How to Turn Off Waze Location Service Complete to Save Battery

Last Updated: January 23, 2017
Turn Off Waze Location Service Complete

You may see your location service is always on even after you switch off Waze? Are you looking for a solution to turn off Waze Location Service completely while you are not using Waze app. Location service or internal GPS may drain iPhone battery juice compare to the other apps.

Usually, I open Waze app when I start to drive and turn off immediately when I reach my destination. I don’t want to run Waze in my iPhone background and drain my battery while I am not driving.

However, you may notice that your location service is still turned on even you log off Waze completely.  This may or may not consume your battery, and so far I am not comfortable with this.

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Let us see why these locations service is still ON for Waze even if you turn off the Waze app completely. Well, the answer is Waze is using your location for some other features. Let us get into more details about those features.

Where is Waze Using Smartphone Location Service?

Waze will use iPhone location (GPS Sensor) while you drive. This let the Waze App to display current location on MAP and also alert you about road blocks and other hazards ahead.

1, Location Service for Waze MAP

At this moment there are only two options for iOS users on Waze Location Access. You can see this setting on iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Waze > you see

Never / Always. You can choose never here if you are rarely using Waze. You may need to turn this on manually every time you use Waze app on phone.Waze location settings

If you are using Waze for daily commuting, the best choice is to keep these Location Settings Always. However this Always setting will use location setting while Waze is working in background. Once you quit the Waze App from background, (slide and remove) the app no more use the location service. In your case, you may see a purple location arrow on iPhone top menu bar, then go to the second point mentioned here. There are other built-in Waze services that use location reporting on your Smart Phone.

2, Location Change Reporting (iOS only)

For iOS Users, Waze is using location change reporting for Time to leave Reminders. Waze is accessing your current location even when you are not using the app to remind you about your iOS calendar events especially for planned drives and time to leave notification.

Waze Planned Drive

As per Waze Help Documentaion“Location change reporting has minimal impact on your battery since the service uses cell towers and WiFi signals”

How to Turn Off Location Reporting on Waze?

If you are not comfortable with this feature and you think your battery is draining with this location reporting, you can turn off this feature. Open Waze App > Go to Waze Settings > General > Location change reporting > turn Off.

Waze location reporting off

Once you turn this off, you’ll no longer receive ‘Time to Leave’ reminders for Calendar events and planned drives.

Can’t See Location Reporting on Waze?

Sometimes you may not see the Location Reporting toggle button on Waze Settings. In that case, first, you have to enable iOS Calendar Access to Waze. Please go to iPhone Settings > Waze > Allow Waze To Access Calendars > Turn On.Waze iOS calendar off

Now Come back again to Waze App > Go to Waze Settings > General > Location change reporting > turn Off.

If you are concerned about Waze’s access to your iOS Calendar, you can go back to iPhone Settings > Waze > Allow Waze to Access Calendars > Turn Off.

Now your Waze will not use your iPhone Location Service while you Turned Off Waze from background and no need to worry about battery drain.

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However, iOS Calendar Drive reminders  and “Time To Leave” are nice features that you can enjoy if you are not much worried about your battery backup time, it’s totally up to you.

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