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How to Connect Amazon Echo to Computer to Use as PC Speaker

Amazon Echo devices are great speakers with their high-quality drivers that provide a crisp and crystal music experience. If you ever wished to get such a high-quality speaker as your PC speaker, you probably might want to know how to connect your Amazon Echo to your computer.

In this guide, let us see how to connect your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speaker to your computer over Bluetooth.

Connect Amazon Echo to Computer Bluetooth

Amazon Echo or Echo Dot speakers come with inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity which lets you pair your phones and laptops over it. You can connect your Alexa smart speaker to your computer if it has Bluetooth connectivity.

In most cases, every laptop has Bluetooth while desktop computers do not have one. If your PC or computer does not seem to have a Bluetooth adapter inbuilt you can always get a tiny Bluetooth adapter for your PC.

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Once you ensure your computer has Bluetooth, make sure to turn it on. On Windows computers, open the action center from the taskbar (alternatively, press Windows Key + A on the keyboard). Click and enable the Bluetooth option, then right-click on it and choose the “Go to Settings” option.

Go to Bluetooth Settings on Windows 11

Click on “Add a Device” from the Settings window.

Add Device in Bluetooth Settings on Windows 11

Choose “Bluetooth” from the popup window and your computer will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Meanwhile, reach out to your Amazon Echo speaker and say “Alexa, connect my phone” or “Connect my computer.”

Connect Amazon Echo Dot to Computer Using Bluetooth

Wait until you find “Echo-TSM” or “Echo Dot-TSM” in the Bluetooth discovery of your computer. Click on it to connect.

Once your computer pairs with the Amazon Echo speaker, you will hear a ding sound from the speaker. This means the Echo speaker is ready to use as your computer speaker. You can directly play songs and movies from your computer to the Echo speaker. You can also change the speaker output from your PC without even disconnecting the Bluetooth.

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