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10 Best Filmmaking Apps to Shoot a Movie Using Your iPhone

iPhones are known for their upper hand in terms of cameras unmatched by others. iPhones offer the ability to shoot videos up to 4K resolution. With certain filmmaking apps specifically made for shooting and editing stunning videos, you can extend its capability. You could soon make a movie that is”Shot on iPhone” with these filming apps.

Here we have listed some of the best filmmaking apps for iPhone to shoot and edit cinematic videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one video camera and editing app. Starting with the camera, the filmmaking app has a pro-grade video camera that captures shots as you want without any hassle. The filming and editing app comes with an easy editing interface with a multi-track timeline in case you want to keep everything organized.

Add graphics, videos, audio, voice-overs, photos, and more using its drag and drop interface and you are good to go. Premiere Rush gives you access to original soundtracks, loops, and royalty-free sound effects. Extend it with its premium plan for features like auto-ducking, auto reframe, sound balancing, premium content library to name a few.


  • Offers 30-days free trial
  • Super easy to use
  • Pro-grade camera


  • Advanced features are paid
  • No copy and paste feature
  • Lack of transition effects

Key Features: Motion graphics capability | Magnetic timeline | Multiple tracks | Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro | Social Media Optimization

Download: Adobe Premiere Rush (Free | Offers In-app Purchases)

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FilmrIf it’s something you want to create for social media, Filmr is a powerful filming app for iPhone offering infinite possibilities. The iPhone video editing app has a simple and intuitive interface with more than 150 professional tools including transitions, effects, and a library of filters to get your hands on. Adjust the speed of the video to make its pace faster and slower. The app has VHS, Sparkles, Retro, and other effects to choose from.

Add from its trove of royalty-free music or buy songs from iTunes to add to your videos. Filmr premium plan offers new features with every update. Try your hands on multiple fonts including 3D fonts, AR characters to add to your videos, and more. You can also check out the Picture-in-Picture mode in your videos using the film editing app on your iPhone.


  • 1000+ royalty-free music
  • Choose FPS and formats
  • Light and Dark Mode
  • Multicam support


  • Not as powerful as Filmic Pro
  • It has a limit of the video duration

Key Features: Built-in tutorials | Social media sharing | Royalty-free music | Stop motions | Clean vertical interface | AR camera & characters

Download: Filmr (Free | Pro at $4.99/weekly)

FiLMic Pro

Filmic ProFiLMiC Pro has christened itself as one of the most advanced cinema video camera apps for iPhones. With a tonne of features, settings, and other tweaks used by pros, FiLMiC Pro did make its name among professional videographers.

The filming app supports Multicam shooting i.e. capturing shots from both front and rear cameras on your iPhone. It allows users to grab videos anywhere from SD to 4K 2106p and you can choose the aspect ratio as well.

FiLMiC Pro is a swiss army knife of video camera apps that lets you unleash the full potential of your smartphone’s camera and uses the software to master each shot taken. The film shooting app supports Dolby Vision HDR, has Dual arc slider controls, various shooting videos, clean HDMI Out, and more. FilMic Pro is a must-try if you are looking for a video camera-centric app for iPhones.


  • Powerful & dedicated video camera
  • Shoots videos from SD to 4K
  • Eight aspect ratios


  • Some features are behind a paywall
  • Doesn’t have a built-in video editor

Key Features: Temporal Noise Reduction | Live analytics suite | 10-bit SDR support | Variable frame rate control | Image stabilization

Download: Filmic Pro (Free | Pro at $14.99)

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Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by MomentThe stock camera app on your iPhone is powerful already but with Pro Camera by Moment, you can take it way further. It is a straightforward easy to use filmmaking app without any hassle. Alter the settings including focal length, ISO, EV, shutter speed, white balance, among others.

The movie shooting and video recording app for iPhone has a new timelapse mode for shots that are sped up for a time-lapse effect. A Slow Shutter mode takes long exposure shots with light trails and motion blur that you have always fantasized about.

Tweak into the video bitrates settings, toggle it from standard to high and the Pro Camera will produce output accordingly. There’s a built-in video stabilization on-board in this filmmaking app for iPhone so all those shaky videos you took will now be stabilized. There’s more Pro Camera offers on-board.


  • Full Manual Mode
  • Dual/Triple Lens control
  • Supports HEIF and HEVC


  • There’s no Android app available

Key Features: Live Histogram | Video Stabilization | Precise video controls | Moment Lens | Waveform monitor

Download: Pro Camera by Moment (Free | Pro at $6.99)

Spark Camera & Video Editor

Spark Camera & Video EditorSpark Camera has been awarded by Apple and many news publishers for its performance. The app has attracted people from vloggers to influencers and more, making it one of the best vlogging camera apps available on the App Store.

Spark Camera video recording app for iPhone has a tonne of tasteful filters and features to use. You can export videos from 1080p HD to 4K resolution while carefully setting the frame rate and other important aspects of any video.

Add a voice-over, trim the video, add a clip and there’s pretty much a lot of scope for editing videos with Spark. You also get social sharing links to TikTok, Instagram Stories, and other apps. Add music all you want to mimic the mood of the video and there’s more to this filmmaking app for iPhone.


