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8 Best Family Tracking Alternatives to Life 360

Location-sharing apps are very important. These apps are used by parents to track and monitor their kids. These types of apps give you details such as your location, phone battery status, and how much distance you have traveled. Life 360 used to be a popular location-sharing app until it came under the scanner for selling off location data to other third-party companies.

The location data is very important, parents are looking out for alternatives to Life 360. Here are the best alternatives to Life 360 to choose the right one for your need.

Google Family Link

Here’s another Google app that you can use to track your kids and family members. While the app caters to controlling their online activity such as monitoring and restricting content that isn’t suitable for them, approving or blocking apps, and also controlling YouTube access. With regards to location sharing,  Google Family Link shared their location in real-time which can give parents a piece of mind.

Google Family Link also alerts you, the parent with notifications when your kids leave or enter a particular area. Apart from the location, you can also ring up the device and also see how much battery is remaining on the device. For all of these functions to work, the device needs to be on and connected to either a data or wifi network. The great part about this app is that the location accuracy is spot on and it’s free to use without ads or subscriptions.


  • Spot on Location
  • Notification Alerts and Phone Status


  • The new UI Update is Confusing 

Key Features: Free | No Ads | Location-Based Notifications | View Phone Status | Supports Android and iOS 

Download Google Family Link: Android | iPhone (Free)

Apple’s Find My

The Parent Control along with the Find My App works well to track your kids as long as they share their location. Find My is a free app on your iOS device (another iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) you can see app link here, on any iOS device from you or your friend’s, open it, and sign in with your same Apple ID that you used to sign on the missing device.

Find My iPhone will help you locate the device on a location map if you already turned on this devices location sharing. This is a free solution to track your kids hone they go to school or out from home to make sure they are safe. The only limitation of this app is, these features are limited to Apple Devices like iOS and Mac only. It is not available for Android users.


  • Free to use
  • Available for All Apple Users
  • App available by default.


  • Limited Features
  • Only available for Apple users.

Key Features: Free to use | Available for Appel Devices | App installed by default | Can set for most Apple Devices

Download Google Family Link: Android | iPhone (Free)

Family 360- Family Locator

Family 360

Family 360 is another great family tracking app. The app allows you to keep an eye on your family members and loved ones. With the app installed on your phone and the parent’s phone, you will be able to see their location in real time as well as get traffic data right to your screen. The app also provides you with an ETA of your family members’ destination. Family 360 also shows your travel history records for the last 30 days.

Family 360 shows you all your family members on the map right away. You can also choose to create different circles and add different family members to them. Family 360 will also warn and alert you if any person is trying to use an app that mocks their current  GPS location. If in a vehicle, you also get notified if they are overspeeding. In case of any emergency faced by a family member, they can use the SOS button within the app to alert their parents or guardians.


  • Feature Rich Family Locator App
  • Emergency Alert Option


  • 21-day limited free trial
  • Requires Premium Subscription for 30 days Location History

Key Features: 30 Day Location history \ Emergency SOS Button | Overspeeding Notification | Location Based Alerts | Real-Time Tracking | Trips ETA

Download Family 360: Android | iPhone (Freemium)

Guardians from Truecaller


Truecaller is a very well-known app that is used as a caller identifier app. Now, the dame developers have released a family location-sharing app called Guardians. The app does exactly what you think it does when you see its name. Guardians is free to use app that allows you to create a circle and add your family members to it. Guardians allow you to see the location in real-time, the battery status, mobile network strength, as well as whether the person is idle or moving currently.

Apart from the real-time location, you can also use your guardian or someone else in the circle to watch over you. There’s also an option that allows you to alert members within the circle. If the parent or guardian has some other work on their phone, they can minimize the app and watch over their family while using any ter app thanks to the PIP screen mode.


