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10 Best Sports App for Live Sports Score and Updates.

Now you can get FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Score on your Mobile Phone. These sports live apps ensure that you do not miss any action while on the road or away from the TV. You will get live scores and updates of your favorite sports on the mobile phone with these sports score apps. We listed the apps here that can bring you to live updates of FIFA World Cup 2018. These sports news apps allow following your favorite teams and favorite sports with a simple tap. Take advantage of the best live sports app to avoid completely missing sports programs.

We have a list of sports score apps here that updates the score of each game on your mobile phone screen in real-time.


ESPN is a well-known sports platform that covers almost every sports present around the world. This live sports app gives out the feed, based on what you need to know from the highlights and scores. It covers every major league from NFL to FIFA World Cup. You can subscribe to diverse ESPN podcasts in this sports news app as your one-stop solution for every sports league scores.

ESPN live score App

Watch the ESPN’s best shows on your device, tablet or TV with the app. If you want to know more updates from any particular league or leagues, then add it as a favorite on the app. The user will get more content by switching to ESPN+ that is available for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Download ESPN from iTunes | Play Store

CBS Sports

You will get the fastest scores, news, info, and tweets in the form of push notifications with this CBS sports app. Use this app anytime and anywhere for latest scores, news, and highlights. Finding videos of similar content is easy, and the app will offer similar contents based on the watch history. CBS Sports also supports Creating a custom feed containing all the real-time news related to your team from the insiders dedicated to it.

CBS Sports live score app

You can also watch sports and games live all year long over the live sports app. This Sports app offers live streaming radio that includes legends like Jim Rome, Bill Reiter, Tiki and Tierney for all of your sports-related news.

Download CBS Sports from iTunes | Play Store

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From goals to cards, you will get to know every single stat with this LiveScore app. This app offers in-depth coverage of football and every other sport that you like. Just tap the star icon present in front of any match on the feed to get live notifications and details of the related league. It will show the line-up of the teams as announced before the match while using the app.

LiveScore app

This app helps to know about multiple matches at the same time and track the scores on the go. You will get the option to see the statistics like possession, shots and fouls stats at the end of every match. Following any player in sports is easy in this app. It is offering the news of Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, and Tennis, etc.

Download LiveScore from iTunes | Play Store

Yahoo Sports

Want to get highlights and original news of sports, then using Yahoo Sports on your smartphone is another option. Setting your favorite teams and leagues in this app will make sure to stay up to date with the scores, stats, and news all the time. It offers the exclusive content from Puck Daddy along with Dan Wetzel and Jeff Passan to get important headlines of every sport.

Yahoo Sports app

Set alerts for your favorite teams so that you are getting the notifications regarding them. Following each play and score during the game is easy here. You will never miss a moment with the live sports app doubling up as one of the best free sports apps.

Download Yahoo Sports from iTunes | Play Store

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Bleacher Report

Live game or catching-up, the highlight is a simple thing with Bleacher Report live sports app. You can access all the news related to your team from the web easily. This app also provides personalized streams to get updates as soon as the stories break on the internet. You will need to pick the teams that you like and get all the real-time stats that are handpicked for you.

Bleacher Report sports app

Sharing the information on social media platforms is integrated and also offers the form of text message. This app facilitates stream from a number of sources across the web – online newspapers, blogs, and Twitter, etc.

Download Bleacher Report from iTunes | Play Store


Witnessing the coverage of every major league and competition is possible over this theScore live sports app. It gives real-time scoring updates, alerts, detailed in-game stats, and breaking news and you can easily access it all. This sports news app is super simple to access and navigate. You will get a personalized feed that gives all the content that you need from selected teams, players, and leagues.

Another interesting feature of this app is the big social stories and multimedia content that the world talking about it. You will know about the top headlines in an instance in this app. You may get to know deeper with a single tap from there. Use the new ‘Timeline’ to follow the moments as they happen over the app.

Download theScore from iTunes | Play Store


Wanna access one of the best sports score apps with 30 million+ users? 365Scores enables you to stay updated with the latest news, results, and squads, etc. This live sports app is giving the complete sports experience to all people. You can quickly get game insights, lineups, live tables and more for leagues that total up to 2,000.

It gives the option to pick the teams and games to stay updated continuously regarding them. Following the game story-line and the trending stories in between the games fulfills the complete buzz feed. The TV schedule feature helps to catch your game on the big screen by reminding you. The live match tracker makes sure that you are constantly in the game while being on the move.

Download 365Scores from iTunes | Play Store

MSN Sports

The MSN Sports app ensures quick access to the sports and teams that you like. You can stay connected to the league and team with real-time game updates of your favorite teams. This app provides information about more than 150+ leagues over the globe. Using the app to stay informed about thousands of teams along with the recent scores, standings and more at one single place is a good choice.

The app scans the top headlines from the trusted sources located all over the world. Read the teams and league-specific news every time you open the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Download MSN Sports from iTunes | Play Store


The best sports experience on your smartphone and tablet is the main highlight of this Eurosport app. You will get all the biggest matches and races with live text commentaries. Daily more than 150 news articles come up over the app through the journalist teams of the app. Analysis of every sports news is done in the videos of the app and live scoring is provided for your favorite sport.

The content of this live sports app is unbeatable and user-friendly at the same time. It is the ultimate app for any sports fan on the move. Another highlight of this app is to perform web chats exclusive with the journalists, pundits as well as players. Use the immersive mode to dive into an extravagant experience of sports information.

Download Eurosport from iTunes | Play Store

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Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the home for exclusive sports content and the ultimate place to see every new update related to sports. One can access schedules, scores, and highlights of every FIFA World Cup Match with this sports news app. Staying up to date with important news, trending videos and score updates is accessible through this app. It has an option to give the headlines of the game from your viewpoint and get the stats on the scoreboard.

The alerts of the app are fast and customizable to the core. The enhanced home screen allows you to get favorite teams, scores, news, and live video in one location. With this live sports app, tuning in to grab the latest happenings in the game is now easy and simple.

Download Fox Sports from iTunes | Play Store

Best Sports App for Live Sports Score

For most people, sports is summing up as a daily dose of entertainment. Not a day passes by for them until they can grab the info of their favorite sport. While a few minutes are only remaining for FIFA World Cup 2018, the biggest sports festival, to commence people are quite excited about it. Though expecting the largest attendance than any other sports event in direct viewership and live TV, some people may not lucky enough to get to the event. For them, the live sports apps are pretty a relief to get to know all the latest updates.

The sports streaming apps sum as a better way to watch every major game and league while on the go. You can easily witness every thrilling second of the game with the live sports app present on your device. Most of the time the sports program schedule does not match with your work schedule. Use the best sports apps Android to satisfy your urge to know all the latest updates of the game. Functioning as a sports news app and sports score app, you can easily get the needed features from the above-listed apps.

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