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Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps for Fast & Easy Typing

Keyboards are important and one of the most accessed apps of the Android smartphones. With a good text entry on the smartphones and tablets communication can be heaven, but in its absence it becomes hell.

In the current age of technology, most of us have adapted the touch screen devices well, whereas there are many that are still uncomfortable in using the keyboards pre-installed on their devices.

Thanks to the customizable feature of Android, one can easily change the keyboard with the choices more than ever before. Just select the your best from the Google Play Store.

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But how do you know that which is appropriate and best for you. That’s when we come to your rescue; here are the top 5 Android Keyboard to help you in the process.

Google Keyboard

For increasing the essence of typing, you can use Google Keyboard which is termed as the baseline for judging other keyboards. It is speedy and reliable offering the user to tailor their prediction, correction easily.

Google KeyboardThe keyboard inherits multiple language support, allowing you to type in preferred language on the go. Many OEMs usually provide the Google Keyboard in their devices as they know the worth of the keyboard.

SwiftKey Keyboard

A fierce competitor of Google Keyboard and one of the top choices of people when they have to choose a third-party keyboard. The prediction methods of the keyboard have made a large number of individuals to stay addicted to it.

SwiftKey KeyboardYou can easily customize the keyboard through the help of themes available, but most of them have to be purchased before they can be accessed. SwiftKey Keyboard is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Minuum Keyboard

If you want something out of the box that is strikingly unique in your keyboard, then Minuum Keyboard is the one you should look for.

Minuum KeyboardBreaking the stereotype keyboard design, it is a smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with the screen space of the device. As the tagline of the app says it is a little keyboard for big fingers. As an innovative keyboard having a lot of features that might amaze the user on seeing them.

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Holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest keyboard in the world, Flesky surely deserves the place in this list offering more than just the usual.

Fleksy + GIF KeyboardAlong with accurate predictions, it is capable of correcting your grammar in the best possible way. Flesky suits the need and makes you the speed demon while typing.

ai.type Keyboard Plus

It has been there in the Google Play Store and has every element to be worth of trying out at least. ai.type Keyboard provides you numerous features including the emoji, themes and next word prediction to ensure that it is on par with the other keyboards in the market.

ai-type KeyboardIt is easy to setup and grip on allowing you to know everything about it just in a few days.

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Several OEM like Samsung and ASUS pre-install their own keyboards in their smartphones and tablets for the users to access, they are good in using but not up to the mark and make typing a torture.

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