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How to Get Full-Screen Contact Photo on iPhone Incoming Calls

It is always easier to identify the incoming caller by looking at the picture than the contact name or number. If you used to get the full-screen contact photo on your iPhone and now cannot see that, we have got you.

In this post, let’s see how to get a full-screen caller ID picture on incoming calls.

Step 1: Enable Full Screen Incoming Call Alerts on iPhone

Incoming calls on iPhone used to show on full screens, and that is when you could see the caller ID photos. The new banner notification for incoming calls on iPhone does not show the contact photo unless you pull the notification down to the full screen.

To enable full-screen contact photos always on your iPhone, you should enable full-screen incoming call alerts first. Let’s see how to do that.

set incoming calls full screen iphone
  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and go to Phone.
  2. Tap Incoming Calls located under the section ALLOW PHONE TO ACCESS.
  3. By default, the Banner is selected. Go ahead choose Full Screen.
  4. Go back to save the changes.

From now on, all your incoming call alerts will be shown on full screen. This includes not only normal calls but also calls via other apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime.

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Step 2: Get Full Screen Contact Photo for Incoming Calls on iPhone

After following the steps mentioned in the above section, you will get the incoming call alerts in full screen. However, if you have assigned an image to a contact, you might still see that in a small circle instead of a full-screen photo. Well, there is a small workaround to get the full-screen image for your contact. Let’s see how to do that.

Open the Photos app from your iPhone home screen and tap on the image you had assigned for the contact. Next, tap Edit located on the top right.

Then, crop the image as per your requirement. Next, tap the tile-like icon located on the top right of the screen. Now, on the bottom, you will see different options to set the aspect ratio. Go ahead and select your desired option (eg 2:3). Finally, tap Done to save your changes.

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Tap the Share icon displayed on the bottom of the image. From the list of options, tap Assign to Contact. Then, move and scale the image as per your likes and tap Choose to save the changes.

edit assigned photo for contact iphone

Now, you can see the new image shown in a small circle on the contact card. As a final step, tap Update on the top right.

update image for contact iphone

That’s it. Now, whenever you receive a call from your contact you should see the full-screen photo you had assigned for that contact.

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Sometimes, you will not see the full-screen photo on an incoming call, if the image quality is not good. Therefore, it is recommended to assign high-quality images for your contacts.

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