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12 Best Wireless Headphones for TV – RF & Bluetooth (2022)

The Wireless TV Headphones give you the ultimate music experience. These Bluetooth Headphones for TV offer an isolated surround sound experience, making you immerse in ecstasy. They come with Bluetooth and have an inbuilt RF transmitter, either housed in the base station or charging dock. Most TVs now come with an inbuilt RF wireless connection to connect the TV audio to the wireless TV headphone.

Here is the list of the best RF and Bluetooth TV Headsets that can connect to the TV to isolate the sound.

Best Wireless TV Headphones (RF & Bluetooth)

We listed the best wireless headphones for TV that can connect to your TV through both RF and Bluetooth. Just like our best list of Best Soundbars for TV, these rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones are compiled based on the factors like the backup time, wireless range, quality, and brand.

Sennheiser RS120

The Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones are the best budget-friendly On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones that you can get online. The sound quality is quite good and comes with an extended reception of up to 300ft. It even offers good receptivity through walls and other obstructions. The wireless TV headphones are lightweight and come with a padded headband. It offers better comfort during those long days of intensive music.

The audio is very detailed and has a warm bass that is loved by many sound lovers. The charging dock is the star highlight that grabs good attention due to its unique design. A thing to note is that this TV headphone doesn’t feature inbuilt Bluetooth. It solely works on the RF 2.4GHz channel.

Key Features: On-Ear | RF Wireless Headphones |Three RF channels | Range:300ft | Rechargeable Battery | Good for TV and Hi-Fi Audio | 40hrs Battery Backup | Buy from Amazon

Sennheiser RS 135 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle
  • Lightweight radio frequency (RF) wireless, on-ear headphones for use with TV and Hi-Fi Audio

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Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones

These Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth headphones for TV have an Over-Ear design and offer low latency and fast audio. It’s one of those few gaming Tv headphones to look out for in 2022. This headset offers a 40h Battery life. These top-rated wireless Bluetooth headphones work with a low-latency supported Bluetooth transmitter (Avantree Priva II or Saturn Pro recommended) for a minimum audio delay of 32-40ms for an advanced audio experience.

The Avantree HT4189 lets you play music via the wired AUX connection also. This audio cable lets you switch between wired to wireless earphones in seconds.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones | Built Mic | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 20 hrs Battery Backup | Good for Gaming TV & PC | Buy from Amazon

Avantree HT4189 40Hrs Wireless Headphones Set for TV Watching with Transmitter (Digital...
  • 【Hassle-Free Set Up】 There’s no need to go through the complex Bluetooth pairing process with...

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Phillips SHD8850 Digital Wireless Headphones

The Philips Wireless TV headphones that you see here are one of the best and the most reliable Bluetooth TV earphones for TV that you can get online. It flaunts the comfy Over-Ear design and offers high-quality audio. These wireless headphones work when the base station’s connected to your TV. You can connect the base station with your TV in 3 ways, the AUX, the RCA, or the Optical wired link.

With the base station ready, you could enjoy flawless and immersive music all throughout your home within a range of 100ft or 30m. The 2.4 GHz RF signal extends the range and offers better receptivity. The Philips Digital wireless headphones come with superior 40mm drivers. These drivers deliver rich cinematic sound with prior noise and echo canceling. Come to the battery backup, this TV headphones offer upto 20 hours of continuous music playback. There is the Auto On/Off feature that saves battery when you’ve left the headphones idle for some time. Once the low battery signal pops up, you can dock it into the base station for quick and reliable charging.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones | Built Mic | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 20hrs Battery Backup | Good for Gaming TV | Buy from Amazon

Philips Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Home Cinema Sound and Low Latency,...
  • PASSIVE NOISE CANCELLING: Perfectly covering your ears, this headphone is designed to bring you deep...

Besign BTH01 Wireless TV Headphones

The Besign BTH01 Wireless Headphones offer exquisite audio and is stylish to the core. With the headphones in hand, you can enjoy a true Plug N Play experience. The Base Station or the Charging dock that comes with the headphones connects with your TVs vis the provided cables. The docking station houses the RF transmitter. Once the docking station’s powered up, the headphone links itself with the docking station via Bluetooth.

