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All About iPhone/Android Headphones and Gaming Headsets.

There are excellent quality headphones and earbuds are available in the market for the best gaming experience and entertainment purpose. This includes the latest addition of Wireless earbuds dedicated for smartphone users.

As you see, the key features and specifications are carrying for these headphones and earbuds based on the use. For the gaming headsets, we are looking for best sound quality and surround sound support while Earbuds must have a sweatproof feature with best battery backup time.

We have gathered all information about headphones that published before and combine together for our readers. This would be the ideal guide for those who are shopping around for headphones and earbuds.

Smartphone Wireless Headset Buying Guide

There are dedicated Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for Smartphones that can be paired with Android Phone, iPhones, or any other Bluetooth activated the device. The most common headphones are using Bluetooth, RF or NFC technology to connect with smartphones. There are key features should concern while shopping for headphones like Device Connectivity, Battery Life, Fit Type, Remote Control Functions, etc. In this article, we listed few must have headphones features while you select Wireless Headset.

Best Noise Canceling Headphones

When you are searching for the best noise canceling headphone, go for active noise canceling headphones for best performance and high fidelity sound quality. In addition to this, branded noise canceling headphones are using various software and firmware algorithm to produce best sound quality with these devices. The noise canceling headphone listed here are best in quality, built with active noise cancellation technology make sure to provide you the best music experience.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for iPhone & Android

Apple’s base idea was to get rid of the earphone jack and go completely wireless when it comes to earphones by introducing Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from its production line. The general technology used by such wireless ear buds, operating over Bluetooth, is to connect to one of the earbuds and then pair the other ear bud to the former earbud. Quite interestingly, a number of alternatives are available in the market, and here is the best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for iPhone and Android.

Best Wireless Headphones for iPhone.

The Bluetooth headphones are built in different Fit Types. These Fit Types (different shapes) produce to use in indoor or outdoor activities. Neckband and Earbuds are best wireless headphones for sports activities like jogging, gym etc. Over-ear and Around-ear Bluetooth headphones are good to use in indoor to enjoy music while you rest on your couch. There are thousands of headsets are in the market and we are going to list the best Wireless Headphones that work with iPhone 7 and old iPhone models. We listed two sets of Bluetooth headphones on this article and each set has three different Fit Type to choose based on your need.

Best Gaming Headsets

With technology pouring into the markets, gaming headsets are the new trend in this wave. When you shop around for the best gaming headsets, please do not choose the regular PC headset or Bluetooth Wireless Headset. Gaming headsets are different than regular headsets; the best gaming headphones will offer you the ultimate gaming experience. For the best gaming headset, you must have a headphone with Surround Sound, Pro-G Audio Drivers, Side Tone/Mic Monitoring etc. We gathered a list of the best Gaming Headsets for PC and other Gaming Consoles.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Long Battery Headphones

Battery powered Bluetooth headphones are the new talk of the town. This wireless freedom is evolving as we speak, to various designs and styles to be user-friendly. However, initial stages came across problems of battery life and audio quality. One or the other must be sacrificed to get a new benefit in these Bluetooth headphones. Long battery life headphones or wired ones prove to be one of the daily needs of this young generation. Here is the list of the top best Bluetooth long battery life headphones that last long and are designed for the finest experience.

Best RF & Bluetooth Wireless TV Headphones

Wireless TV headphones are almost like RF and Bluetooth headphones that connect themselves to your Wireless Base Station that already connected to TV audio. A large number of smart TVs come with a built-in RF wireless connection to connect the TV audio to the wireless TV headphone. Here is the list of best RF and Bluetooth TV Headsets that you can try out.

Connect TV to Bluetooth Headphone & Speakers

Most of the TV headphones are RF headphones that communicate with the TV base unit and Headphone using radio frequency. For those who already invested on an expensive Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speakers, for their smartphone or PC gaming, then RF based headset bases will not be helpful to connect to these devices. This is the guide to connect TV to Bluetooth Audio Headphone & Speakers.

12 Things that iPhone Headphone Can Do

You may not realize that you can control many other apps on your iPhone using these three headphone buttons. You can take pictures, switch calls, deny calls with press and hold combinations of headphone middle button even without touching your iPhone. Here a couple of cool tricks to try with iPhone headphone control buttons.

Based on our past research and lab test, we listed the best of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Gaming Headsets and Wireless Earbuds that will be the referral for those who want to buy headphones.

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