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7 Best Websites to Create QR Codes for URLs, Contacts, Etc.

There are several websites to create QR codes. QR codes are easy solution to transfer URLs, product information or data by scanning a code. In fact, QR codes can be used to represent a variety of data like Website, YouTube Video URL, Google Maps Location, SMS Message. Most of the websites are free to use to create QR codes. Once you create QR Code with websites, you can download and email, print, or publish QR Codes in a magazine or website for your customers.

Let us introduce the best websites to create QR codes, and these QR Code Websites available as free that can create the QR codes for a lot of functions.

QR Stuff QR Code Generator

With QR Stuff Website, you can generate  QR codes for more than 20 data types and actions for mobile devices. Make the QR codes that have the quality to make to the front of a T-shirt or accessed as an artwork. There is no need to sign up or create an account for using the features of the site and fulfill your purpose. This site gives you wide range of QR Codes for Website URL, YouTube Video, Google Maps Location, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, App Store Download, iTunes Link, Plain Text, Telephone Number, Skype Call, SMS Message, Email Address, Email Message, Contact Details (VCARD), Event (VCALENDAR), Wifi Login (Android Only), Paypal Buy Now Link.

QR Stuff

For every free QR code created by you, QR Stuff offers a limit of 500 scans per month. In order to increase the scans limit given per month, the person needs to upgrade to their packs. There is no need to worry about expiry of the QR codes even if you are a free user or not. If you subscribe from their website, can also specify image size and resolution, and choose from 6 raster or vector output file types and 4 error correction levels.

Visit QR Stuff

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Tec It Free Online Barcode Generator

Build up the QR code easily that last forever with Tec-It. Use the generated QR code to call people and forward the messages as well as tweets. Perform a diverse number of functions by making the QR code and scanning it from your device. You can easily build the perfect QR code by typing in your data in the manner you want it.

Tec It Barcode Generator

Select whether you want to generate one barcode per row and evaluate the escape sequences during the process. After finishing, you can download it for printing and sharing it to use it for the purpose.

Visit Tec-It

Kaywa QR Code

Kaywa QR Code offers two types of codes that are static or dynamic allowing the people to make them in a simple manner. The site comes with free codes, free apps and a fully paid QR platform for managing the codes. The managing platform of the site is quite efficient allowing the people to control their campaign easily.

Kaywa QR Code

Know where and what your targeted customer group is performing through your generated QR code over the tools of the site. Details about the QR codes are available in every five-minute duration summarized in pie charts. This site offers you to make a free QR code for Website URL, Text, Phone Number and SMS. The site is not free but comes with a Starter pack of $13.75 offering unlimited static and five dynamic QR codes. For a paid version, it offers QR Management (QR MGMT) which provided tracking, analytics, changeable QR Codes, and support to business customers.

Visit Kaywa QR Code

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QR Code Generator

Create, design, manage as well as track all your QR codes easily with QR Code Generator. Link the code to any webpage as well as grow the number of followers on social networking platforms easily. For almost every purpose, there is QR code available for all.

QR Code Generator

You can customize the QR codes along with the logo as well as colors to create personalized QR codes. See where and when people are scanning QR codes in real time. Compile the data with the relevant information to know how well your campaign is going on.

Visit QR Code Generator

Go QR Code Generator

Make free QR codes and create it in a different manner than usual black & white dots on goQR.me. Add your logo to the QR code to make the code unique. You can easily change the website URL anytime and link the app stores over the code.

Go QR Code Generator

Ascertain the number of scans and captures the geolocation of the scans in real time. Assign the particular function on the QR code to allow the people to perform it on scanning the code. With the function, you can easily content of about 300 characters. However, it is advisable to have shorter text for better results.

Visit goQR.me

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The QR Code Generator

Looking for a free service to create your QR code, then The QR code generator is a great choice. It comes with no scan limits and asking no charge to make the code accessible all time for people. There is no restriction of any kind over usage of the QR code for personal or business use.

The QR Code Generator

However, the content of the QR code is not changeable after it is generated by the site after the inputs given by an individual. You can easily perform advanced tracking of the QR codes by entering the Google Analytics Tracking ID. The service of the site is completely free and has no restrictions whatsoever.

Visit The QR Code Generator

Scan Me QR Code Generator

Among the wide number of OR code generators, Scan Me is a great choice. You can create QR Codes for your Business Page, Social Media Actions like Scan to Like on Facebook, Scan to Follow on Twitter, Scan to Check-In on FourSquare, and more. Through their service, the site offers the businesses and common people to add mobile-friendly content for yourself as well as your business.

Scan Me QR Code Generator

You can only add text to the QR code, as there is no feature to make the code to perform a certain activity on being scanned. The QR code starts building up as soon as you start writing the text. This one can use to create QR Code to Scan a QR code to instantly connect to a Wi-Fi network, even one that is password protected. Add a link to a webpage and redirect to their website on scanning it via your device. Reward the people on scanning the code by adding something that inherits value for them.

Visit Scan.Me

Websites to Generate QR Codes

Once you create QR Codes with Website, you have to test the QR code to make sure it works. Your smartphone needs a QR Code Reader app to scan the QR code. After you install the QR Code app on your phone, point your smart phone’s camera at the code to read its contents. Make sure you are getting expected result on your Phone from the QR code you created. Once you confirm the QR code, download the QR code (you can download as an image or code) and free to publish wherever you want.

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