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How to check iPhone Fake or Not

Do you ever think that you brought a fake phone? Or did you see a cheap deal for iPhone and you suspect that it is a imitation of iPhone? You can identify a genuine iPhone from a fake iPhone. Please follow these guides to make sure you are buying a real iPhone.

Touch Screen: This is one of the easiest way to identify a fake iPhone. The real iPhone comes with a glass touch panel, where the fake one may be plastic. If you apply slight pressure on the iPhone screen and if you can see some color changes on that spot while pressing, that is fake iPhone. The second thing is the sensitivity of the touch panel.

The sensitivity of a fake iPhone screen will be lower. It may take mare attempts or pressure to react with your finger movements. If your iPhone reacts with a Metal or Plastic styluses, it is not real. The real iPhone will not work with Metal or Plastic styluses.

Memory Space and Battery

The real iPhone has no memory space or card slots. It comes with one SIM card slot on top, and the batteries are not replaceable by the user, means the battery is not easy to take of from the iPhone with a sliding door. If any iPhone coming with these features, they are not real iPhones.

Touch Screen Size

If you get a chance to open and see the iPhone before you buy, please measure the screen size with a ruler. It should measure exactly 3.5 inches (8.9 centimeters) for iPhone4. If you see a lower or higher size, that is the bad apple.

iPhone Back Panel

Fake iPhones are coming with plastic back cover. The original iPhone coming with Metal panel and Glass back panel in iPhone4 models. The back of your iPhone should always list a model number, and IC ID, and the phrase “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” If you have an iPhone with any other color except black or white, it is not real one.

iPhone Icons

When you turn on iPhone, genuine iPhone will display four rows of icons with a black background. So many fake iPhones are coming with a clouded back ground.

Serial Numbers

You can get the iPhone serial number here. This post tells you all about iPhone serial number. If you see any change in the format code, be careful. Also you can check your iPhone warranty in apple website, the link also provided here. If you enter the serial number and it’s not recognized by the site, you can assume that you got a bad apple.

Menus and Apps

There should have some changes in menus in actual iPhone and fake one. You can’t see any busy hour glass or any delay while opening a new genuine iPhone. If you see these busy icon or unusual deal to open an apps, that is from a fake iPhone.

A couple of points to take care:

  • When you turn on the fake iPhone, it will not give you a slide to unlock option.
  • The iPhone menus may be different the icons are almost similar to original one.
  • The music player and video players appearance may be differ than the original one.
  • Fake one may not have auto turn off screen while calling.
  • The auto rotate feature may not come with fake one.

Always try to buy from Apple store or an authorized retailer, will be a good choice to get a genuine iPhone.

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