iPhone Storage Full, How to Free up Storage on iPhone?

Last Updated: January 3, 2018
Free up Storage on iPhone

iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users who updated to iOS 11 are facing slow performance with new iOS update. iOS requires at least few GB iPhone memory free space to perform well with old and new iOS devices. Those who have 64GB of memory may already face some performance issues because of this “iPhone Storage Full” issue.

Here we are going to explain few solutions to clean iPhone memory to free up storage on iPhone and iPad.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone?

There are a bunch of options you have to look to free up your iPhone memory. Let us see on your iPhone memory to find out, who is consuming most your iPhone memory space and we will go from there. To check iPhone storage capacity and the memory consumption, open iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > and wait for a while to calculate the category size on iPhone memory.

Free Storage iPhone

As you see the category that spends most your iPhone space is usually Photos and Videos, Apps, Messenger Apps and Mail app. In our case, I’m using this iPhone exclusively for blogging purpose, my most space consuming category is apps, that used around 50% of my 64GB iPhone memory.

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Enable iPhoto Library

Apple recommends you to Enable iCloud Photo Library on this screen. Onc you enable this setting, iPhone will automatically upload and store your entire photo and video library to iCloud. There are pros and cons of this approach. This iCloud backup is easy, a one-touch button to upload all your photos to iCloud, you can access these iCloud photos from all your Apple devices, but there is a catch.  iCloud Storage Plan is stuck with the 5GB free plan and anything more than that, you have to pay tiny fees monthly. That is $0.99/pm up to 50GB and $2.99/pm for up to 200GB iCloud space.

Enable iPhoto Library on iPhone

Don’t worry, and there is a free solution that is offering unlimited media upload and syncing capability on all devices including iPhone and Android. As you know, Google photos to transfer photos from iCloud or iPhone, that is 15GB free and unlimited upload if you are ready to compromise on upload photo quality. In addition to Google Photos, there are other solutions like iPhone flash drive or WiFi Hard disk to transfer media files to free up iPhone memory.

SanDisk iXpand Flash DriveThere are plenty of iPhone USB drives available that work directly with your iPhone to transfer media files from iPhone to USB Flash Drive. The above SanDisk iXpandFlashh Drive coming in different size from 32GB to 252GB with a starting price of $39.99 from Amazon. There is no additional cable or connector required with this USB flash drive to backup data from iPhone or other iOS devices.

Empty Recent Delete Album

When you delete any photos or videos from iOS, it is going to save another 30 days in iOS Photos Deleted Folders, allow you to recover those just in case you change your mind.

Empty Recent Delete Album iOS

That means, when you delete the media files, it is not clearing the space immediately for you. To clean up the deleted photos on iPhone, go to iPhone > Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Delete All.

Delete Unnecessary Videos

Videos are notorious for stealing the memory of the device. iPhone videos will take couple hundreds of memory for each video that you recorded with iPhone camera.

Delete Unnecessary Videos iPhone

You can go to iPhone > Photos > Albums > Videos and delete unnecessary videos from iPhone.

Offload Unused Apps from iPhone

Offloading unused Apps is a nice feature Apple introduced in iOS 11, where you can remove the unused Apps from your iPhone to clear space, but iPhone will keep the app settings and data on your Phone. So next time, when you install the apps, you can see all data saved on that app again.

Offload Unused Apps iPhone

This will save you some memory especially with the app like Facebook. Those apps are taking more space from iPhone for the installation, but consuming less space to save Documents & Data related to these apps. This solution is not worth in case of chat apps like WhatsApp, which is using only 97MB for the app and Document & Data is using in a couple of GB space based on your use.

Cleanup Large File Attachments

iPhone will bring a list of all file attachments like videos, photos, and attachments taking large size from your iPhone; you can see the entire list and decide which one you want to get rid of to save space on iPhone memory.

iOS Cleanup Large File Attachments

To clean up large attachments, Open iPhone Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Tap on SHOW ALL > Review large Attachments > Slide left to delete files (Or Delete All of them)

Auto Delete Old Messages

When you consider memory usage, right after media files and Apps, the Chat App data is consuming most of the space from your iPhone.  iOS has a built-in chat app, Messages, that we use to communicate with other iPhone users. You can delete all messages and conversations older than one year if you Enable “Auto Delete Old Conversations.” To go forward, Open iPhone Settings > Scroll Down to Messages > MESSAGE HISTORY > Keep Messages > Select 30 Days/1 Year.

Delete iPhone Message Attachments

Instead of this approach, you can go to individual chat Windows on iPhone Messages and tap on i” button on the top right corner of the message Window.

Delete iPhone Message Attachments

This will bring the details screen and see the images & videos attached to the conversations. You can select those and delete unnecessary ones from this screen to cleanup up Message files.

Cleanup WhatsApp Message Data

When we talk about iPhone chat app, WhatsApp is the top one that used by both Android and iPhone users. WhatsApp support to attach all files like Videos, Photos, and PDFs in the chat window. Even though you are not saving these attached files to your iPhone, these files will use your iPhone memory to stay in the chat window after you read it. That means, all media and other files attached to your WhatsApp chat windows consuming memory from your iPhone to stay for offline access. The best approach is to delete all WhatsApp attached files after you watch or read those.

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WhatsApp supports bulk deleting to clean up the entire messages from each or group. Open WhatsApp > Open Chat Window > Tap on Chat Header > Scroll Down Contact Info/Group Info Screen > Clear Chat > Delete All Except Stared. This process will delete all messages including attachments except starred from your Whatsapp message that can clear a lot of iPhone memory.

Clean iBook Files

iBook app can save the PDF books, eBook and Audio files to read offline later. These PDF files will come to MBs in size, and you can clean up these eBook files if you are not going to read them. Open iBooks > Make sure to select All Collections > Select Individual File > Delete.

Clear Safari History on iPhone

iPhone can save your website browsing history, and this may take more space based on the history saved on the phone. However, this size consumed for keeping website history will be comparatively less compared to other apps using the memory. To clean up iPhone browsing history, iPhone Settings > Scroll down to see Safari > Clear History and Website Data > Confirm.

We haven’t mentioned about iTunes videos and songs that you bought and saved offline. However, these above solutions can clean iPhone and clear storage on iPhone and get rid of iPhone Storage Full Message.

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