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Best 4 Android Offline Messaging Apps to Save Data


Offline Messaging Apps

Having trouble with net connectivity? Have you camped off too far out of network coverage? Then Android Offline Messaging Apps can help you get your messages delivered. These offline messaging apps can send and receive texts without an active internet connection.

They ensure that you are always connected with your loved ones at all time. Be it a crowded festival or during an emergency situation, having a sure shot means of communication at hand is always a good idea.

This article, we will be discussing the best Offline Messaging Apps available for your Android phone that can be used while you are offline or away from Wi-Fi.


(Cache messaging with end-to-end encryption )

Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messengers out there today. WhatsApp uses a store and forward technique to transmit messages. When a user sends a message, it first travels to the WhatsApp server where it is saved. The server then repeatedly requests the receiver to acknowledge the message. This is the story when your phone connected to the internet.

WhatsApp Offline Messaging

WhatsApp offline feature let you tap on the send button even if you don’t have live internet connection. The message saved on your phone cache will send to the recipient when the phone connected to the internet.

Download: WhatsApp


(Peer-peer using Bluetooth/Wifi and Internet)

FireChat is an innovative Android offline messaging app that uses Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to establish a mesh network to transmit data. It works by bouncing signals from one device to another till it reaches the recipient.

FireChat Offline Messaging

As a result, the more people use FireChat, the larger and faster the network becomes. It is an App that is ideal for use on a school campus and public transport where it’s easy to find large groups of people.


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Download: FireChat


(Peer-peer using Bluetooth and Internet)

Bridgefy is an Offline texting app that lets you communicate with others without an internet connection. It can send data directly to other phones within a range of 230ft/ 75 yards from you using Bluetooth.  There is also a WiFi network mode which lets you connect with users via your WiFi network that isn’t providing Cellular data.

Download: Bridgefy


(Peer to peer WiFi Direct with SSL encryption)

The Hike is a peppy messenger which has tons of fun features including offline texting. It has Live filters for your photos. 5000+ FREE Stickers to express your every emotion.  Chat themes that let you personalize your chat window based on your mood. There is even a feature which allows you to hide all your private chats making them accessible only with a password. In the absence of an internet, connection hike can transmit data other users within 100 meters. If in case the recipient has switched off his internet, the app delivers the message in the form of a normal  SMS.



The Serval Mesh

(Peer to peer WiFi Direct with MDP encrypted)

The Serval Mesh App aims at creating direct connections between cellular phones through their WiFi networks without the need for a mobile phone operator. It uses a store and forward system called Rhizome to achieve broad distance communication with minimal mesh connections. Serval Mesh is an open-source software that allows you to make private phone calls, send secure messages and data even in remote areas or during a disaster.

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Download: Serval Mesh

Signal Offline Messenger

(Peer to peer WiFi Direct with end-to-end encryption)

Signal Offline is a WiFi Direct messenger that works by sending a signal to discover nearby devices. The user list displays the surrounding devices. The active devices are shown in color whereas inactive devices are shown in gray.


Signal offline Messenger can work up to a range of 100 meters and the data are encrypted. WiFi direct data transfer occurs at 250mbps so all images and video can be transferred at high speeds without any modification.

Download: Signal Offline Messenger

We have now seen that most Android Offline messaging apps use a variety of methods to deliver messages. Some apps like WhatsApp use cached messaging. Others work by transmitting data directly to a user via WiFi or Bluetooth. There are also apps that create mesh networks that grow depending on the number of active users. Despite their differences, all of the above apps are effective at communicating offline.



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