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10 Best Free QR Code Generator Websites to Create QR Codes for URLs, Contacts, WiFi, Etc.

There are several free QR code generator websites to create QR codes. QR codes easily transfer URLs, product information, or data by scanning a code. In fact, QR codes can be used to represent a variety of data like Websites, YouTube Video URLs, Google Maps locations, and SMS Messages. Most of the websites are free to use to create QR codes. Once you create a QR Code with websites, you can download, email, print, or publish QR Codes in a magazine or website for your customers.

Let us introduce the best QR code generator websites to create QR codes, and these free QR code generator Websites available for free can create QR codes for many functions.

QR Stuff QR Code Generator

QRStuffWith the QR Stuff Website, you can generate QR codes for more than 20 data types and actions for mobile devices. Make free QR codes that are qualified to make to the front of a T-shirt or accessed as artwork. There is no need to sign up or create an account to use the features of the QR Stuff QR code generator.

QR Stuff free QR code generator gives you a wide range of QR codes for Website URL, YouTube Video, Google Maps Location, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, App Store Download, iTunes Link, Plain Text, Telephone Number, Skype Call, SMS Message, Email Address, Email Message, Contact Details (VCARD), Event (VCALENDAR), Wifi Login (Android Only), Paypal Buy Now Link.

Apart from creating QR codes with your URLs, you can use the dynamic URL option by QR Stuff. It lets you dynamically change the URL (qrs.ly short link) every time someone scans the code. For every free QR code created by you, QR Stuff offers a limit of 50 scans per month. In order to increase the scan limit given per month, you need to go for an upgrade plan.

Key Features: All types of QRs | Bitcoin QR | Shortlink for dynamic URL | Ad-free, Free to use | Unlimited | No account needed

Visit: QR Stuff

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QRCode Monkey

QRCode MonkeyQRCode Monkey is one of the most advanced online QR code generator tools. The best QR code generator lets you create QR codes for over 20 types of media or data that, includes an image gallery. You can place your Qr code content and start customizing with QRCode Monkey.

You can place your own logo in the middle and change colors and pattern types. Then you can generate the QR code and download the image as you wish. Custom design and colors for free are some of the features that make this free QR code generator an interesting tool to try out.

Key Features: 20+ Media type | Custom logo | Custom design | Custom colors | Bulk creation | Analytics dashboard

Visit: QRCode Monkey

Canva QR code Generator


There is no introduction needed for the Canva Tool. Do you know that Canva has a QR code generator? Canva’s QR Code Generator is a powerful tool for creating QR codes. With Canva’s QR Code Generator, you can can create custom QR codes with just a few clicks. This QR Code Generator offers a range of customization options, allowing users to choose from a selection of color themes and add their logo or design elements to the QR code.

This makes it easy to create visually appealing QR codes that align with brand identity. Additionally, the QR Code Generator provides tracking and analytics, allowing users to track the number of scans and the location of the scans.

Overall, Canva’s QR Code Generator can work with other Canava Tools for marketing and advertising purpose or personal use. Its user-friendly interface, customization options, and tracking capabilities make it a valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you are a small business owner, marketer, or just looking to simplify your life, Canva’s QR Code Generator is a great choice for creating QR codes.

Visit: Canva’s QR Code Generator

Key Features: Free to use | Customization Option | Support Brand Kit | Easy to integrate wit other Canva Tools

Tec It Free Online Barcode Generator

Tec ITBuild up the QR code easily that lasts forever with Tec-It. Use the generated QR code to call people and forward messages and tweets. Perform a diverse number of functions by making the QR code and scanning it from your device. You can easily build the perfect QR code by typing in your data in the manner you want with the Tec IT Free QR code generator.

Select whether you want to generate one barcode per row and evaluate the escape sequences during the process. After finishing, you can download it for printing and share it to use it for the purpose.

Key Features: Free to use | Dynamic barcode creation | Barcodes and Postal codes generator

Visit: Tec-It

Kaywa QR Code

Kaywa Qr Code GeneratorKaywa QR Code generator offers two types of codes that are static or dynamic. The free QR code generator comes with free codes, free apps, and a fully paid QR platform for managing the codes. You can create multiple campaigns using QR codes from the Kaywa and manage all of them using the dashboard.

Know where and what your targeted customer group is performing through your generated QR code over the tools of the site. Details about the QR codes are available every five-minute duration, summarized in pie charts. The free QR code generator website offers you to make a free QR code for Website URL, Text, Phone Number, and SMS.