These RF headphones offer a range of 30m or 100ft. Thus, it’s one of those long-range indoor headphones that you could use to enjoy music while vibing around your home. The best thing about these TV headphones is that with the Bluetooth as well as the RF transmitter, you could enjoy crystal clear music with minimal or no latency issues. Unlike other RF headphones, the Besign BTH01 offers a battery backup of 35 hours on a single full charge once you take it from the dock. Also, with the wider connectivity via the wired interface, you can connect the headphones to almost all devices including PCs, Laptops, and many more.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Bluetooth Wireless Headphones | Built Mic | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 35hrs Battery Backup | Ergonomic Design | Buy from Amazon

BESIGN BTH01 Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Bluetooth Transmitter Charging Dock,...
  • 【Plug & Play】 With this BTH01 wireless Bluetooth headphones and transmitter, you could enjoy a...

Own Zone Wireless TV headphones

The Own Zone Wireless TV Headphones might feel new to you but believe me, they’re pretty good. They give you excellent audio and are quite durable. This device operates on 2.4GHz channel and requires no additional wired links. But don’t forget that you’ll need to connect the base station or the RF transmitter with your TV via the AUX, RCA, or the Optical cable.

Once that’s done, you could enjoy endless music within a range of 30m. The Headphones on the whole provide excellent audio. It blocks out external noise and offers crisp and clear sound 24*7. When it comes to battery backup, these earphones for TV feature a Li-ion internal battery that offers upto 10 hours of music playback.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Wireless Audio transmission | Built Mic | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 10 hrs Battery Backup | Ergonomic Design | Buy from Amazon

Own Zone by Sharper Image Wireless Rechargeable TV Headphones, Black, 2.4 GHz, Transmits...
  • Bluetooth Range:160 Ft.OWN ZONE Wireless TV Headphones- Surrounds you with full stereo sound!

Avantree Opera

The Avantree Opera is an elegant and stylish Wireless headphone for that offers universal compatibility. These TV headphones come with Bluetooth inbuilt and also include an RF transmitter for the TV. The RF transmitter is housed quite nicely within a docking system through which the headphones draw power.

The Opera links with your TV via the Optical, AUX, or the RCA cable that you get with the full delivery. With both the Bluetooth as well as the RF transmitter, these wireless headphones offer near-zero audio delays. Moreover, the device comes with preset audio EQs so that you could get the best possible audio every time you switch it on. Also, there’s a huge increase in the operatable range than what we saw with the previous versions. The Opera now offers an extended audio range of 50m.

An innovative feature of the Avantree Opera is the Pass-Through Link. This feature allows the headphones to work with your existing soundbar or TV speaker without compromising on the headphone’s connectivity. Hence you could enjoy your personalized music via the headphones while your family hears it through the TV or soundbar.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Wireless Audio transmission | Inbuilt Bluetooth | Built Mic | Range:50m | Rechargeable Battery | 30 hrs Battery Backup | Ergonomic Design | Low Audio delay | Pass-Through Link | Buy from Amazon

Avantree Opera - Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Clear Dialogue Mode, Enhanced...
  • 【Universally Compatible】 Thanks to Opera’s Optical, AUX, and RCA input cables, it is...

MakeMate BKM200 Wireless TV Headphones

The MakeMate BKM200 is a classy piece of headphones that come at a pretty reasonable price tag. At the first glance, you’ll notice its smooth ergonomics. It even offers a comfy and durable Over-Ear design with smooth ear cups. These TV headphones connect with your TVs via the RF transmitter. The RF transmitter by the way connects with the TV via the provided Optical or AUX cables. Once the Bluetooth connection’s up and running, you can experience flawless, rich, and high quality audio 24*7.

The BKM200, like the Opera, also gives you an extended range of 50m. A thing to note is that there isn’t a docking system provided. What you’ll be getting is a compact RF transmitter unit. The headphones when it comes to battery backup perform phenomenally. It offers upto 35 hours of continuous music playback once you switch it on.

