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10 Best Trail Camera Reader for Android iPhone & iPad.

The Trail Camera Readers are specially made for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the wild. These SD card readers can help you see your hunting and expedition pics quite easily by just coupling it with your iPad or Android. The biggest difference that you feel from those with the ordinary card readers is that these trail cam readers are built for the wild. They are made for outdoor use and can withstand harsh climatic and stressful conditions.

We’ve prepared a list of the best trail cam readers to look out for if your planning to get yourself one. Take a peek and tell us what you think.

BoneView SD Card Reader (Android)

The BoneView SD Card reader is the most suitable card reader to take if you are into outdoor photography. BoneView Trail Camera Reader is compatible with all Android phones in the market. This is a compact trail camera reader that can accommodate and read your shots.

The presence of the SD memory chip makes it rather quick in reading and detecting data. The built-in microprocessor can help read the SDs and allow a quick view of those images in HD resolution. In addition to SD data reading, with the help of phone app, this trail camera card reader can save, share, zoom, or delete the camera images and videos.

BoneView SD Card Reader for Android

This trail camera reader doesn’t require any external batteries to work. Rather, it works by connecting it to Android phones. Also, this SD card reader can read SD and micro SD cards. A thing worth mentioning is that you get all the necessary accessories with the whole package. You receive a micro USB type C cable with a connector, a type C adapter kit, and other necessities. BoneView SD Card Reader also has an LED indicator to show the card reader’s status when you connect the smartphones.

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BoneView SD Card Reader (iPhone)

Next one we got is another version of the BoneView trail cam reader designed for the iPhones. The iPhone SD card readers from BoneView suits all those outdoor guys who love to see the Trail Camera pictures on iPhones or iPads.

BoneView SD MicroSD Card Reader for Apple

The sole difference is that this BoneView SD Card Reader works exclusively with the iPhone. The Trail camera reader doesn’t require any batteries and draws power from the iPhone itself. You can also download the iFlash drive app that lets you swipe through pics, zoom and delete with ease. Connect it with your iPhone with the iPhone compatible adapter and you’re on track. You’ll also receive an additional lightning extension adapter as an add-on with the delivery.

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Mospro Trail Camera Reader (iPhone/Android)

The Mospro trail camera reader is an SD card reader that has a broad compatibility range. Mospro Trail Camera Card Reader is a micro SD and SD card reader to view photos and videos from wildlife Trail cameras. The Mospro trail camera reader supports four kinds of interfaces.

This SD card reader comes with a sliding USB interface that switches from USB interface to micro USB interface by a simple push up action. This makes it easy to connect it with your phones in an instant. The additional USB port helps you to connect it with your PC in no time. It also has a lightning port on its left panel and the type C on its right panel. This makes it compatible with every smartphone in the market including iPhone, Samsung, and Pixel. You can connect your iPhone and iPad into the lightning port.

MOSPRO Trail Camera Viewer

If you’re using an Android smartphone, you can go for the USB type C on its other side. Moreover, if you have an outdated Android device, the interconvertible USB to micro USB panel helps you to connect it with your phone. For all these devices, it supports plug and play. You don’t require a separate app or anything. For iPhone users, it would be good if you install the iFlash app for the first use. The Mospro trail camera reader allows you to view, save or delete photos and images in remote places where no internet or Wifi’s available. Mospro card reader doesn’t require a separate battery to work.

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Suntrsi Card Reader (iPhone/Android)

The Suntrsi Card Reader supports SD and micro SD cards from 8GB to 128GB and offers good read and write speeds. It has a multifunctional connection interface which includes USB, SD, TF, Micro USB, and various ports. It also has a push up converting system that can make your USB connector to micro USB in no time.

suntrsi SD Card Reader

Androids support plug and play while iPhones prompt you to download X Disk app when you connect. Suntrsi SD Card Reader has a lightning connector on one side that can be connected with your iPhones. On the other side, it has that interconvertible USB to Micro USB converter that we mentioned earlier. Suntrsi Trail Camera Reader also comes with an extra USB C adapter that can help connect with phones having the USB C ports.