If you are looking to run and manage large campaigns with QR codes, the paid version of the Kaywa QR code generator will be really helpful. It has QR management, a campaign dashboard, and more at an affordable rate.

Key Features: Free for normal URLs | Dynamic URL | QR code campaigns | Custom design QR codes | QR Management platform

Visit: Kaywa QR Code

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QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator SiteUse this online QR code generator to easily create, design, manage, and track all your QR codes. Link the code to any webpage as well as grow the number of followers on social networking platforms easily. For almost every purpose, there is a QR code available for all.

You can customize the QR codes, logo, and colors to create personalized QR codes. See where and when people are scanning QR codes in real time. Compile the data with the relevant information to know how well your campaign is going with this free QR code generator.

Key Features: Free to use | Customizable design | Different frames | Creative QR Code ideas | Trackable QR codes

Visit: QR Code Generator

Go QR Code Generator

Go QR Code Generator AppMake free QR codes and create them in a different manner than the usual black & white dots on the Go QR code generator. Add your logo to the QR code to make the code unique. You can easily change the website URL anytime and link the app stores over the code.

You can get the number of QR scans and capture the scans’ geolocation in real-time. Apart from links, the Go QR code generator lets you add custom data, including long text up to 300 characters, contact cards, phone calling actions, and more.

Key Features: Custom data type | Fast and easy | QR code embedding | QR code with logo | Dynamic QR codes

Visit: goQR.me

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The QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator AppLooking for a free QR code generator for personal and business purposes? The QR code generator is a great choice for any purpose. The QR Code Generator comes with no scan limits and asks for no charge to make the code accessible all time for people. There is no restriction of any kind over the usage of the QR code for personal or business use.

You cannot change the link URL once you generate a QR code if you generate a static QR code. You can easily perform advanced tracking of the QR codes by linking your Google account. Also, it has a new dynamic QR mode to generate dynamically changing QR codes.

Key Features: Free to use | Google analytics tracking | Easy to use | No usage or scan limits

Visit: The QR Code Generator

FlowCode QR Code Generator

FlowCodeAmong the wide number of QR code generators, FlowCode is a pretty good choice. You can create QR Codes for your Business Page, Social Media Actions like Scan to Like on Facebook, Scan to Follow on Twitter, Scan to Check-In on FourSquare, and more.

You can use the FlowCode QR code generator to create a QR Code to Scan and connect to a WiFi network instantly without entering the passcode. With FlowCode, you can specifically add links to Google Drive files, YouTube channels, and content.

The free, best QR code generator lets you upload a file and create a QR code to download the file. The unique circular QR code generated by FlowCode is stunning to see and easily scan.

Key Features: File linking | Multiple sites support | Unique QR code shapes | Highly customizable | Phone call generator

Visit: FlowCode

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QR Code Chimp

QR Code ChimpQR Code Chimp is a custom QR code generator and designing a website. The free QR code generator provides unlimited options to customize and change the way the code looks to others. The easy-to-use QR code generator does have examples for different types of QR codes.

The customization options in QR Code Chimp let you choose the desired shape for the QR code, pattern and even create QR code stickers. The free version of this QR code generator is limited to 10 dynamic QR codes and allows only 1000 scans. However, the QR code generator lets you make static QR codes as much as you want.

Key Features: Highly customizable | Simple QR code generator | Both static and dynamic QR codes available

Visit: QR Code Chimp

Google Chrome URL QR Code Generator

Google ChromeIf you are looking to create quick QR codes for URLs or websites, there is the easiest way. For Google Chrome users, there is an inbuilt QR code generator for free. Here is how you can use the Google Chrome QR code generator to get QR codes for the links and URLs.

First, visit the website you want to create the QR code of. Click on the address bar and you will find a QR icon on the right corner of the address bar. Upon clicking the QR button, you will get the generated QR code for the current URL. You can also edit the link and generate the QR code you want. You can then download the free QR code from the Chrome browser.

Key Features: Free to use | Chrome inbuilt | No websites or apps required

Download: Google Chrome

Once you create QR Codes with an online free QR code generator website, you have to test the QR code to make sure it works. Your smartphone needs a QR Code Reader app to scan the QR code. After you install the QR Code app on your phone, point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code to read it. Make sure you are getting the expected result on your Phone from the QR code you created using the best QR code generator.

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