This is How you can Setup iCloud Email with Windows10

Last Updated: May 13, 2017
icloud email on windows10

I occasionally use iCloud email on my iPhone to check personal emails. However, my Windows 7 laptop had a hard time to successfully integrate with iCloud email account.

Apple released iCloud integration package for Windows users and the result was not much impressive.

Microsoft did a nice job on Windows10, where iCloud can work with Windows mail app almost like MAC mail app.

The email setup was almost plug and play, you have to give your email id and password, the rest will take care by Windows itself. I was able to connect both my iCloud Email and Calendar without any extra effort.

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In windows10, you don’t need to setup your iCloud Calendar and Email separate. You setup either iCloud email or iCloud calendar and the other one will automatically configure on your Windows app.
windows10 add account

Let us see how to setup iCloud email first. Open Windows Email App. Click on Email Settings icon (gear) > Settings > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Choose an account > iCloud > add your iCloud account.

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Please make sure you are using domain while adding iCloud account, like Now enter the password and click on sign-in and click Done on next screen, you are ready to icloud set

On Windows Mail left sidebar, you can see new iCloud account with inbox and other related folders under iCloud icloud

In addition to outlook account, Windows 10 email client can direct import accounts like Hotmail,, Hotmail, MSN, Google and iCloud without much effort and good thing about that, no need to give server details manually.

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