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10 Best Reddit Apps for Android Users in 2021

Most Internet users would have encountered “Reddit” sometime or the other. Also claimed as Internet’s front page, Reddit is a forum for social aggregation and discussion on a massive variety of topics. There is something for everyone on the Reddit platform. Here, the users post their questions and receive solutions, ideas, and opinions. Rather than going to the official website, using the best Reddit apps on Android grant an advanced User Experience level.

This article tries to list down the best Reddit apps you should try on your Android devices.



BaconReader is called one of the most delicious and best Reddit apps for a reason. Designed for Reddit users who are obsessed with news feeds. The rich and aesthetic User Interface coupled with color-coded comment threads elevates the readability. Navigating through various subreddits using the Swipe feature makes the overall Reddit experience top-notch. If you are not a fan of swipe view, there are also the options to switch to list view or slideshow.

The Advanced Search and Filter functionality in this Reddit app for Android allows for accessing subreddits, images, websites on the go. In case you are a fan of memes creation, you will love the “Draw Mode” to create original memes. Compatible with both phones and tablets, using Split Screen mode makes the view fully optimized on different android devices.


  • Rich Material Design Interface
  • Good Theme changing options (including Night mode)
  • Highly Customizable Views
  • Collapsible comments
  • Widget support


  • The free version has plenty of Ads
  • Increased loading times


Key Features: Material Design Interface | Color-coded Comments | Split-screen Mode | Advanced Filtering | Multi-Theme

Download: BaconReader

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Boost for Reddit

Boost for RedditAnother classic example of excellent customization functionality is the Boost for Reddit Application. The simplistic User Interface and usability make Boost for Reddit rank high among the best Reddit apps on android. Boost for Reddit provides the user with eight views that include card view and swipe view.

Switching between Card view and Swipe view is made easy on this Reddit app for Android. The customizations are available even for lefties using the Left-Handed Mode. Customizable theme modes include AMOLED themes, which makes the Boost for Reddit a vibrant Reddit Application. The floating action button is another highlight that allows reply to Reddit posts with ease. Content Filtering makes it possible to view/hide posts based on pictures, videos, links, etc.


  • Multiple customizable view options
  • Highlight and Navigate option
  • User-friendly Subreddit search
  • Dark Mode look’s great


  • Presence of Ads
  • Lack of “Always On” feature that can cause phone lockout

Key Features: Intuitive Material Design | Customizable Views | Left-Handed Mode | Synccit Support | Moderator Tools | Widget Support | Advanced Content Filters

Download: Boost for Reddit

Now for Reddit

Now for RedditNow for Reddit is one of the best Reddit apps from an ease-of-use perspective. Characterized by a clean and straightforward card-based swipe mechanism, users can quickly browse through subreddits. Additionally, the option to configure card sizes is present. So users can view even full-sized images without the need for a click!

The content is optimized for view on different android devices. The User Interface looks neat and clean, thanks to the transparent Navigation bar. Now for Reddit comes with support for a range of file types, including Imgur photos, GIFs. There is also support for Reddit Gold features. From a performance aspect, Now for Reddit is tested to be one of the most responsive and best Reddit apps on Android.


  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • Highly responsive Reddit App
  • Subreddit navigation simplicity


  • Compute intensive causing battery drainage
  • Fewer App features

Key Features: Customizable Card View | Transparent Nav Bar | Slick UI | Imgur Support | Reddit Mail Support | Offline Viewing option

Download: Now for Reddit

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Reddit is Fun (rif is fun for Reddit)

Reddit is funFormerly called “Reddit is Fun,” rif is fun for Reddit focuses more on the standard Reddit experience with modernized design and good User-Experience. Not the most visually appealing Reddit App, but support for different file types makes rif is fun for Reddit quite useful.

The Widget feature enables viewing the top posts without even opening the App. Support for the Synccit feature can help you sync content history across different Android devices. You can also skip facing annoying Ads by the Ad disabling option.


  • Standard Reddit experience
  • Support for Multireddits
  • Support for Tablets


  • User Interface is below par
  • Search feature has issues
  • App crashes frequently

Key Features: Standard Reddit UX | Widget Support | Synccit | Moderator Option | Ad disabling | AMOLED mode | Multi-tasking option

Download: rif is fun for Reddit

Relay for Reddit

Relay for RedditRelay for Reddit is packed with features that make this Reddit App a strong contender for Best Reddit App on Android. The User-Friendly and intuitive Material Design with cool animations elevates the User Experience to a new level. Easy switching between posts and comments is made possible using just a Swipe. The drop-down menu for all your subreddits makes data access too easy.