  • Wide range of filters
  • Feels too clever to use
  • Advanced camera controls


  • Occasional glitches
  • Some features are fiddly

Key Features: Export video resolution options | 30+ filters | Add voice-vers & music | Multicam support

Download: Spark Camera & Video Editor (Free | Pro at $2.99/mo)

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Mavis – Pro Camera

MavisMavis – Pro Camera is a professional-grade video recording app for iPhone that offers a beefy catalog of features. The filming app lets you set up custom frame rates from 3fps to 240fps effectively boosting or reducing the video speed as you will.

The app has all the advanced video recording features including exposure waveform, shutter angel real-time color vectorscope, and others you would need to take the best videos on your iPhone.

Mavis works the best on manual settings and although this makes shooting videos easier, beginners will have a learning curve before using the app to its true potential. The iPhone filmmaking app allows recording videos at a whopping 4K resolution, digital zoom in 1080p, and supports both HEVC encoding on the go.


  • Equipped with dozens of unique pro-grade features
  • Custom frame rates between 3fps to 240fps
  • Multiple saving and sharing options
  • Shooting Assistance


  • Works best in manual mode
  • It is among the expensive video recording apps

Key Features: Supports exports up to 4K UD | Manual focus, color, and exposure | Focus peaking | Advanced exposure controls

Download: Mavis – Pro Camera (Free | Offers In-app purchases)


LumaFusionLumaFusion is a sought-after professional-grade mobile video maker and editing app that offers features matching it up with the Final Cut Pro alternative for iPhones. The app has got all the pro-grade tools you’ll ever need including working with 18 to 240fps, color-tagging, and all sorts of organizing the media.

Add up to 6 video/audio tracks on LumaFusion, choose from dozens of transitions, add markers, and there’s simply a lot you can do with it. Add speed or make your videos or section of it slower. Check out powerful color correction tools this filmmaking app offers that will change your video output to something extraordinary.

LumaFusion offers both unlimited keyframing for animation and keyframe audio levels as well. Other features include auto-fucking, EQ, audio filters, multi-layer text, effect presets, output on an external monitor, and so on.


  • Tonnes of royalty-free content
  • Import from anywhere
  • Multiple tracks support
  • Export videos at 4K resolution


  • Limited by your device’s capacity
  • Screen size can be a problem for heavy editing
  • Lacks effective noise reduction tool
  • No built-in video stabilization

Key Features: Magnetic timeline | Multiple aspect ratios | Audio and video keyframing | Slow-mo and timelapse | Auto-ducking

Download: LumaFusion ($29.99)

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VideoLeapVideoLeap is an easy-to-use video editing application that has a wide range of features. Although not as powerful as LumaFusion, VideoLeap does offer a lot on-board including adding several tracks on audio and video, text and formatting, green screen, and keyframing. It makes chroma key compositing an easy task with several blending, masking, and transformation modes available at the user’s disposal.

You can change the aspect ratio of a video, add more than 100 sound effects, add voiceovers, and more with VideoLeap. The filmmaking app has specific effects like Chromatic Aberration, Prism, Defocus, and others as well as audio controls. VideoLeap is a powerful video editing app that extends its capabilities once you subscribe to the premium version.


  • Blending and masking modes
  • Abundant tutorials
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface


  • It can get very expensive
  • Many features are behind the paywall
  • Occasional bugs and crash

Key Features: Unlimited tracks | Voice over support | 100+ sound effects | Color correction | Chroma Key Compositing

Download: VideoLeap (Free | Offers In-app purchases)


HyperspektivIf you are into adding filters and make your videos stand out with the help of AR, try Hyperspektiv. The app creates mind-bending visuals. It captures you or if you import a photo or video, uses AR body recognition, and lets you apply filters based on that. Hyperspektiv has 50+ filters to choose from and you can tweak its strength by moving your fingers up and down & side to side on the screen.

The iPhone filmmaking app lets you general custom filters and saves them. It has both a free and a premium version where the latter opens up the floodgates with features like HD export, complete filter library, and so on.


  • Easy to use
  • Mirroring system for symmetrical visuals
  • Glitch out the filter for Stories


  • Supports up to 1080p videos (Free version)
  • There’s no Android equivalent app

Key Features: 50+ AR filters | 24+ legacy filters free to use | New filters are added every month

Download: Hyperspektiv (Free | Offers In-app purchases)

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KinemasterKineMaster because is one of the most recommended video editing apps out there. The video editing app has got all the features you would need in a video editor including keyframe animation, adding voiceovers, sound effects, background music, and more. KineMaster lets you export videos at 4K 60fps after you are done editing the video as per your requirements.

KineMaster has plenty of tools revolving around making audio impressive with features like ducking, EQ presets, volume envelope tools, and more. You can add content on its multiple-track support so everything remains organized.


  • Blending modes
  • Export videos at 4K 60 FPS
  • KineMaster Asset Store
  • Smooth performance


  • Lacks features to fine-tune videos
  • Occasional glitches

Key Features: Multiple timeline support | Keyframe animations | PiP mode | Speed control

Download: KineMaster (Free | Offers In-app purchases)

And there you have it. These are some of the best suites of filmmaking apps that would be instrumental in the pursuit to shoot a movie and edit it professionally before uploading it on the internet. There are still too many filming apps for iPhone that still need to be discovered.

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