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You Got ‘Charging on Hold’ Warning on iPhone? Here How to Avoid It.

You end up on a pop-up message “Charging on Hold” like this on your iPhone? As you know, the iPhone will automatically pause all the functions and restart itself when it gets overheated. There are several reasons for iPhone to get overheated. Well, this is something different to get the iPhone hot while charging. I got the message below, “Charging on Hold,” on my iPhone 14 Pro.

I did my research and found a few possibilities for this, and we thought I could share them with you guys.

Apple regularly introduces new features to extend the lifespan of your iPhone battery. And, you can always check the health of your battery as well. If you are using iOS 16, you might have observed a warning saying “Charging on Hold” with a message that the charging will resume once your iPhone returns to normal temperature. If you don’t know why it happens and how to avoid it, continue reading this article until the end.

Why Does Your iPhone Say ‘Charging on Hold’?

When you see the warning ‘Charging on Hold‘ on your iPhone, it means two things. Your iPhone was charging, and the charging stopped as the device became extremely hot. You guessed this was not a new feature introduced in iOS 16.

Apple introduced Optimised battery charging in its iOS 13 release. When enabled, iOS will limit or stop the charging once the battery percentage reaches 80%. The charging will resume once your iPhone cools down. Since it was happening in the background, users didn’t have any clue about that. That was to protect the battery.

Charging on Hold Warning iPhone
Charging on Hold Warning iPhone

Now, this new feature protects the iPhone’s electronic circuitry, especially the charging circuit. While you charge your iPhone, the charging circuit inside the iPhone gets heat. The internal protection system holds the charging process to protect both the battery and the charging circuit of the iPhone. And for the user, iOS shows the message ‘Charging on Hold‘ Charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature.

Now, with the ‘Charging on Hold’ notification, you know exactly when the charging stops. There are many reasons why your iPhone gets heated while charging. Now let’s see how to avoid iPhone getting hot while charging.

Avoid Thick iPhone Cases During Wireless Charging

Many users complain that their iPhones get heated quickly when they use wireless charging. Therotaiclly wireless charging has more energy loss rather than wired charging. As long as the gap between the Wireless Charger and iPhone back increases, this loss will increase further.

Ideally, you are not supposed to use the iPhone case if you use the wireless charger occasionally. You have three options here to avoid this situation.

  • Use the thin or no iPhone case while using the wireless charger for iPhone.
  • Make sure to properly align the iPhone on Wirelss charger while using the wireless charger.
  • Use the lightning port wired charger if you have your iPhone with a thick case.

The reason is that if the device is not perfectly aligned and put in a case, then the charging is very inefficient and genrate a lot of heat as a part of energy loss.

To be frank, the best option is to avoid iPhone case when you use wireless charging so that your device will be in direct contact with the charging pad.

Avoid Wireless Charging iPhone While Driving.

You might see the warning ‘Charging on Hold’, especially if you have plugged your iPhone into the Wireless Car Charger. Typically, the wireless charger itself will cool down itself with the Airflow from the vent.

Tikeco Wireless Car Charger
Car-Vent mounted wireless charger

This is not the story all the time. Some car wireless chargers mounted on the dashboard may not have enough airflow and get over ehated with teh direct sunlight. This might might be another case for this Charging Over Heat problem.

In summer, you get this warning as your device gets heated by the sun through the windshield. During winter, you will be switching on the car heater, and your iPhone might get heated with the hot airflow and get yoru iPhone over heat while chargiung through the wireless charger.

Though you cannot avoid plugging your iPhone while driving, you can disconnect the iPhone and keep it avay from the hot airflow for a while till it cools down. Or you can keep your device near the AC vent in your car and switch on the AC to cool the device.

Avoid Using Fast Charging Adapters

If you are using iPhone 8 or later, you can use a fast charging adapter to charge your battery to 50% in less than 30 minutes. Though fast charging might not cause any harm to your iPhone battery directly, it generates more power as well as more heat than when using a normal adapter.

iPhone Fast Car Charger

In case you see the warning ‘Charging on Hold’ frequently while using fast charging adapters, you can switch to a normal adapter and see if the warning reduces.

Move iPhone from Current Charging Location

Are you keeping your device near the window while charging? Then, there is a possibility of your iPhone getting heated due to the Sunrays. This will happn when you charge iPhone near to the Window, or if your device is kept near the room heaters in your house, you might see the warning ‘Charging on Hold.’

Make sure you charge your device in a cool location at your home and check if the warning disappears.

Use Lightning Port As Much As Possible

Though wireless charging looks fancy and might be handy while travelling, you can use the lightning port to charge your iPhone at home or at your workplace. Also, wired charging is always faster and takes less time to charge your iPhone than wireless charging.

In addition to that, the wired charging is the direct contact charging to the iPhone. So the energy loss is minimum compared to the wireless charging technology. You can get Apple’s iPhone Lightning Cable or thrid-party lightning cables to change your iPhone.

Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)
Apple Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)
You can connect to the Apple USB power adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet.

Use High Efficiant Wireless Charger

The high efficient chargers produce less loss, means less heat while charging the iPhone wirelessly. You can use the top brands high quality wireless chargers to get maximum effciancy.

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If you think the error cauisng because of the thrid party power plug that you are using, you can try to use Apple’s MagSafe Wireless charger to see if it helps reduce the frequency of ‘Charging on Hold’ Warning.

How to Cool Down the Hot iPhone

Once you get the ‘Charging on Hold’ warning, charging will resume only after the iPhone returns to normal temperature. Obviously, you cannot keep the device inside a refrigerator to cool it down. Instead, try one or more of the following steps to reduce the temperature of your iPhone quickly.

iPhone Needs to Cool Down Message
  • Turn-off GPS Using Apps: Well the iPhone will get heat itself if you are using the built in GPS or GPS using the apps like Map for long time. This high proccessing along with the wireless charging may heat the iPhone again. Just quit the map and GPS using apps for a while to cool down the iPhone.
  • Reduce Brightness: If you are not using Auto-brightness, reduce the brightness level of your iPhone. It will help to reduce the heat generated by your device. Or you can also put the device in dark mode and see if it helps.
  • Stop All Apps: Stop all the apps, especially the ones using your mobile data. This will help to cool your device much faster as it reduces the activity on your iPhone.
  • Switch Off the Device: If possible, turn off your iPhone completely for a few minutes, as it is the fastest way to reduce the temperature of your device.
  • Use Low-power Mode: When you turn on low-power mode, only minimum resources on your device will be used. This will help your iPhone to cool down quickly.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi / Use Airplane Mode: If your device is overheated and the battery percentage is very low, the charging needs to be resumed quickly. To cool the device faster, put the device in Airplane mode or turn off the Wi-Fi if you get many messages.

It might be due to a fast charging adapter, wireless charging, exposure of your device to sunlight, and more. Now you can figure put the reasons for iPhone over heating and take measures to avoid it.

There is no need to panic about seeing the ‘Charging on Hold’ warning on your iPhone. However, you need to make sure that it doesn’t often happen to increase the lifespan of your iPhone battery.

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