10 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac (Free & Paid)

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

Screen Recording Software for Mac is designed to capture all screen activities while you work on the Mac display. The best screen recording software should be able of capturing videos in HD quality, critical for coding tutorial and game demonstration videos.

Perhaps the most prominent use of screen recording software is for showing off the solution to a system problem and upload on Youtube.

When you use the screen recorder software for Mac, rather than just recording the screen, you may have a bunch of features that will improve the productivity. These features include audio recording, selected window recording etc.

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The screen recorder software available in different names ‘screen capturing’ or ‘screen recording’ or ‘desktop recording,’ they all are doing the same job with some additional features like point zooming, area highlighting, video subtitle, etc.

There are several paid and free Mac screen recording software available in the market, and the basic features can be found on free screen recorder apps.

Here we listed some basic Mac screen recorder software for free and a couple of paid recorder apps that has some extended features best for professional use.

Free Screen Recorders Software for Mac

When you go for Mac free screen recorder, please keep in mind, many of them will come with time-limited recording, or some features will be missing. But these apps will be a good choice for those who don’t want to spend money on these apps.

QuickTime Player

Mac users know that Quick Time Player is the default video player on Mac. QuickTime can also be used for the playing different media files present on the system and support a wide range of video formats.

quicktimeDespite being a video player it can also perform screen recording software easily and you can choose the entire desktop or the selected area for recording. There is an optional feature to show the mouse and add microphone audio in the recording video.


Monosnap is a free screen recording software coming with the option of turning on your webcam, mic and system’s audio all before the recording. You can your Mac’s in-built camera or any external camera for the recordings on the software.

monosnapIt records the screen in 60fps to ensure an ultra-smooth playback to meet the need in the demanding situations. Monosnap is mainly good for one-off recordings that are short and can be shared quickly.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source and free software for video recording and live streaming for Windows, MAC & Linux. You can get high-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing, with unlimited scenes. The additional filters available for video sources such as image masking, color correction, chroma/color keying, and more. The built-in audio mixer is coming with filter functionality such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.


Jing is an interesting free screen capture application from Techsmith, different from all other screen-capture software. The captured video can be saved in SWF format or stored on the screencast. Coming with a five-minute video recording with the option of using the mic while recording, it is a good option for narrating the steps to solve a problem.

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

This is one of the simplest tool presents for screencasting and edits the recorded video to perfection. Unlike many free recording tools it doesn’t include any watermark on the video and every mouse click can be detected easily with the tool. The videos recorded through the tool can be minimum of 200 seconds and maximum of 600 seconds. You can record over and over then edit the video to make a big video.

Recordit: Instant Screencasts

Recordit allows you to make a quick video of yourself doing something interesting on your Mac. You can easily turn the recorded video into a GIF and share them instantly without any trouble encountered. From the software, you can record the screen for 5 minutes and create a GIF from the video recorded. The screencast is uploaded to the software’s servers from where it can be shared to other platforms.

Paid MAC Screen Recorder Apps

As you know, the paid screen recorder apps are good for customer support and packed with a lot of features as well as no restriction for maximum recording time.


Another great screen recording software from TechSmith, Snagit is premium screen recorder software which can download at a one-time cost of $49.95. Combining some of the best editing features; it is an easy to use software to record desktop.

snagitThe recorded video is saved in MP4 format and comes with a large 1 GB file limit. After doing the recording, you can send the video to any suitable application service offering a great level of reliability.

Camtasia 2

Camtasia 2 is one of the most famous and professional screen recording software available for Mac OS and is offered for a price of $99. With the extensive layout, the user can make smooth editing and mixing on the recorded video.

camtasia-2Add titles, annotations, transitions and panning animations on the recorded movie to increase the effect of the video. The tools of the software are huge time savers for the people who record screen regularly.

Screen Record Studio HD

It is a professional screen recording software that can be purchased for $4.99. Screen Record Studio supplies some good text and image logos along with screen recording feature. The people can mix two audio sources and add mouse click animation along with the click count. You can record for a particular time by setting a timer for recording. The software can only record for only 120 seconds.

AV Recorder & Screen Capture

AV Recorder & Screen Capture allows you to capture everything and anything on your screen. It offers a max resolution of 2800 by 1800 for recording video. Make gameplay tutorial by its perfect FPS option and auto stop recording in fix time. If you want to shorten the recording then you can trim the video easily from the software. The recording software is offered to people at a cost of $9.99. The sharing of videos can be done online with ease.

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With these top pick Mac Screen Recorder software, you can easily make screencast videos, make tutorials more explanative and clear. You can choose the best screen recorder from the paid or free ones in order to have the features as well as characteristics needed to make a great tutorial video.


  1. Good to know these tools and thanks for the sharing. I always use acethinker free screen recorder to make screencast, works like a charm. It’s a web-based application, you don’t have to download or install anything. Share it here as an alternative.

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