Key Features: Over-Ear | Wireless Audio transmission | Inbuilt Bluetooth | Built Mic | Range:50m | Rechargeable Battery | 30 hrs Battery Backup | Ergonomic Design | Low Audio delay | Pass-Through Link | Buy from Amazon

makemate Wireless Headphones for TV Watching with Optical Bluetooth Transmitter, BKM200...
  • 【UP TO 165ft/50m】Especially with the help of ANTENNA and Qualcomm new Bluetooth technology...

Insignia NS-HAWHP2 RF Wireless Over-The-Ear Headphones

One of the best over-ear digital gadgets that allow you to listen to crisp and clear audio without the fuss of wires. Insignia NS-HAWHP2 RF Wireless Over-The-Ear Headphones are a great choice for getting personal audio freedom and hearing perfect audio up to 33 feet without any trouble. It works completely on the RF frequency and offers better audio clarity. This device in fact gives you limited audio lags.

This wireless TV headphones look quite classy. It comes with a compact charging dock, where the RF transmitter is housed. With a single full charge, you’d be getting up to 10 hours of music playback.

Key Features: Over-Ear | RF Wireless Headphones | Range: 33ft | Rechargeable Battery | 10hrs Battery Backup | Buy from Amazon

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HSPRO Wireless TV Headphones

The HSPRO Wireless TV Headphones that you see here work on the RF connectivity. It offers a superior range and yes, with minimal audio lag. These stylish TV headphones flaunt a bulky earpiece with large cushions. these ear cushions provide better comfort while being connected to your TVs. The device offers a connective range of 100ft. There’s also minimal audio lag thanks to the enhanced RF transmitter.

These headphones are built very well and last quite a while than others. The charging base unit has a 2.4 GHz transmitter allowing a great reception when away from it. The dock as such is quite sleek. This gives the whole unit a premium look. With a full charge of 6 hours, you can get up to 25 hours of continuous music playback.

Key Features: Over-Ear | RF Wireless Headphones | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 10hrs Battery Backup | Buy from Amazon

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SONY Wireless Headphones for TV

Sony Noise Reduction Over-ear TV Wireless Dynamic Stereo Headphones are the most premium TV headphones that you can look out for online. It comes with an extended range of upto offers 150 feet. These Wireless headphones for TV have solid looks and excellent build quality.

These TV headphones have manual tuning and switches on the base unit as well as on the device. The adjustable headband comes with a closed design fit that sits well and comfortably on your head. This headphone also comes with auto power on/off features which by the way saves power.

Key Features: Over-the-Head | 916MHz RF Wireless Headphones | 3 RF Channels | Range: 150ft | Rechargeable Battery | 20hrs Battery Backup | Frequency Response of 10HZ – 20kHZ | Buy from Amazon

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Sennheiser RS 175 RF

Sennheiser is one of the best RF headphones for TV and comes with superior bass and surround sound modes, giving you exquisite audio. This RF headphone is compact and has an ergonomic design that offers a comfortable fit. The stylish looks coupled with excellent audio make it one of the best RF headphones to couple up with your TVs.


The RS offers 175 offers a superior range. It gives you up to 328ft of endless music once connected. The headphones extend connectivity so well that you could easily connect them to your TVs anytime.

Key Features: Over-Ear | RF Wireless Headphones | Range: 328ft | 2 AA Battery | 18hrs Battery Backup | Buy from Amazon

Sennheiser Consumer Audio RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System for TV Listening with Bass...
  • Compact, ergonomic over-ear headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wireless.Frequency response 17 -...

AudioRange Wireless TV Over-Ear Headphones

The AudioRange wireless headphones work on RF connectivity. It offers you exquisite audio within a range of 100ft. It comes with an inbuilt charging dock, where you could find the RF transmitter. Apart from being lightweight, these over-ear headphones have a stylish design. The adjustable foam band is soft and durable to offer you comfort while watching your favorite shows and movies. 

