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10 Best Rideshare Apps for Easy Commutes on Android to Use in 2021

Looking for a sustainable way to travel? Want to avoid the stress of driving on traffic-congested roads? Wish to reduce your carbon footprint? Go for ridesharing apps that help you carpool with others whenever you need them.

Here, we will discuss the best carpooling apps and best rideshare apps for Android to let you commute so easily.

Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool

The best carpooling solution is the one that offers good ride scheduling in addition to cutting travel costs. And, the Waze Carpool app does exactly that for you! The Waze carpooling rideshare app helps to plan your rides and match with other commuters.

Commuting is a lot easier as you can schedule your rides for one week and keep track of any changes. You have to enter the time details and the route you would like to carpool. The carpooling app suggests riders who go to the same destination as you in the time you specified. You can view the details of the riders and ask for a ride. You will get notified when your carpool is confirmed.

If you are a driver, you can set when you can carpool and invite people to join you. You will get notified when a rider accepts. As a rider, you can send multiple requests to many drivers. Once a driver confirms, all other requests are automatically canceled.
This ridesharing app improves the overall commuting experience.

Download: Waze Carpool


UberNeed to book a ride anywhere, anytime? it is good to have the Uber app on your phone. The transportation options provided here helps you to find the perfect ride based on affordability and availability.

Once you choose your destination and vehicle type, a nearby driver responds and reaches for pick up and drop. You can request a ride at the time of demand or pre-schedule one using the Uber rideshare app. A nice feature is you get a price estimate too. Uber makes traveling stress-free. An app that comes like a boon if you have to reach a place in a quick, elegant way.

Download: Uber

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LyftLyft is an around-the-clock ride-booking android app with myriad travel options. The rideshare app for Android offers a great way to tackle the traffic and relax in your travel. The rideshare app provides you with options based on your travel destination and your vehicle requirement.

Once you decide, a driver gets allotted to complete the trip. The multiple modes enable you to check affordability, travel route, and timings. You can also make real-time changes in your travel plans. Many features are bundled into one rideshare app to ensure a better travel experience.

Download: Lyft


CurbCurb is a taxi-hailing app available in the major metropolitan cities of the US. This carpooling or rideshare app for Android helps you to conveniently get a ride and make contactless payments.

The curb app connects you to professional taxi drivers at the top of a button. You can book a taxi at the time of need or book early. The contactless payment option is the hallmark feature making the carpooling app hassle-free. You can also have a look at the estimated travel price before confirming the ride.

Ensuring personal safety and providing travel convenience is noteworthy about this riding app. The Curb also assists you in taking safe trips in the city.

Download: Curb


Via Rideshare AppVia app for Android phones provides an easy, ride-sharing way for the city commuters. The carpooling app brings together multiple commuters traveling along the same route for their mutual benefit.

Once you make the pickup and drop-off location choices, the “Via” rideshare app will match you with others on the same route. The rideshare app for Android works efficiently in pooling riders and keeps the price affordable for everyone. The excellent geo-coordination helps in nearby pickups avoiding delays and round-about travels.

Via is an exceptional on-demand ride-sharing platform for a smart travel option in cities. Via pooling rides are affordable like public transit and yet convenient as your vehicle.

Download: Via

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sRideThe sRide is a powerful carpooling app for an easier commute. Posting your ride details on this app matches you with co-riders on your way. The rideshare app incorporates many features to make it effective and user-friendly. You can enter ride information and instantly find carpool matches. You can track your co-riders in real-time and chat with them.

The carpooling app lets you set ride preferences, and the app generates ride schedules automatically. User block and SOS are features to ensure a safe travel experience. There is also a referral system to refer to friends and colleagues to earn free SRide points.

Download: sRide


Gridwise Rideshare Carpooling AppGridwise app is for drivers to use across many ridesharing and delivery platforms. One can track all the rideshare and delivery mileage and maximize the performance. The earnings could be analyzed across many apps. One will be able to compare his performance with those of other drivers in the same area.

Tax deduction could be calculated, and detailed tax reports could be prepared. It is easier to switch from app to app. Real-time data of passenger arrivals and departures are available. The rideshare app also gives alerts on traffic, weather, and events.

Download: Gridwise

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RideAppRideApp is an advanced carpooling app. The rideshare app caters to the needs of both riders and drivers. They can post or request a ride. This comes in handy, especially for long-distance journeys.

When you want to drive to a faraway place and want to cut on travel costs, you can post the details on this carpooling app and search for people who want to go there. Riders will also get to know about your journey and book, depending on the availability of seats and the fare.

Download: RideApp


ZTripzTrip combines the elements of taxicabs and the best rideshare apps for Android. You can book trips for now or later. There is no surge pricing. Full customer safety is ensured as the drivers are all professional, licensed, and undergo a rigorous background check. A 24/7 customer service team is available to address any issues.

You have the freedom to choose your favorite driver in this rideshare app. There is also an option to choose your vehicle type. The payment option is also flexible- cash, card, or through the app interface.

Download: Z-Trip


BellhopBellhop is a comparison app to check various ridesharing apps. The app projects all the rideshares available in an area for you to compare ride comfort, price, and request. Once you enter pickup and drop locations, Bellhop collects many ridesharing apps under one place to provide full details on travel fare, waiting time, etc.

You can also take bikes and scooters on rental with this rideshare app for Android. The user can choose across multiple apps, including carpooling and taxis, all within a single app. There is no need to open many apps individually to compare prices. The app lets one compare pricing and timing across many ride-sharing apps and find the best rideshare app for you.

Download: Bellhop

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Rideshare apps help you reduce your traveling cost. Also, if you are concerned about the carbon footprint when you drive a car alone to work, carpooling is one of the most sustainable ways to keep your city clean. All the rideshare apps for Android mentioned above are available in most of the U.S. and many other countries.

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