8 Best Workout Headphones for Running 2019

Last Updated: May 17, 2019
Best Running Headphones

When you shop for a workout headphone, the primary concern is the sweatproof protection. The headphones for running and other sports activities are built to stay fit on your ear. The in-ear headphones with additional cables to connect together are the best headphones for running. In addition to this, there are earbuds for workouts are available, those are built to stay fit while jogging.

Here we have brought you a list of the best headphones for running that can be your companion during workouts.

Bose SoundSport Pulse

The Bose SoundSport is truly innovative. SoundSport is packed with a bunch of cool an robust features. This is one of the best in-ear headphones for running, that has a built-in heart rate sensor. Whether its cardio or a simple gym session, this workout headphones give you the accurate heart rate reading. The in-ear design of this Bose headphone works smooth and adjusts with mostly all types of ears.Bose SoundSport Pulse Headphone

The sound quality is crisp with features such as the noise canceling and auto volume adjusts. These sports headphones are slightly brighter-sounding with less bass impact but clearer mids and trebles. You can always connect the SoundSport Pulse with your smartphones through Bluetooth or the NFC. There is no much lagging in pairing, and it is pretty quick to connect with your phone.

Coming to the battery part, Bose Workout Headphones features with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers 6 hours of continuous music. A quick 15 mins recharge enough to juice up an hour of nonstop music. You may find the price a bit above the scale, but its Bose and they truly give you the value for your money.

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Jaybird X3

The Jaybird X3 is a wireless in-ear workout headphones that offer smooth sounds and clarity. The X3 model is quite popular among the fitness geeks with its in-ear design. Jaybird X3 headphone designed for running and workout, that fit in securely. Thanks to this, you can really keep focused throughout your workout, listening to some of the best motivational music.
Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

X3 direct music into your ears with full and crisp audio clarities. You can simply connect these headphones to the smartphone through Bluetooth. A great feature worth mentioning is the presence of noise cancellation technology.

Apart from that, these wireless sports headphones are made out of a hydrophobic nanocoating material. This safeguards X3 headphones from sweat and water damages. Additionally, you can enjoy seamless music for up to 8 hours with inbuilt rechargeable battery power. Also, the presence of a microphone lets you place calls hands free.

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1Best Workout Earbuds for Running

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Great design, check. Portability factor, check. Yet, Innovation level thumbs up!!  That’s what the Jabra Elite 65T sums up in total. The Elite is a state of the art wireless headphones that are designed to achieve in-ear stability. Elite Active is one of those limited innovative the headphones that feature some of the best features in town.

Being sweat proof and light makes them the best companion for those fitness geeks who need a glitch of music energies. They truly sound excellent and are less irritant to the ears. Placing calls and receiving calls are quite easily done thanks to two microphones placed safely within the earpiece.

The Elite 65T features something innovative, that brought your assistant much closer. The one-touch access to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant does ease you a bit. Also, you can download the Sound+ companion app for your phone. With a built-in new motion sensor, you could track your steps full time with this headphone.

Apart from that, the Elite 65t is equipped with the new Bluetooth 5.0. You could simply connect these sports headphones directly to Android or iPhone within the blink of an eye. As you know, Jabra takes power and battery life quite seriously and this time the elite 65t coupled itself up to five hours of battery power for continuous usage. Jabra’s charging case delivers an additional two charges for the earbuds.

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Jaybird RUN

The Jaybird’s all out sports headphone, the RUN is a wireless earbud that goes neck to neck with the Jabra and Bose sports series. With the RUN accompanying you, you could simply sweat it out all day with the sweat-proof design. Basically, these are noise canceling headphone that cancels out external noise for a crystal clear sound experience. Jaybird also provides custom sized ear tips to fit into your ears accurately. The best thing you could be sure about is that there won’t be any wobbling and falling off and you could stride off as much as you like.

As most of its competitors, the RUN also connects through Bluetooth connectivity. Coming to the key features, these running headphones can work for 4 hours non stop. These running headphones come with a charging case. The charging case can deliver two additional charging cycles, that can pull up to 12 hours in total.

Moreover, a quick 5 min charging does give you enough battery to run a whole hour. The earphones feature a single button interface that gives access to playback options, voice assistants etc. You can also download the Jaybird companion app and enable customized music and settings from within the app.

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2Budget Headphones for Running

VAVA MOOV 28 Sports Earphones

The VAVA MOOV 28 is one of the best options to consider if budget is also a priority. Apart from those Bluetooth headsets mentioned above, this workout headphones are pretty much affordable and is packed with plenty of features.

