Best Free QR Code Scanner Apps for your Smart Phones

Last Updated: March 18, 2016

A QR Code is a two-dimensional code readable by QR Scanners, Smart Phones and Webcams with QR Scanner App or Software. These free apps can be used as QR Code Scanner with your  iPhone, Android Phone, Nokia Phone and BlackBerry Phone.

This QR Barcode can use for transferring your Website URL to your smart phone, representing YouTube Videos, Google Map Locations and SMS Message. Please see this article to create your own QR Codes for your websites or any other functions.

We listed a couple of apps that can work for your Smart Phone. These are free apps that packed with good features and QR Scanner. Most of these apps are able to create QR codes for you.

QR Code Reader and Scanner (iOS App)

You can use this app to scan any two-dimensional barcode with your iPhone. You have to point your iPhone to this code and it will start to scan the code automatically.

QR Codes to create Contact Information (adds to address book), Calendar Event (add to iCal), Email Address (send email), Geo Location (send location), Phone Number (call), SMS (send SMS), URL (visit URL).

Scan (iOS App)

Scan is the fastest, simplest and most user-friendly QR Code and barcode scanner available. Scan is completely free. There are no locked features, “lite” version restrictions, etc. It’s just simple QR Code and barcode scanning the way it should be. Open the app, point the camera at the code and you’re done! No need to take a photo or press a “scan” button like other apps.

When scanning a QR Code, if the code contains a website URL, you’ll automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you’ll immediately see it. For other formats (such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info), you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.

QuickMark Barcode Scanner (Android App)

QuickMark is a mobile barcode scanner app that allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats from your phone. (Quick Code, QR Code, Data Matrix, EAN 8/13, Code39, Code128, Interleaved 2of5)

Use mobile barcodes to access web links, add contacts, navigate maps, and much more. Works with QuickMark’s Chrome browser extension. Lite version also available with slightly less Permission requirements (which results in less functions).

QR Barcode Scanner (Android App)

QR Barcode Scanner is very fast and easy to use.You can DECODE text, urls, ISBN, email, contacts information, calendar events and much more with a single click using your smartphone camera, image files, online codes.

After decoding you will be redirected to webpage links, books review, multimedia and calendar online information.

Please refer this post if you want to create your own QR Codes for your business or any other functions.

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