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Trail Cam Tracker SD Reader (iPhone/Android)

This one here isn’t that funky in design but has all necessary things a trail camera card reader must have. It is a simple, easy to use trail camera reader that is compatible with both the iPhone and Android. With this SD reader, you can zoom, share, and delete images and videos through your file manager app.

Trail Cam Tracker Trail Camera SD Card Reader

The presence of the lightning connector on one side and the USB connector on the other makes it easy to access files and images with your phone. There is also a micro USB connector that can be pulled out from the USB for connecting with your Android smartphones. You also receive a free lightning port extender with the complete package. The Trail Cam Tracker SD Reader can read SD, SDHC and micro SD cards of up to 32GB.

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Geekgo Card Reader (iPhone/Android)

Geekgo card reader is a useful device that can work with 4 input interfaces. This SD card reader has an Apple Lightning connector, a USB type C connector, Micro USB, and a USB connector for PC. You can also use this trail cam reader to get data from your SD and micro SD cards up to 356 GB. This Geekgo Card Reader is a great companion for camera enthusiasts who love capturing videos and pics with an action cam.

geekgo Micro SD Card Reader

The Geekgo SD card reader can also work as a storage expander and can help copy and move pics and videos to or from your smartphones. This trail cam reader supports plug and play function. You don’t need any external app or software to access your stored files. Your basic file manager’s enough with Android.

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GeekGo SD Card Reader (iPhone/Android)

This trail camera card reader comes with a slight difference from the one mentioned earlier. The Geekgo card reader comes with 3 interfaces rather than 4. It features a micro USB adapter for your Android devices and a lightning connector for iPhones. It also has a USB connector that can be used to connect with your PCs, Laptops, and Cameras.

geekgo SD Card Reader

Apart from that, this Camera SD card reader also has an SD and Micro SD reading slot that reads data to and from your storage devices. The iPhones and the iPad users need to install an app to scan through your SD files within your phone. You need to download the iUSB Pro app to manage your data. All your data you store or access through the App will be password protected for privacy.

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KL Trust SD Card Reader (iPhone)

The KL Trust SD Card is an exclusive iPhone friendly device that helps transfer data from your storage cards. It is one of those limited iPhone compatible card reader that supports plug n play. You don’t need to download and install any third party file manager apps. This trail cam reader can access data from your CF card, SD card, and micro SD cards. The lightning connector cable on the other side can connect the device with your iPhones and iPads.

KL Trust SD card Reader

It supports all iPhones of iOS 9.2 and above and iPads of 8.0 and above. The KL Trust trail cam reader can access data from storage cards which are less than 64GB. Hence, it works well with only SDs up to 64GB. The card reader supports the latest technology and offers 14 to 16 MBps file transfer speeds depending on your iOS versions.

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Hunt Perfect Trail Cam Reader (iPhone/Android)

The Hunt Perfect trail cam reader is a 4 in 1 SD card reader that’s compact and strong. It comes with 4 interfaces to work with every gadget you have. You can connect it with your iPhones or Android phones. Thanks to the additional lightning and USB type C connectors, you also have a normal USB connector and a micro USB to connect with your laptops and PCs.

Hunt Perfect 4 in 1 Trail Camera

With this trail camera reader, you can manage all your camera snaps directly from the field. You can view, erase or share whenever you like by connecting it to any of the file manager apps available online. Also, the Hunt Perfect SD card reader is compatible with all trail cams available on the market.

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The trail camera card reader is a must if you’re into hunting and adventure sports. As you know, getting the best in every aspect is far from possible. Hence, we’ve prepared the list of some of the best trail camera readers by considering certain aspects such as the design, build quality, versatility, and budget. We believe you’ve gone through the list and made up your mind. Always keep in mind to consider your degree of usage and budget before jumping into conclusions.

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