What makes it popular among the gym geeks is simply because of its design. The MOOV 28 is crafted out of aluminum and it ergonomically angled ear tip provides a better fit with rich audio qualities. The aluminum design is durable and withstands wear and tear that could occur during gym sessions.

The additional magnetic tips on the headphones help you lock them together around your neck.  Also, the IPX6 splash proof material with nano coating sees to it that the device functions smoothly at times you workout die-hard or under light rains.

These wireless headphones feature a 120mAh battery that is capable of playing music for up to 9 hours of continuous use. You could charge it for an hour and still take them out for a great deal of time.

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Soundcore Spirit X

The Soundcore Spirit X is a dynamic headphone that’s crafted out exclusively by Anker. These sports earbuds are going to be a significant eye-catcher for athletes and fitness geeks with its sweat-proof design. Basically, this best workout headphone features a soft silicone ear tips and don’t forget the over the ear hook. This hook is useful enough to keep the excess cords safely intact. These over the ear hooks come in handy when you under rigorous cardio or other kinds of stuff by making the rear portion feel less irritant.

The 10 mm dynamic drivers make sure you receive the best sound quality throughout. These sports headphones give you approximately 12 hours of music playtime within a single charge. Also, the added feature of the quick charge mode is also worth praising. You can simply connect the Spirit X workout headphone with your smartphone through the latest Bluetooth 5.0 without any fuss.

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3Best Workout Neckband Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Looking for some hard motivation during workouts, well try the new Plantronics BackBeat Fit headset for a change. They are durable enough to withstand your most intense workouts with a waterproof design. BackBeat is one of the best workout headphones, that meets the IP57 rating plus sweatproof nano-coating.

The design doesn’t stress on extreme noise cancellation and rather, it allows surrounding sounds to reach your ear faintly. These could be a pro if your taking them from early morning jogs as you could be aware of the surroundings a bit.

BackBeat also includes a reflective armband case for smartphones that doubles as a storage case for the headphones. These sports headphones are a true blend of superior music and strong built quality. Talking about the connectivity part, yes, the BackBeat Fit connect through the new Bluetooth 5.0.

Also, you don’t need to take out your phone each time in case of calls or emergencies as there is a built-in microphone as well as integrated playback switches. Coming to the charging part, it roughly takes about two and a half hours to fully buff up those batteries. Charging is done through the micro USB port that is accessible near the right earpiece.

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SoundPEATS Neckband Wireless Earphones

This around-the-neck workout headphone made of ultra-light shape-memory alloy. This neckband is great for easy carrying and comfortable when running, cycling or exercising. The lightweight in design makes this headphone ideal for gym and workout. The magnetic lock keeps the earpiece attached to the neckband. With this magnetic attachment, no need to worry about the cord dangles around the neck.SoundPEATS Neckband Wireless Earphones

SoundPeats supports two devices to connect simultaneously. The neckband headphone for running offers high-fidelity stereo sound quality with aptx codec. The built-in battery supports up to 10 hours of music and 240 hours of standby time and takes only 2 hours for charging. This workout neckband headphones are compatible with iPhone and Android.

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AfterShokz Trekz Air

The AfterShokz Trekz headphones are quite rich in sound quality. The new bone conduction technology is, in fact, it’s standout feature. This running headphone delivers music through your cheekbones and ensures ambient sound clarities of the outside world through your ears. The bone conduction-based earphone offers dynamic sound rage, rich bass, and reduce natural sound leakage.

The IP55 certified headphone good to repel sweat while you running, and resistance to dust and moisture. With one charge, the built-in battery offers six hours of continues music or calls. The noise canceling dual Mics cancells surround noise while you talk.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

These wireless headphones are 20 percent lighter than those traditional headphones and the wrap around titanium design provides flexibility. Talking about the connections, these sports headphones can be easily connected through the new Bluetooth 4.1 technology. The multipoint pairing feature allows you to connect to your smartphone or PC with the headphones and easily switch between your devices also.

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4Best Workout Headphones

Many nowadays love to hear music during their workouts and jogs. Also, the gym geeks tune into music as a source of sheer motivation, to plug in some awesome motivation, you need something extraordinary.

There you have it, these are some of the best and superior quality workout headphones that are useful for people who need music badly. Whether you’re looking for earbuds that can handle high-impact gym sessions indoors or long-distance jogging outdoors, these headphones are guaranteed to stand out among all its competitors’ thanks to extraordinary features.

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