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How to Use Alexa as an Intercom for Your Home

Alexa powered Amazon Echo speakers are quite handy to control your smart household devices. You can ask questions and call people using Alexa. Moreover, if you have multiple Alexa speakers in your home, you can use them as an intercom as well. You can talk with someone in another room without yelling, just by asking Alexa.

If you want to use Alexa as your walkie-talkie or intercom for your home, follow the steps below.

How to Use Alexa as an Intercom

Amazon Alexa comes with a feature called Drop-In. It lets you drop a message to any of the speakers within your home. This is how we will be using Alexa as an intercom. You can learn to use it to talk with another person in your home. The Alexa Drop-in works better with multiple Amazon Echo speakers.

Communication Settings in Amazon Alexa

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Devices tab.
  3. Select your speaker you want to enable intercom feature.
    How to Use Alexa As An Intercom for Household
  4. From the device settings, go to Communication.
  5. Tap “Drop-In” from the next window.
  6. Choose “My Household” from the menu.
  7. After enabling, you can “drop-in” on a speaker in your house from a phone or speaker.

Use Drop In Feature in Amazon Alexa

To communicate with a speaker from the phone, go to the Communication tab and tap Drop-In. If you want to use Alexa intercom from your Echo speaker, use the following voice command:

"Alexa, drop in [room-name]"

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You can use Alexa as an intercom when you have multiple Alexa speakers across multiple rooms. This is different from Alexa calling feature. The other person doesn’t even need to accept you to listen to your voice. Works like an actual intercom, you can speak to anyone anytime at your house. Hope you now get how to use Alexa as an intercom.

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