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How to Put Your Amazon Echo Speaker in Do Not Disturb Mode

Amazon Echo speakers can set alarms, reminders, make and receive calls, and more with Alexa on it. But sometimes you would want to silence your Alexa speaker especially while you are sleeping, working, or reading. You can silent any alerts coming out of your Echo or Echo Dot by enabling Do Not Disturb mode.

You can quickly enable DND mode on Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speakers by using the Alexa app or using your own voice. Let’s begin.

Alexa Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb on Alexa, like any other device, blocks certain notifications, alerts, and sometimes calls to avoid any distractions you don’t want. It will block a handful of features that Alexa has. Following are the things that do not work when your Alexa is on DND mode.

  • Broadcast announcements
  • Drop ins
  • Any type of notifications
  • Calls and messages
  • Ring doorbell chimes

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Enable DND from Alexa App

Do Not Disturb or DND was not that visible or easily accessible in the Alexa app. Now you can set your Amazon Echo speaker in DND with the Amazon Alexa app.

For that, first, open the Amazon Alexa app and visit the Devices tab.

From the screen, tap on “Echo & Alexa” at the top.

Alexa Devices Tab on Phone

The app will list all your echo speakers. Select any individual Echo speaker from the list. Unfortunately, you cannot put all your home speakers in DND mode at once.

Select Fire TV Stick on Alexa App

The next screen is where you can actually turn on or off the Do Not Disturb mode on the Amazon Echo speaker. Tap the greyed-out crescent moon icon on top of your screen to enable Alexa DND mode.

Enable Do Not Disturb in Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker

To get out of the Do Not Disturb, simply tap the button again, and now you are out.

Alexa DND Enabled

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Use Voice Command to Put Echo in Do Not Disturb

If you do not like to tweak the things from the Alexa app, you can put your Echo speaker in DND with your own voice. You can simply ask Alexa “Alexa, turn on Do Not Disturb.” Here are some commands you can say to Alexa instead of this to switch to DND mode:

  • Alexa, don’t disturb me
  • Alexa, please don’t disturb
  • Alexa, do not disturb
Turn on Alexa DND Using Voice Command

To switch back from DND mode, you can simply say “turn off do not disturb” to Alexa. All these commands will help you enable or disable Do Not Disturb on the Amazon Echo speaker. You can change the way you call Alexa by changing the Alexa wake word right from the Amazon Alexa app.

FAQ: Alexa Do Not Disturb

Does Alexa have a do not disturb?

Amazon Alexa has a Do Not Disturb or DND mode that lets you silence any notifications and alerts from the speaker. This will help you get a goodnight’s sleep without getting any distracting messages out of your home smart speaker.

How do you tell Alexa Do Not Disturb?

You can tell Alexa to go into Do Not Disturb by either using the app or with the voice command. If you are using the voice command, ask “Alexa, turn on Do Not Disturb” or “Don’t disturb me.”

Does Do Not Disturb block drop in on Alexa?

You cannot drop in on an Amazon Echo speaker which is in Do Not Disturb mode. The recipient needs to turn off Do Not Disturb mode for you to drop in on them.

How do you silence Alexa at night?

If you don’t want any distractions from Alexa while sleeping, set your Amazon Echo speaker in Do Not Disturb mode before going to the bed.

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You can avoid all annoying notifications, drop-ins, and broadcast messages by putting the Amazon Echo speaker in Do Not Disturb. However, you still won’t miss any important notifications and calendar events even during DND.

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