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How to setup PIN Messaging in BlackBerry?

Your BlackBerry PIN Messaging allows you to text other BlackBerries and not use up text messaging allowances. This app is allows you to use BB Messenger, which is a buddy interface similar to other Instant Messaging programs. Please see couple of advantage for using PIN messaging here.
1) Goes directly to the BlackBerry, doesn’t fill an e-mail inbox.
2) Provides a received receipt so you know when someone receives it.
3) Works even if the email systems are down. For example, in the case of natural disasters such as Katrina, rescuers were able to communicate directly to each other.
4) Does not use texts if one is on a limited plan. It is a data service.

Using PIN messages for a “normal” message or a BB Message doesn’t use up texts, just data. PIN messaging requires that you have a BlackBerry Data plan.

You can find your device’s PIN by clicking

Options on the icons home screen > Status. Should be the fifth or so item in the list.

PIN is unique to each device so if you change devices for any reason you will have to let any PIN buddies know.
Note that you can use PIN messaging from the Email system as well as the BB Messenger.
While in your BB Main (Master) Message box press the Menu button (to the left of the trackball). Scroll down and you will see “Compose PIN” as one of the selections. Keep in mind you have to have contacts with PIN numbers in their contact info to be able to select a recipient from your contact list. You can PIN to an email address, but you might as well email.
From your Address Book, you can look up a contact and if they have a PIN entered into their contact information, after pressing the Menu button you will see PIN “Contact Name” as one of the options.

Note: Be cautious when sending PIN to PIN messages. PIN to PIN messages are not encrypted and transmit in plain text, allowing anyone who intercepts them to read them. This is a remote possibility you should keep it in mind and not send sensitive information in any PIN to PIN message.

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