7 Best Screen Video Recorder Application for Windows PC (Free& Paid)

Last Updated: October 6, 2017

Many YouTube users use the screen captured video in order to demonstrate the working of a program or review a game. With help of the best screen recorder software on Windows, you can record each moment and every movement easily that is there on your desktop as well as save it as a video file. There are several Windows screen recording software is available at your disposal whenever you want to access them. But not the best screen recorder is free and stacked with the needed characteristics for proper screen capturing.

Here are some of the free screen recording software for Windows to capture your desktop movements in video format.


Camstudio, one of the best screen recorder, is a more like an open source screen recording software that can capture your screen activity and audio to AVI files by highlighting the path of the cursor. You can also develop voice-over type videos and also the one having text annotations.

camstudioThis Windows screen recorder software offers some additional features like options include cursor controls, the ability to chose an entire screen, a window, or a portion of it.

Website Link: Camstudio

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This windows screen capture tool is to make video and slideshows on your Windows operating system. Ezvid has a one-click screen capture and recording functionality that allows the people to instantly begin with screen recording.ezvid

Besides, having the features of a screen recorder, it also inherits the characteristics of being used as a voice recorder. Ezvid allows you to resize, add text/images to the recorded video before uploading them online.

Website Link: Ezvid


Coming from TechSmith known for their Snag it, Jing is a great free tool for screen recorder software that lets you plan, capture and share the recorded videos in just a couple of minutes. It saves a history of your captures so one can locate and edit them in the coming time.jing

The video recorded can be no more than of five minutes that is preferable for short tutorials and presentations. Upload your capture or video to screencast.com to share them with anyone. Jing let you select any window or region to capture and mark up the screenshots with a text box, arrow, highlight or picture caption.

Website Link: Jing

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OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open source free video recording software and live streaming tool. You can get high-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing, with unlimited scenes. The additional filters available for video sources such as image masking, color correction, chroma/color keying, and more. The built-in audio mixer is coming with filter functions such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.

Website Link: OBS Studio

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is widely accessible on Windows, Apple and MAC operating system. Serving as a great tool, one of the most prominent features of the Icecream Screen Recorder is the scheduling of screen capture sessions. During the recording, you can place the webcam input in the preferred size and place. With the audio mixing capabilities of the screen recorder, you can give a level to the audio quality of the video.

Website Link: Icecream Screen Recorder


oCam is freeware utility build with screen capture and screen recording functionality. You can use this application to take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on your PC’s screen or take a screenshot of a certain region on the screen or of the entire screen. It can make a video recording of whatever is on your screen; record the screen & audio input, record audio input only, record system audio, record from the microphone, record a game. oCam works with 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Download from: Findmy Soft

Paid Windows Recorder Software


Snagit is a premium screen capture software from TechSmith, a paid tool that helps people to capture and record the screen for diverse purposes both on Windows and MAC OS.

snagitWith the premium version of this screen recording software, Snagit has powerful editing tools, free tech support, and services based on the cloud. The latest version of the tool inherits a GIF feature allowing you to convert the captured video into GIF to enhance it.

Website Link: Snagit

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote from Microsoft is capable of record screenshots to keep the records. But are you aware that OneNote is also capable of recording windows screen and saving as video files? OneNote can record and save audio notes, video notes in addition to the screenshots and images.

To start recording, click a location on the page in OneNote where you want to place the recording, and then,  click Insert > Record Audio (for audio notes), or click Insert > Record Video (for video recording with optional audio). Please refer more details for different versions of OneNote recording guidelines.

Website Link: Microsoft OneNote


ActivePresenter is another paid app which can be your super companion when it comes to educating and tutorials. For the extra cash paid, the person can add interactivity to the project. Special gesture effects can be added to the video to increase the spotlight. With its export to video window, one can set various parameters before processing the final footage. You can use the Freeze Frames option to suspend the screen movements for a while. All layers can be manipulated, altered and modified from its Timeline.

Website Link: ActivePresenter

In some cases, it is the best means of illustrating anything to someone that is there on your screen. From the recording made, you can develop a ‘how to’ video with extreme preciseness. The recorded video from the screen recorder software is a great way than just capturing the screenshots as you are able to show the exact description of the working that is to be done. The number of screen recording software is huge, giving you the means to record my screen whenever desired. These screen recording software tools inherit good screen capture quality offering you something more than an image.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the list. As for me, I have found a free screen recorder that is very effective and easy to use. It is the Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online.I can use it anytime I want. I don’t need to download or install it, I just need a light launcher and I can start right away. I really enjoy recording my screen activity because of this tool.You may give it a try and perhaps include it in your list in the future.

  2. Thanks for this list, I’ve tested most of them and ended up using one that is not on your list, ChrisPC Screen Recorder. This is low on resources and records to MP4 with audio

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