Relay for Reddit’s key differentiator is inline media preview of videos, pics, gifs etc. Eliminate Subreddits you don’t like using the well-crafted Content Filtering option.


  • Feature-rich Reddit App
  • Well laid out User Interface
  • Smooth Subreddit navigation
  • Top User Experience


  • Sharing Comments and links are tedious
  • Image loading times are high

Key Features: Material Design Interface | Inline Preview | Spoiler-Alert Support | Multi-account compatibility | Pleasing Night Mode | Color-coded comments | Moderator features

Download: Relay for Reddit

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Sync for Reddit

Sync for RedditSync for Reddit is another feature-packed Reddit app that is designed focused on the /r/soccer Subreddit. The Material Design UI and gorgeous Night Mode support make Sync for Reddit deserving of one of the Best Reddit Apps. The Swipe option helps you swiftly flip between posts, comments, or Subreddits with complete ease.

Security is guaranteed via OAuth login functionality for Multi-account login. Elegant theme customizations of Auto-Night Mode along with AMOLED support. In-built Recommender system that customizes your feed based on your top viewed posts.


  • Gfycat videos compatibility
  • Well-designed Card-based UI
  • Offline content viewing option


  • Issues with Subreddits Syncing
  • Change of theme makes UI problematic

Key Features: /r/soccer Optimized | Smooth transitions| Auto-Night mode | Quick Image rendering | Secure Login | Color – coded Comments

Download: Sync for Reddit

Slide for Reddit

Slide for RedditArguably, Slide for Reddit is claimed as the Best Reddit App for various reasons. The support for Syncing Subreddits offline helps you view the entire content, including pics and videos, without the Internet. The ability to customize each Subreddit using the Image Flair Feature lands Slide for Reddit right at the top. Being Ad-Free and open source, Slide for Reddit is accessible to all.

The availability of color-coding of comments makes for easy viewability. Slide for Reddit is compatible with multiple file types, including Imgur, Gfycat, and vid.me. You can save mobile data leveraging the different post saving feature based on your needs.


  • No Ads
  • Device – optimized view
  • An array of different Themes


  • Occasional photo rendering issues

Key Features: Full offline supported | Open source | Lightning-fast data loading | Advanced Filtering | Tablet optimized | Synccit Integration | Multi-Reddit Support | Image Flair

Download: Slide for Reddit

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Joey for Reddit

Joey for RedditThe Joey for Reddit is another cool Reddit app for Android with an in-built Peek feature for ease of content viewing in the form of links, images, videos, etc. The stand-out feature is the Text to Speech option that reads posts to you, including the comments.

A pleasing readability experience is guaranteed using the Auto-Hide option to hide already viewed posts and Color-coded comments. Article reading is made simple using the Reader View feature for a clutter-free User Experience. The Theme engine is super-powerful, with over 16 million customizations to choose from.


  • Smooth User Experience
  • Quick loading of GIFs
  • Excellent animation features
  • Reader view for Web content


  • Presence of Ads

Key Features: Text to Speech | Screen lock | Reddit Live support | Push Notifications | Auto Theme | Collapsible Comment section

Download: Joey for Reddit


RedReaderRedReader is an entirely free open source Reddit App. The support for a wide range of file types, including Imgur files and multi-account support, makes RedReader, a decent contender for Best Reddit Android App. The list of features is basic and recommended if you prefer a simplistic User Experience.

The Night Mode makes the reading experience very easy and relaxing for the eyes. The presence of Memory Cache Management helps store your posts and comment history automatically.


  • Free of cost
  • Zero Ads
  • Simplistic UI and navigation features


  • Average quality User Interface
  • Videos are not muted by default

Key Features: Open Source | Swipe View for easy navigation | Multi-account support | Night Mode |Imgur compatible | Storage Optimized

Download: RedReader

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Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for RedditInfinity for Reddit makes it to the list of best Reddit apps for Android as it is the right blend of performance and features. All the basic Reddit features are taken care of with the additional Lazy Mode option that lets you auto-scroll for posts you prefer.

Being Ad-free, Infinity for Reddit makes your scrolling experience less irritable. Visually-pleasing Night Mode allows for stress-free reading.


  • Visually pleasing Dark Mode
  • Free to use


  • Content Filtering option missing
  • Poorly optimized App layout

Key Features: Standard Reddit Experience | Ad-free | Lazy Mode | Multi-Account support

Download: Infinity for Reddit

That pretty much sums it up. That was the list of the best Reddit apps on Android, based on their different features and User Experience aspects. If you are a Reddit fan, please use these pointers to choose the Best Reddit App of your liking.

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