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How To Get A Free US Phone Number to Call US and Canada?

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Are you going to move to a different city or state? Well, you may require a local phone number with the new area code for the new city. The Google Voice Phone number can provide you a free US Local Phone number with current area code. This article describes how to get a free local US Phone number in your area from Google Voice Service that allows you to call any US and UK numbers for free. You can use this Google Voice Phone Number to make free calls to US or Canada. The same Google Voice Phone can be set up to receive calls from other phones and you can forward this Google Voice number to your cell phone without any fee.

Now let us go through the step by step solution to get A Free US Phone Number to Call US and Canada for Free.

1. Login to Google Voice

Go to Google Voice Website and enter your Google (Gmail and password) credentials to log in. Once you log in, you will get the next windows as below. Please click on “Get a Voice Number“.

Google Voice Website

You will have two choices here and the first one to get a new number and the second choice is to use your own cell phone number. If you already own a US phone number, then you can port that number to Google Voice account.

Related: Recently Google rolled out a new feature for Google Homeowners to make free calls to US and Canada with Google Voice. Once you set your Google Voice number as per the instructions below, please go through this post to forward calls from Google voice number to your cell phone. If you want to get some iPhone apps to use with Google Voice, please refer this post.

2. Select A New Number

In this case, you visited here for a new US Phone number and please go ahead with “I want a new number“.

GVoice New Number

Next window allows you to enter your local area code. You can enter your required area code, zip code or city name.

3, Pick the Right Number.

In this screenshot, entered a particular area code 321. The advantage is that you will get a list of available numbers to pick your own fancy number or the number based on your area code.

GVoice Number Select

Once you select a number, you can continue to the next screen. Be careful while picking the number, you can’t change the Google Voice Number as free once you select one number.

4. Add Forwarding Number

This forwarding number is required to get a free Google Voice Number. This forwarding number is also used to forward calls if somebody ring on your Google Voice Number. This can be your Home number or existing cell phone number.

GVoice Forward Number

For those who are new in the US, there are number of apps that can use to get an iPhone secondary phone number (Android users click here), that can be used here to get a contact number. The next step is to add the forwarding number and you need a US number for verification.

5. Verify the Forwarding Number

Enter your US Resident or cell number and continue to get the verification code. Once you get the verification number, please enter the code on this screen.

GVoice Verify Phone

The last step, add your PIN number for the voice mail. You are done! Now if you go to your Google Voice account, you can see your free US number in the left sidebar.

6. Check Google Voice Number and Text on Website

At this point, you have own phone number. Now you can see check the voice mail and text message right from Google Voice Website or you can depend on the smartphone apps to integrate the Google Voice Phone Number.

GVoice Number Free

This free Google Voice Phone number is also useful for creating the local contact number for your business and you can keep original cell phone number private. You can forward all calls from Google Voice to Cell Phone and still enjoy the voice message and all other features.

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After obtaining your own local number from Google Voice, please go through this article to forward your Google US Phone number to your own cell or land phone number. You can also set your voice message and all other features like your cell phone number.


  1. Hey thank you….Real nice “how to!”
    They just wanted $10 to be paid before they “changed” my gVoice number, that received 47 SPAM calls in one day last week.
    I bet it would break Google’s bank, not getting that $10, LOL!

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