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Buying Guide for Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter


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Go hands-free to make calls with Bluetooth headset while you are driving to avoid accidents. This is a Buying Guide for Bluetooth FM Transmitter that can Wirelessly Connect Smart Phone to Car Audio System.

Hands-free calls make less distracting while you behind the wheel and it is the legal way to make calls in many states.

Most of the new car models are coming with built-in Bluetooth for a car, that wirelessly connects your phone to Car’s audio system. If you own a vehicle that doesn’t have a Bluetooth technology, this article for you. You can convert your car into a Bluetooth hands-free car without spending much money from your wallet.

Don’t worry about additional wiring or aux pin into your car audio system. These gadgets are plug and play and no additional wiring or setup need to operate.


I brought one of this device with my favorite Car Dash Camera and tested in my car and I thought this article is worth for those who doesn’t have a Bluetooth technology in their car. I already discussed a different article about the things You Should Know Before Buying Car Dash Camera.

I tried my best to answer most of the questions I had before I buy these devices and let us see those in this article. Meanwhile, if you are interested in car gadgets, there is a cool device called Car Hud Display, that you will be interested and please refer the things before buying Car HUD Display

What type of audio system do you need in Car?

Your car needs an audio system with a FM radio and a 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Plug near to driver seat. I am pretty sure most of the cars have built-in audio system with FM and AM radios and CD / DVD players. Some of them are coming with Aux-in input that can use to connect your music device’s audio port directly into car Audio system.

How is this Bluetooth FM Transmitter Operate?

These Bluetooth Hands-Free FM devices are using two modes of communication. This device has a Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter to connect with a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone.

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In addition to this, there is a FM transmitter to transmit the sound signal to Car’s audio system. This device can directly connect to your Car’s 12V Cigarette Lighter Port to power up.


What type of Phones Bluetooth FM Transmitter will support?

Most of the smartphones with Bluetooth will work with this gadget. You may experience some Bluetooth connectivity issue depends on the phone model and the device you are buying.

handsfree support tech

Please go through the specification and reviews before selecting your model. We found this device is performing well with iPhone and Android phones such as Samsung, Motorola and Nexus devices.

How to setup Bluetooth FM Transmitter in your Car?

You don’t need any additional wiring for this device to work. The setup of the device is very simple and can be completed with four simple steps. Connect the device into Cars 12V Cigarette Light Plug to power up. Turn on your smartphone Bluetooth and pair your phone with this device via Bluetooth (most of the device will make an audio tone when pairing successfully.

bluetooth fm sync

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Now tune your car audio to an empty FM channel. This FM channel selection is very important and you have to select the empty channel. If you select a channel that already using by any other radio stations, then you may end up with noise or channel signal interference while you make calls with this Blue Tooth device.

The last step is to select the same channel on the device. Once you select the same channel on the device, it will start to stream the music or call to your Car Audio Speakers.

Additional features of Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

This device is built for hands-free call. There is an additional pair of Answer / Reject button is coming on most of the devices. This makes you completely hands-free while you drive. Whether your phone is in your bag or pocket, you don’t need to take it out to answer or reject the incoming call.

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In addition to the basic feature of Hands-Free Call feature, these devices are capable of stream music from your phone to your Car audio speaker system. Yes, you can listen to your favorite music from your Smart Phone music apps through your car audio system. This device stream all music from your phone to your Car Audio Speakers regardless of the app or method you use to play the music.

Most of these devices are coming with additional two USB Ports that can use to charge your phone. Some of these devices offer to play music stored in USB stick if you connect your thumb drive in this port. These devices are built with additional volume control and channel selection button.

The Bluetooth FM Transmitter we recommend.

Based on our research, test reviews, we selected a couple of devices that works with iOS and most of the Android phones. Please make sure your phone is compatible with the device you are buying.

Now this is the time to relax and enjoy, you’re going to convert your car’s Audio System to a Bluetooth Hands-Free system without any additional working or a headache. Feel free to share your experience with your new Bluetooth Hands-free FM transmitter device.



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