These RF TV headphones work on a rechargeable internal battery. You’ll be getting up to 8 hours of battery backup thanks to its 3000mAh Li ion battery. What’s more, the AudioRange wireless headphones connect with your TV via the Optical or Analog inputs. You get both the Optical cable as well as the AUX with the whole delivery.

Key Features: Over-Ear | RF connectivity | Built Mic | Range: 100ft | Rechargeable Battery | 8hrs Battery Backup | Connects with TV and PC | Dual Link for Two headphones | Buy from Amazon

AudioRange Seniors & Hard of Hearing | Wireless TV Over-Ear Headphones Lightweight,...
  • WIRELESS TV HEADPHONES WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND - Hear your television loud and clear without...

How to Connect Wireless TV Headphones?


The best Wireless TV Headphones not just come with the headphones alone, rather, you’ll be also getting a base unit or a charging dock. The base unit primarily acts as a charger for the headphone set (for rechargeable headphones). This base unit is also where the RF transmitter unit is also housed. The Headphones connect with the RF transmitter inside the base unit initially, which then establishes a connection with your TVs or PCs.
Based on the available ports on your TV, you can connect between the TV and Headphone base set with the corresponding audio cable. Usually, the TV sets are coming with a standard 3.5 audio port or optical port.
Most of the TVs feature both the AUX as well as the optical port at the rear. Hence, we’ve all the listed wireless headphones offer a connection with the base unit with the audio port or optical wireless ports.
The audio is transferred between the base unit and headphones via Bluetooth or Wireless RF technology. Modern smart TVs have inbuilt Bluetooth or Wireless technology that directly transfers audio from the TV to your gadget bypassing base units.

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That’s our list of the best TV headphones to look out for in 2022. These wireless TV headphones offer superior audio coupled with an extended range. These devices are the perfect companion for the elderly who wish to get a better TV experience. With superior audio codecs and algorithms, these Bluetooth RF headphones for TV offer near-zero audio delay or Lip sync issues.

Best Wireless Headphones for TV – RF & Bluetooth: FAQ

Are RF wireless headphones better than Bluetooth headphones?

When it comes to signal, range, and audio qualities, the RF Wireless headphones have an upper hand over the Bluetooth headphones. They offer superior audio and that too with minimal distortion and audio delay.
But RF wireless headphones are as versatile as Bluetooth as they require a specific transmitter to function.

Can wireless headphones connect to your standard TV?

With the new Wireless TVs designed exclusively for your TVs, you can now connect with your outdated Televisions with ease. The connection takes place via a transmitter, which is present in a base station that comes with the headphones.

How do I connect the Base Station with my TV?

Most of the old gen TVs come with analog inputs. These include the 3.5mm Audio as well as the RCA port. Some even offer the Optical Input which makes Audio transmission rather easy.
If the TV includes Bluetooth, then you can connect it directly with your headphones without the need for a base station.

Will there be Latency issues after being connected to the TV?

When the connection between the transmitting and receiving device turns bad, you will experience latency. Certain factors like interference, audio codec issues, and range can affect the latency.
The RF Wireless headphones offer a better range and superior audio codecs, which by the way eliminated latency issues to the core.

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  1. You definitely do NOT know the difference between “Bluetooth” and “RF Signals”! These headphone you listed are NOT Bluetooth! They all work on radio frequencies “RF”. The two types are totally different. How can you give advice on products that you know nothing about?

    • @Robert,
      Not all of these headphones are RF based, Avantree Wireless is a Bluetooth based headphone and working on Bluetooth V4.1. We mentioned the communication technology under “Key Feature”. We updated the article title.

  2. I’m really happy to have found your reviews. You seem to have covered everything that I need to ask over three linked articles. I need wireless noise-cancelling headphones for my Sony Bravia TV – and for my ancient MacBook Pro (2009), for listening to music/radio.

