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12 Best Christmas Alexa Skills to Try with Your Echo Speakers

It’s that time of the year again and we gotta talk Christmas. Even though we adults know ‘you know who’ isn’t real kids mostly believe he is. Today, they can even talk to Santa, or at least what they would think is Santa. If you have an Alexa device in your house, you can teach Alexa those skills. Your kids can ask Alexa to call Santa or even count how many days left for Christmas.

Here are the best Alexa Christmas skills you should try with your Alexa device.

“Alexa, Call Santa”

Are your kids giving you a hard time? Alexa can help you pretend that you’ve just told Santa about their bad or good behavior. Frankly, however, you use this is on you. You may even let your kid tell Santa what they want for Christmas. When this Santa skill is invoked Alexa pretends to be calling Santa. Santa is busy though and you get this voice mail instead. You can then pretend to leave a voice message to Santa or let your kid do that. This is definitely a must-have Santa skill for Alexa.

Alexa Skill Store: Call Santa

“Alexa, open Santa Claus”

The official description of this Alexa skill says all there is to say about it and we couldn’t say it any better. “Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice! Do you want to know if you are naughty or nice? “Alexa, ask Santa Claus if I’m naughty or nice” to find out!.”

Alexa Skill Store: Santa Claus

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“Alexa, open Christmas Radio”

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber you don’t really need this skill. Alexa can already play any Christmas music if you ask it to. However, if for some reason you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can use this skill. If you haven’t already guessed, it lets you ask Alexa to play some sweet Christmas music.

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Radio

“Alexa, open iHeart Santa”

Want to listen to a curated, more personalized list of Christmas songs instead? When this skill is activated, Alexa will ask you some yes or no questions. Your answers will help “Santa” determine what kind of Christmas music to play for you.

Alexa Skill Store: iHeart Santa

“Alexa, ask Santa Countdown how many days until Christmas”

Counting days until Christmas? Teach Alexa this skill and she will do it for you.

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Countdown

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“Alexa, start The Night Before Christmas”

Alexa can help you put the Christmas spirit up by reciting you a nice poem with this skill. When activated, Alexa will tell you and your kids the magical tale of Santa and his reindeer. The poem stops after 3 minutes.

Alexa Skill Store: The Night Before Christmas

“Alexa, ask NORAD Tracks Santa, where’s Santa?”

Your kids don’t believe Santa is coming? Well, let Alexa convince them with this skill. You will need to activate the command once and allow permission. After that you can simply use by saying, “Alexa, where’s Santa?” and Alexa will tell your kids where exactly he is.

Alexa Skill Store: NORAD Tracks Santa

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“Alexa, play Christmas sounds”

If you’re tired of songs but still want to keep the Christmas spirit alive, you can teach Alexa the Christmas Sounds skill. Alexa will play sounds normally associated with Christmas such as ringing bells, horse hooves clamping, etc. It won’t stop until you say, “Alexa, stop”

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Sounds

“Alexa, open Christmas Kindness”

With this skill, your assistant can suggest an act of kindness every day to inspire you or your kids to be kind and help others feel the same Christmas spirit and happiness.

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Kindness

“Alexa, open Christmas Joke”

A little humor makes everything fun. This skill just adds a few Christmas jokes to Alexa’s joke box. The humor level is about what you would expect from Alexa.

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Joke

“Alexa, Ask Father Christmas”

Kids have so many questions about everything and especially about Santa. Where is he? What is he bringing? How old is he? How does Santa fit in the Chimney? Well, if you’re tired you can outsource the job to Alexa. With this Christmas Alexa skill, Alexa can answer about a hundred such questions.

Alexa Skill Store: Ask Father Christmas

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“Alexa open Christmas Facts”

Who doesn’t love a Christmas fact? Even if you don’t, it might be a nice educational distraction for your kids. This skill loads up Alexa with over 200 cool and often unknown Christmas facts.

Alexa Skill Store: Christmas Facts

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With so many Alexa Christmas skills to pick from Amazon’s smart assistant can definitely liven up the mood during the holiday season. It might also be a good idea to teach Alexa these skills even if you are not going to use them. Because your curious kids might ask Alexa when you’re not looking. You probably won’t want them finding out some disappointing facts.

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