Best GoPro Alternative 4K Action Sports Cameras

Last Updated: June 16, 2017
Best 4K Action Sports Cameras

GoPro Sports Cameras are new waves in the action camera market, good for amazing video quality and stunning images. However, those who want the alternatives for GoPro, we listed the best 4K Sports cameras here. The action camera can fix on your helmet, bicycle, or even carry when you go for your next marathon challenge. These Sports action cameras are lightweight, and you can attach on your drones to capture the stunning aerial images.

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All these 4K Sports Cameras are coming with built-in waterproof protection or waterproof case to withstand in any weather conditions. Yo can carry the camera while you dive into the swimming pool to capture amazing underwater footage. This sports action cams can record maximum details with the help of wide angle lens, usually range in 150-170 degree. Before we move on to GoPro alternative 4K Sports cameras, we would like to give a short description of GoProHero5 4K Camera.

GoPro HERO5 Black

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 12MP | 33ft Waterproof| Voice Control | Remote Control | iOS/Android App | WiFi | Buy from Amazon

There is no wonder the GoPro Cam still in this GoPro alternative list. Based our experience, this is stunning in picture clarity compare to other same 4K Sports Cameras. This Hero5 Black Sports camera is offering 4K Video at 30fps and 12MP Photos. These image clarity and video are supporting on three different modes: Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes. As you know, GoPor is durable in weather conditions and offering waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing.GoPro HERO5 Black

The camera is amazingly small in size, offering Liquid-smooth image stabilization, GoPro Plus cloud account where you can upload your footage direct from the camera and the GoPro editing app for post processing.  In addition to one button control to turn on and start recording, GoPor Hero5 Black is coming with hands-free voice control, and just need one command ‘GoPro, start recording’ to activate and start record the footage. GoPro5 Session is also available at Amazon with 4K video at 30fps with 10MP image capturing capacity for a slight price difference.

Those who want to go for GoPro Alternatives, because of the price or other features, we listed the best GoPro Alternative 4K Action Cameras.

1. AKASO EK7000

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 12MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 33ft Waterproof |1050mAH Battery@90 Minutes Record| WiFi&Bluetooth | 64GB Memory Card Support | Buy from Amazon

Akaso Action camera is coming with 4K DV Camcorder and 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle lens to capture the world in maximum details in the best resolution. This Sports Cam is Waterproof up to 100 Feet and coming with 2.4G Wireless remote to control the camera. This camera is coming with two long life battery. Each battery 1050 mAH capacity, can record 90 minutes video footage with one recharge. The dedicated Android and iOS app are coming with built in WIFI & HDMI, that kept you connect to the smart cam without any cable. The camera supports the wireless signal up to 10 meters.AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera

This AKASO 4K Sports Camera is ideal for water sports like swimming, drifting, surfing, etc. The accessories can convert those cameras for different use and make necessary gadgets for various outdoor and indoor activities to record beautiful moments. This camera supports up to 64GB Class 10 Micro SD card.

2. YI 4K Action Camera

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 12MP | 155Degree Wide Angle | 33ft Waterproof |1400mAH Battery@120 Minutes Record| 64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

This US Edition lovely black action camera can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second. The lens is coming with 155 Degree Wide angle and supports 12MP Photos. 640 x 360 high-resolution touchscreen, designed with Gorilla Retina and helpful to interact with camera controls. YI 4K ensure stable videos with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology. Sony IMX377 Image Sensor with seven layers of glass lenses provides the best quality video output in maximum possible record angle.YI 4K Action Camera

The 1440mAH rechargeable battery can support up to 120 minutes video recording with a single charge. The camera is designed with high performing cooling system to avoid overheating and ensure smooth operation. The camera is coming with Bluetooth connectivity and 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi support for remote control.

3. Campark ACT74

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 16MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 33ft Waterproof |900mAH Battery@90 Minutes Record| 64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

This action camera is built in with 16MP Photo resolution. This  Waterproof Sports Camera cane record 4K Ultra HD at 30fps with ultra wide angle 170° Lens to cover the maximum area. The 10meters range WiFi connectivity offers to control the camera with remote control. In addition to this, the camera built in WiFi let you review photos and videos on the mobile app. The built-in HD screen can use to review the photos and videos that you captured. 

