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Here is Easy Solution to Sync iCloud and Outlook

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This article helps you to Sync your iCloud Calendar with MS Outlook. If you are a MS Outlook user for a long time or your office using a MS Outlook calendar and you want to share your Outlook Calendar to MAC iCloud Calendar, here is the workout for you.

This way you can create any events in your Outlook Calendar and will update in your iCloud Calendar. The same way you can create events in iCloud to update automatically with MS Outlook Calendar.

Please download and install iCloud Control Panel for Windows from here. This version is supporting the Windows OS Vista and Up. This iCloud Control Panel is required to use Photo Stream, Mail, Contacts and Calendars (Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later required) and Bookmarks (Safari 5.1.1 or Internet Explorer 8 or later required).

When you start software, you you will get the window to login with your iCloud credentials. Once you login, you will get the next window shows below.

You have to select the items you required to sync. In this example we show only Calendar, but still you can share your Contacts, Mail, Book Marks and Photo Stream between Microsoft and Apple OS.

The next window giving you more options to customize what you need to sync. This is helpful to pick only one calendar to share from multiple iCloud Calendars or in a situation where you don’t want to share your tasks.

We selected second option, Upload some calendars and tasks and the next window will guide you to pick the calendar and tasks you want to sync.

Once you sync, go to www.icloud.com , enter your credentials and open your shared calendar (Visit here if you forgot your iCloud password. You can refer this article if you want to create a iCloud account) Create soem events there.

After you create events in iCloud, open your same Calendar in Outlook, you will be able to see the same event in shared calendar.

You can follow the same steps to sync Photo Stream, Mail, Contacts and Calendars (Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later required) and Bookmarks (Safari 5.1.1 or Internet Explorer 8 or later required) between Windows Calendar and Apple iCloud.

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