. When out of bombs, the contenders can even carry their opponents and throw them off the platform.

Some mini-games like capture the flag, hockey, etc. are also available in the game. In-app purchases allow you to buy different avatars like ninjas, pirates, chefs. Android TV users can also play Bomb Squad. All they got to do is to download the ‘Bomb Squad Remote’ app in their mobile devices.

Download Bomb Squad

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Pocket Rally LITE

POCKET RALLY LITEA simple 50 MB old school racing rally which amazes us with their attention to detail. A fun racing game you can play with your friends together over Bluetooth. You can also play against bots if your best friends forget to turn up for the party. The maps for racing are also worth mentioning. Players can race through the mountains, along with the coastlines, slide on ice, and many more. Every car is unique from each other. The tuned physics makes it a bit more fun to control the car through icy terrains.

3 camera angles and 6 control modes are available in Pocket Rally LITE. Two modes of racing are present in the game and 4 players can race together. A new addition to the game is the replay mode. It allows you to replay your skills in the track so that your friends can also savor the moment.

Download Pocket Rally LITE


DUAL SPACE BATTLEDie-hard fans of Sci-fi Spaceship movies should definitely try this game. Different spaceships are available in Dual Space Battle for players to choose from. 1v1 and 4v4 modes are present in this game. The aim of Dual Space Battle is to survive the battle without damaging your spaceship. Different spaceships have different power-ups. The best thing about this game is that it is completely free. Dual Space battle is one of the top android multiplayer game available in the Play Store.

Download Dual Space Battle

Carroms 3D

CARROMS 3DThis one is for south Asian gamers. A simple strike and pocket game. You can play Carroms 3D with friends by connecting your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 3D Carrom supports multi-touch gestures for smooth gaming. You can also play Carroms 3D with bots. There exist 3 difficulties while playing with bots. Beginner, intermediate and expert. After playing 2-3 games, you can change the difficulty.

Players of all age group can enjoy this game. 3D Carroms is free and available in the play store to download.

Download Carroms 3D

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WARLINGSWarlings are cute, round, war animals. You get a team of aggressive Warlings before the war. Your aim is to destroy the opponents with these Warlings. You can use guns, missiles, or you can even throw yourselves at your opponents. The battle takes place on various grounds. In the air, in water, and even in space.

Like war, the last team standing wins the round. You can play Warlings with your friends, over Bluetooth. It has mild violence making in suitable for age categories above 7. Warlings is the most competitive Android multiplayer game in Play Store.

Download Warlings

Space Team

SPACE TEAMConsider yourself in a space floating in space in a spaceship. You have a controller. But, your friends get the instructions and they have to deliver the instruction to you. You have to act fast to save your spaceship. This is Spaceteam. It is a party game played by 2-8 players, at a time. Each player should have a phone, connected via Wi-Fi. These phones are the controllers. One random player will receive a message. This player will deliver the received message to the assigned player. You guys have to coordinate and work together to save your spaceship from an exploding star.

The best part of the game is that the instructions are time sensitive. So, there should be extreme coordination or your ship explodes. The game has in-app purchases. Although, you can enjoy without spending a dime.

Download Space Team

Chain Reaction

CHAIN REACTIONThe chain reaction is a bonus to this list. Although it is not a Bluetooth connected multiplayer game, 4 players can play this game in a single phone. The first one to occupy all the squares in the screen wins the game. Each player will select a different colored orb. A player can place the orb in an empty square or on their own orbs. When the orbs reach its top mass, it explodes. When it explodes, the orb converts all the surrounding orbs into its same kind.

Chain Reaction has an HD mode which is available only in tablets. Smartphones will have regular modes. Players can customize their orb’s color and sound according to their will. The game has no In-app purchases and contains ads added by the developer.

Download Chain Reaction

Best Android Multiplayer Offline Games

Now that concludes the list of top offline Android multiplayer games. All games mentioned above are available for free in Play Store. If you have any more games to add to the list or if you believe we missed out any games, comment below and we will make a new list. And remember to pair your Bluetooth devices before starting the game.

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