Campark Action camera is coming with the waterproof protection case that can use while you are at the swimming pool or with any other water sports action. The camera is coming with additional accessories such as helmet mount kit, bicycle mount and more. The ACT74 4K Sports Action Camera is ship with two batteries, 900mAH capacity for each, good to record up to 90 minutes of 1080P/60fps video. The built-in HDMI connectivity can use to connect the camera to TV directly. This action camera supports up to 64GB size micro SD card to store the 4K video and HD images.


Key Features: 4K@30fps | 16MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 130ft Waterproof | 64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

This 4K Action Camera can capture the pictures in HD with 16MP. CMOS Sensor Ths video resolution is 4K@30fps, and the built in 2 inch HD screen is good to replay the videos on the camera itself. The built-in WiFi uses to vide the photos and videos to watch onSmartphonen apps.WIMIUS Q1 4K Action Camera

Wimiums action camera is coming with different play modes such as Slow Motion Mode, Time Lapse Mode and the Loop Recording that can convert this camera to Dash Camera. This 4K Action camera is ship with additional accessories like waterproof case; two pcs batteries, etc.

5. ICONNTECHS IT Action Camera

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 20MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 30ft Waterproof |900mAH Battery@90 Minutes Record| 64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

This action camera is built for Sports Photography up to 20MP Picture quality. This is ideal action camera for those who are looking for to capture amazing images. The camera can record the footage in UHD 4K/24fps, offering 70-170 Wide Angle Lens. Wider field of vision allows you to take amazing shots with maximum coverage. The camera is powered by Novatek NT96660chipsets, combined with IMX078 Sensor, with enhanced noise reduction feature. The camera offer waterproof support up to 30m let you go for water-skiing, swimming, or scuba diving.

6. SOOCOO Sport Camera

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 20MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 30ft Waterproof |1050mAH Battery@70 Minutes Record| 128GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth| Buy from Amazon

Soocoo Sports Camera is coming with a bundle of 18 additional accessories including two batteries. This sports action camera is offering 20MP for images and 4K video at 24fps with 170-degree wide angle lens. The rechargeable battery capacity is 1050mAH, that can record up to 70 mins video. SOOCOO C30 4K Action Camera

The waterproof design is capable to withsatnd in 30M deep. The camera can work woith class 10 memory card and the maximum memroy size supported is 128GB. This posrtcamera is coming with iOS and Android app support to control and stream videos.

7. Sports Action Cam By GT ROAD

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 16MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 98ft Waterproof |64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

GT Road Cemara is built woth 170 Degree Wide Angle lenz to capture the maxium area. This action camera can support upto 98 feet deep with waterproof design to withstand extere bad weather conditions. 16MP Sensor for HD image quality, and supports 4Kvideo at 30FPS.Antishaking feature coming with thi scamera provides you more stable footage while you drivinf or skeing. GT Road Action cemars support maximum 64GB and a 16GB Micor SD Card that can

GT ROAD4K Ultra HD Action CameraAntishaking feature coming with thi scamera provides you more stable footage while you drivinf or skeing. GT Road Action cemars support maximum 64GB and a 16GB Micor SD Card that can record a video for 60 minutes @ 4K30FPS/1080P@60FPS. The Camera is coming with built in WiFi for remote control funtions and work with iPhone and Andrioid dedicated Apps.

8. APEMAN 4K Action Camera

Key Features: 4K@30fps | 20MP | 170Degree Wide Angle | 30ft Waterproof |1050mAH Battery@60 Minutes Record| 64GB Memory Card Support | WiFi&Bluetooth | Buy from Amazon

Apeman 4K Camer offers 20MP image capture resolution, 170 Wide-Angel Video Record lens and 2 Inch LCD. The video recording supports in 4K@25fps and 2K in 30fps. The built-in WiFi let you use the smartphone to control almost all functions of the camera. The Waterproof case protects the camera up to 30m deep, let you all amazing footage while you are swimming, surfing or diving. This 4K Action camera is ship with two rechargeable batteries with 1050mAh capacity. Each battery can record up to 60 minutes video. The supporting video modes include time-lapse recording and loop recording. This camera, like other 4K action cameras, supports 64GB Class 10 Micro Card.

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All this camera are good to support up to 4K videos in 30 frames per second. The image capturing resolution is varying from 12MP to 20MP. Most of these 4K Action Cameras are coming with a bunch of accessories and two pack batteries. These are the best list of 4K Action Sports Cameras that you can carry with you to capture stunning shots on your next vacation.


  1. Tried the Akasa and had nothing but problems so it was returned. Have a Yi4K on order now and hopefully will have a better experience with it. For people considering the Akasa do yourself a favor and look at the ApeMan before you decide.

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