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10 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android to Get Stunning Home Screen Backgrounds

We all use our mobile phones very often. It will be boring if we see the same wallpaper on the screen all the time. Here we introduce you to some of the best wallpaper apps for Android phones. Some of these apps have distinctive features like Magic Touch and Live Wallpapers for Android. While in some others, you can upload self-made images and get credits for that.

Anyway, let’s talk about the best Android wallpaper apps for your Android devices.

4K Wallpapers- Auto Wallpaper Changer

4K Wallpapers - Auto Wallpaper Changer

4K Wallpaper Changer provides 10,000+ HD wallpapers and the best backgrounds. The wallpaper app is designed for Android phones or tablets, so it works on any screen size or screen resolution. In the Android wallpaper app, you can set live wallpapers that will change background automatically. You can customize its time-frequency.

You will get wallpapers for Android across 22+ categories which include abstract, animals, anime, celebrities, and many more. Moreover, all the wallpapers are under common creative license. So, you need not worry about copyright issues. The free wallpaper for the Android app is battery efficient and gives a great performance.


  • Excellent photo collection
  • Convenient settings
  • High-quality wallpapers


  • Too many ads
  • Doesn’t change lock screen wallpapers
  • Occasional bugs

Key Features: Live Wallpapers | Auto wallpaper changer | One-click wallpaper changer | Favorite section | Share HD wallpapers | 10000+ 4K/HD wallpapers

Download: 4K Wallpapers- Auto Wallpaper Changer(Free, In-App Purchases)

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Google Wallpapers

Google WallpapersYou can customize your Android phone experience with Google Wallpaper apps. Categories of wallpapers range from Abstract to Winter & Snow. You can select wallpapers from thousands of tags in the QHD library. The Android wallpaper app has daily updates too so that, it has a rich collection of new wallpapers.

Wallpapers for Android phones come in small sizes, lesser than 1MB on the Go. You can automatically change wallpapers by setting a timer for each wallpaper. The best wallpaper app has a simple user interface that is easy to explore and download.


  • Wide variety of images
  • High-quality pictures
  • Not too many ads


  • The function of changing wallpapers doesn’t seem to work
  • Asking for unnecessary permissions
  • Not many interesting wallpapers

Key Features: Official Android/Google wallpapers | Growing collection of quality wallpapers | Daily automatic wallpaper changer | No ads

Download: Google Wallpapers (Free, In-App Purchases)

ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones

ZEDGE Wallpapers RingtonesZEDGE is a cool Android wallpaper app that provides free wallpapers and ringtones. There are limited edition holiday wallpapers in it. Also, you can find the perfect free wallpaper for Android phones for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and so on.

Customizing wallpapers with stickers will be interesting which you can do on ZEDGE. ZEDGE also brings forth video wallpaper with a great selection for all tastes and is battery efficient too. There are also a great collection of ringtones, alarm, and notification sounds on the Android wallpaper app. You can also set cool wallpapers to your social media apps using ZEDGE.


  • So many choices
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to navigate and operate
  • The biggest variety of wallpapers


  • Ads are annoying
  • Downloads are not listed anymore

Key Features: Wallpapers | Cool filters and stickers | Live wallpapers | Ringtones | Alarm/Notification sounds collection | Save images and audio

Download: ZEDGE Wallpapers & Ringtones (Free, Premium)

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Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers)

Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers)Backgrounds HD is an Android wallpaper app that lays out new backgrounds including videos, pictures, and illustrations. OGQ Backgrounds bestows live backgrounds that include real moving watches. In OGQ Backgrounds, you can upload and sell your own images.

In the wallpaper app for Android, you can add wallpapers to your favorites list. You can also allow other users to see your feed created based on your taste and also communicate with them with comments and messages.


  • You can follow users or comment on their photo
  • Realistic graphical analog
  • Have clock wallpapers


  • Cannot download and save images to the gallery
  • Unskippable ads
  • Wallpaper quality is not that good

Key Features: HD wallpapers | Free live wallpapers | 3D dynamic live wallpapers | No ads | Various category wallpapers

Download: Backgrounds HD (Free, In-App-Purchases)

Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K

Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4KPixel 4D Live Wallpapers has a great collection of customizable wallpapers. The Android wallpaper app brings to you dark-black wallpapers 3D, anime HD wallpapers. If you have this Android wallpaper app, no custom lock screen is needed to replace your default lock screen.

Pixel 4D can apply 2 different live wallpapers for your lock screen as well as the home screen. The best wallpaper app can also be used in battery-saving mode. Also, if you use AMOLED live wallpapers, you can save even more battery. There are many categories available like Thanos & Black Panther, space wallpapers, nature landscapes, and so on.


