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How to get rid of Yahoo Messenger ads?

Here is a simple step to remove ads from Yahoo Messenger!, Yahoo! IM no longer uses ‘YUrl’, but uses ‘View’ instead. You gotta click on each key inside of ‘View’ and edit the ‘banner url’ string to anything you want… You can clear out this completely and it will work flawlessly!

Here is what you gotta do:

Run regedit and go to

HKEYCURRENTUSER –> Software –> Yahoo –> Pager –> View

Inside the ‘View’ key there are a several other keys… go through each one and edit the ‘banner url’ string to your liking. It even works if the string is left blank (this causes it to look as if ads were never even implemented)!

Restart Yahoo! IM for the effect to take hold.

This is great for Yahoo! IM 5.6 users who don’t want to be bothered with ads.

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