    I’d like to avoid buying two sets of pricey headphones (BT for the Mac, RF for the TV). I currently have a few devices here at home (c/o Amazon – all returnable): Bose QC 35 headphones, Sennheiser PXC500 headphones and the MEE audio Connect Universal Dual Headphone Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter for the TV. I may also look at Sony MDR100X headphones.

    For my Mac:

    I love the Bose QC 35 headphones for the sound, ANC and comfort, but they seem to have limited BT range – the sound cuts out when I go into another room. I’ve investigated BT dongles etc. a bit, but I don’t know if they would help with the BT signal strength/range. Maybe my old MacBook is the weak link. Earlier version of BT?

    Sennheiser PXC 500: I find the comfort and noise cancellation not as good as Bose. The BT range is slightly better with my old Mac, but still not great.

    For the Sony Bravia TV:

    Sony says just get RF headphones (which I may have to do). Something like Sony RF 160s (which Wirecutter likes). No noise cancellation.

    The Bose QC 35s aren’t even recognized by the MEE BT transmitter on the TV (A2DP vs aptX?). The Sennheisers do connect to the TV c/o MEE BT transmitter, but there is a very slight sync problem via both the headphone jack and Toslink (digital audio out).

    Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated before I take the pricey plunge.

    • For Bluetooth TV headphones, the primary concern is Bluetooth circuitry delay that introduces a latency between the sound source (TV) and destination (Headphone). This latency depends on the headphone unit circuitry design and quality of the components. Since there is no control over this sound latency (lip sync issue), chose the best available Bluetooth headsets with low latency.

      Unfortunately, TV Bluetooth manufacturers are not giving any measured latency to choose the right one. Even though HAVIT and TaoTronics are claiming low latency for the Bluetooth adapter, there is no specific number to compare both units latency.

      But personally, I like to use BT headphones on Mac. In this case, you want to use same headphones with both devices (Mac & TV).

      I would buy the best Bluetooth Adapter (low latency) for TV and use Bluetooth headset for TV and Mac.

      Avantree (http://amzn.to/2hbQawQ) offers a long range (160ft / 50m) and almost no lip sync. We don’t have this unit to test in our lab, and this is just a recommendation.

  3. I am really happy to find your review. Because I have ordered one to see your review for my wife. She is very happy and thankful to you. I have bought Sennheiser RS 175 RF for My 55″ Class The Frame 4K UHD SamSUNG TV. Now we are happy .

    Is there any other best headphone without Sennheiser ?

    I am glad because it’s a full of noise cancellation headphone and fit for head.

  4. Can one get the best of both worlds? RF and bluetooth headphones? that was your tease going into one of your best lists…instead had a few one type and mostly the other…was going to say that RF may be on its way out–but the distance is definitely a very valuable feature. Currently on my old senn…can go anywhere in my house and listen to an audiobook, news, or music…in fact can go down the street quite a ways…bluetooth can’t beat that, nor can it connect to my old tech…thanks much,
    all the best,

  5. One comment that has not been made is that with some TV’s plugging in the Jack plug into the audio output mutes the TV speakers which may not be what you want, one person with excellent hearing and one with poor hearing as is my case. My Panasonic Plasma has a separate headphone circuit so that was OK. Just about to buy an LG OLED and was advised, by LG, that using my seinheisser R120’s would mute the speakers. They clearly don’t know their product as there is a mode allowing Speakers + headphones, Have tested it in store and it works!

  6. I have a RCA 60 inch tv and when i connect the wireless speakers the headset works but the tv speakers are muted. Can you help…thanks

  7. it’s not just the superior distance and reception that rf wireless headsets offer that makes them so attractive, but it’s also the ability to use multiple headsets with just 1 transmitter, i use 10 rf headsets (sennheiser rs 120) in a commercial environment with just 1 transmitter…. bluetooth? you can pair just one headset? two maybe with some fiddling?

  8. Can an RF set of headphones have a boosted sound output? I am deaf and regular head sets do ot have enough volume for me

  9. Question… does the tv audio still work for others if one person uses headphones? I am hard of hearing and the tv is too loud for my husband if I can hear it. Thinking headphones for me could resolve this?


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