Apple Headphone is Not Working On Android or Windows Phone

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You feel that your brand new headset controls or mic is not working with your Android device? Does your Android headset is not working with your MAC or iPhone? if you have these issues, please read further for the solution.

This post answer the question about why is your iPhone headset not working in android or vice versa. For iPhone users, your iPhone headset can do a lot of things than you think and we listed 12 Things You Should Know that Your iPhone Headphone Can Do.

Types of Headsets used in Android and Apple Devices

In Android and Apple world there are two different type of headsets are using to connect to the phones.

1, Standard (Android) Headset

(Configuration: Left Audio, Right Audio, Mic, Ground)

All the new smartphones are using the headset with TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) configuration. These configuration is using for headsets that have an attached microphone and a radio push-to-transmit (or push-to-talk) feature. Almost all of the Android phones are using this standard headset configuration. In this TRRS configuration, each tip, ring and sleeve component has its own wire terminal counterpart inside the housing with a pin out order of Left Audio, Right Audio, Mic and Ground.

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2, Apple Headset

(Configuration: Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Mic)

Apple and other smartphone manufacturers are using this same standard for their headsets. But Apple is changed their pin out order to Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Mic that is different from  the standard (TRRS) pin out configuration Left Audio, Right Audio, MIC, Ground. This makes Apple headphones to work with only Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and other Apple products.

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Can we interchange the headset wires to match configuration?

What will happen if you change or alter the wires of MIC and Ground. Can you use this altered headset with your Android phone? Personally I wouldn’t recommend that, because Apple headset has another minor change compare to other standard headsets. These Apple headset has specific resistance set between the MIC and Ground cable to create pulses for your headset control buttons and this resistance set is different than the standard headset.

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When you press these buttons, Apple device sensing the electrical pulse with a definite amplitude (based on the internal resistance)  and converting to the command codes to control the iPhone, iPad or similar apple devices. These pulses’ amplitude and timing is not compatible with other Smartphone or devices and may not able to control your Android or Nokia phone.

How to make iPhone headset compatible with Android or Vice Versa

There are couple of workarounds you can try out to make compatible the headphone with your Android. We will go through few of those and you can pick the best one.

1, Headphone Converter Adapter.

The alternative solution is to try the headphone converters that will work better to use the iPhone headsets with other smart phones.

You can get an adapter from Amazon Cellet Slim 3.5mm Pin to 3.5mm Input Mini-Jack Adapter for iPhone for less than 4 bucks that Amazon stating this adapter can convert iPhone special headset tip to universal 3.5mm tip.

2, Android App that can use to control iPhone Headset

Still no luck with Android headsets! You can try this app available from Google Play Store called Headset Button Controller.

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According to Google Play Store, Headset Button Controller is very configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command and many other things, just by clicking the button on your headset.

3, Use a Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

There are wireless headphones are available for low price that will be compatible to all smartphones like Android or iPhone. These headphones are built with inline MIC and dedicated remote control  which help you to enjoy the smartphone handsfree functions. You can get this Wireless Headphone from Amazon for $20.99.

iphone-sports-headsetThe main concern while choosing the headset is the battery life, fit type and additional controls that offer by iOS through the headset buttons. The headset controls are offering the handsfree functions to ask Siri, Control Volume, Music Play, Call Answer Reject etc. You can see complete buying guide for Wireless Bluetooth Headset on this article.

Hope this will resolve your head set issue. Please let us know if there has alternate workaround to resolve this problem.


  1. Are there any equivalent apps to the “headset button controller” mentioned above for the iPhone that allow headsets with remotes to work that are not of Apple make?

    • @Derek, Here is one app from iTunes. “Headset Remote Controls Decoder for iPhone (iTunes), but we didn’t test and not guaranteed to work this app.

  2. App on phone worked for me thanks… just had to change a couple options to to have the volume since I do not move forward much do not need those buttons. Save me some money.

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