  • Free to Use
  • No Ads


  • Needs more Features

Key Features: Live Location | Phone Status \ Satellite and Aerial Map View | SIS Trigger Button | Family Circles | Free

Download Guardians: Android| iPhone (Free)

FamiSafe- Parental Control App


Taking care of your kids digitally is quite important. With the FamiSafe app, you can take care of your kid’s online activities such as ensuring they watch content that is meant for them. Whether it is  YouTube Channels or TikTok videos- you can monitor it all. The app also ensures that sensitive images are monitored on the device. Apart from digital content tracking, you can also track the location of your kids in real-time.

FamiSafe also shows you the location history of your kids You can see where they went and what time they visited a palace- all within the FamiSafe app. FamiSafe also allows you to set up GeoFences that are. Such as the school, home, or maybe any other place where you know that your kids are safe. You can choose between the Family Plan And the School plan using the FamiSafe app.


  • Digital Monitoring
  • Geofencing options


  • Free Trial of Three Days Not Enough

Key Features: Digital Monitoring | YouTube and TikTok Content Monitoring | Real-Time Location 

Download FamiSafe: Android | iPhone (Freemium)

Find My Phone- Family Locator

Family Locator

Tracking your family member’s occasions is always important. The Family Locator app allows you to exactly do that. You can set up private groups for different members of the family. The app allows you to see all the family members that you have added on a map in real time. Plus, when they are traveling elsewhere, you will be able to see the ETA of their destination The Family Locator app also allows you to create safe sites such as their home, work, or any other place where you know that they’ll always be safe.

Of course, you do get to see the location history of each family member. Plus there’s a built-in chat that you can use to communicate with. The app also uses AR which you can use to find a family member in a huge crowd. In case the phone ever gets lost or stolen, you will be able to track the device instantly.


  • Real Tiem Location Tracking
  • In Flight Tracking


  • Location History and Zone Alerts are Premium Features
  • No Yearly or Monthly plan

Key Features: Safe Zone Creator | In-Flight Tracker | In App Text Service | AR Scanning | Location History | Phone Tracker | 

Download Find My Phone: Android | iPhone (Freemium)

FollowMee GPS Tracker


FollowMee GPS Tracker is a simple and easy-to-use app. There are no ads and neither are there any subscription plans. The app is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is download the app, and log in with your Google account.  The app allows you to add an unlimited number of devices that can be tracked in real-time. You can also choose to group a large number of devices right away and watch their real-time location instantly.

When it comes to viewing location history, you get to look back at the last 3 days’ history, If you want, you can check the extended history by visiting the website which will show you anywhere between 14 days to 3 years of location history. FollowMee will also allow you to set up geofences for select locations that you can custom set. One other cool feature of FollowMee is the app allows you to download reports in various kinds of file formats.


  • Ad Free
  • Simple TO USe


  • Old UI Design.

Key Features: Ad-Fre | Free to Use | Report Downloads | Geofencing | Location History | Add Unlimited Devices | Subscription Free

Download FollowMee GPS Tracker: Android | iPhone (Free)

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to share real-time locations with your friends and family. Sure, it is a good app to look for directions, places, and even reviews. In order to share locations with each other, both users need to be having and use Google Account. All you need to do is launch Google maps and tap on your profile picture. Tap on Location Sharing and finally, New Share.

You now get to choose the duration of the location sharing. Now, you will be able to choose the person with whom you wish to share your location. Even if the person doesn’t have a Google account, you will still be able to share the location. Simply share the link via email, text, or SMS. You can also choose to stop the location sharing anytime you want.


  • Free to Use
  • Ad-Free


  • Limited Features

Key Features: Free | No Ads | Easy Location Share | SHaring Duration | Easy Block and Unblock | Real-Time Sharing 

Download Google Maps: Android | iPhone (Free)

These are the best family tracking apps you can install to track the location in real-time of your kids and loved ones. These types of apps are super useful as they give you peace of mind instead of ringing them or texting them countless times to let them know where you are.

Apart from these apps, you can also use Snapchat to see the location. But again, the location doesn’t update itself in real-time and you’ll have to always keep the app launched at all times. Yes, these apps are way better than Life 360, considering the data-selling scandal that they’ve recently come under.

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