  • Good selection of wallpapers
  • Cool graphics
  • Easy-to-use


  • Occasional bugs
  • When trying to set a wallpaper, the screen will become blank
  • No live wallpapers

Key Features: AMOLED live wallpapers | 3D effects | Parallax backgrounds | Search and find wallpapers | Anime wallpapers | All screen aspects and size support

Download: Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K (Free)

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Black Wallpapers

Black WallpapersBlack Wallpapers app for Android offers high contract black and dark wallpapers for AMOLED lovers. There is a huge multitude of wallpapers, over 2000+ high-quality wallpapers for Deep Black, Dark, and AMOLED. These wallpapers are hand-picked by professionals.

Under “Popular”, you will see popular wallpapers sorted based on user downloads. And, you can swipe to refresh and see the whole collection of Android wallpapers. It has daily updates and a simple user interface. You can also share wallpapers for Android through Whatsapp, Mail, Skype, and much more.


  • Ads are not intrusive
  • Nicely designed dark wallpapers
  • Wallpaper quality is good


  • Not many collections of dark wallpapers
  • Not getting updates or new wallpapers
  • When trying to download, it shows “the picture does not load”

Key Features: Find all popular wallpapers | 2000+ black premium wallpapers | Simple UI | Daily wallpaper updates

Download: Black Wallpapers (Free)

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Gold Live Wallpaper 2021

Gold live wallpaper 2021Gold Live Wallpapers delivers wallpapers with beautiful HD gold elements and gold sparkling glitter. These free wallpapers for Android come in stylish golden combinations and glittery hearts with diamonds or gold black hearts. If you want to add more particles or objects to your selected wallpapers, you can do that in Gold Wallpapers 2021.

The best wallpaper app works well on all Android devices. You can also enable the Live wallpaper option on the app. The wallpaper app has more than 8 different particles and 10 animations. One of the sole features of the app is Magic touch. This feature grants you to play on live wallpapers by touching.


  • Minimal ads
  • Huge collection of wallpapers
  • Wallpapers with catchy golden designs
  • Magic touch is a cool feature


  • App crashes occasionally
  • Themes are not updated

Key Features: Luxury wallpapers | Particle animations | Magic touch effects | Live wallpapers

Download: Gold live wallpaper 2021(Free)

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Offline HD Wallpapers

Offline HD WallpapersUse Offline HD Wallpapers to style the home screen and lock screen of your Android phones. The app is completely free and you get access to the lock screen, home screen, and avatar wallpapers.

There are many wallpapers available for free in various categories like Nature, Flower, Track, and Building. Moreover, the wallpaper app works fully offline. You can use the feature “Traffic Saving” for quick loading and preview of Android wallpapers. Offline HD Wallpapers are very fast and smooth while setting wallpapers.


  • Features are not really good
  • Can download images offline
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface


  • Very few wallpapers are available
  • Autoplay long ads

Key Features: Variety of categories | Quick loading and preview for downloaded wallpapers | Offline wallpapers | Download and share images

Download: Offline HD Wallpapers(Free)

10000 Nature Wallpapers

10000 Nature WallpapersThe wallpaper app is free and has a huge collection of wallpapers. Backgrounds suit well for almost all popular screen sizes and types and models. The Android wallpaper app has over 10,000 breathtaking Nature wallpapers for Android.

Nature Wallpapers is absolutely free to use and you can easily browse through the photos and set background to any of your Android devices. You can also favorite wallpapers which you are fond of. There are over 30 categories available within the app ranging from Animals to Underwater wallpapers.


  • It requires only very little data to download
  • Require only a little space


  • Pictures cannot be saved to the gallery
  • Too many ads

Key Features: Natural sceneries as wallpapers | Free to use | All devices compatibility | Auto cropping images | Seasonal wallpapers

Download: 10000 Nature Wallpapers (Free)

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Walli - 4K HD Wallpapers and BackgroundsWalli wallpapers are featured on Google Pixel devices. You can see a huge collection of high quality, and unique wallpapers for Android. You can also upload images captured by you and you get rewarded by Walli. With Walli, you can change your wallpaper automatically with the new Walli Playlist feature.

When you like artworks you are fond of, it will come in your personal profile from which you can easily choose later. There is a large selection of Android wallpapers with multiple sizes and various themes. Some of the themes include black, AMOLED, manga, animals, abstract, funny, colorful, and so on.


  • Amazing collection
  • Designs are very creative
  • You can follow artists on the app


  • You can only pick predetermined categories

Key Features: Wallpapers for everyday | Artists community | You can submit your wallpaper works and get rewarded | Multiple sizes pf wallpapers

Download: Walli (Free, In-App Purchases)

With this handful of Android wallpaper apps, you get to browse through a huge variety of wallpapers in different themes and categories. As you have seen, it is quite easy to set backgrounds on the screens. You can also enable live wallpapers to change wallpapers automatically within the set frequency of time. Do try out these incredible apps and let us know what you think.

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