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20 Best Android Apps to Watch Movies Online Free & Legally

There are tons of free movie apps for Android these days. You can watch free movies online through web browsers as well. However, the best movie apps for Android make it much simpler. You do not have to depend on web browsers to watch movies or TV shows. Just download the free apps from Google Play and stream movies on the go. Most movie apps for Android devices also offer some extra features.

You can also search for live content and TV channels through a few free movie apps. Besides, you can stream movies using the apps on your TV, Chromecast, or Game Console too.

The Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Here is a list of dedicated best movie apps for Android. Using these apps, you can watch films, TV shows, sports, news, and more. You can download the free movie apps on your phone and tablet via Google Play.

Editor’s Note: There are Android apps that allow you to download and watch movies offline on Android. No need to worry about the data plan if you are watching movies offline. You can download your favorite shows or movies to your tablet while you are at home with Wi-Fi and watch it later whenever you want.


YouTube Android

There is no introduction needed for YouTube. YouTube, from Google, offers apps for Android phones and tablets. You can stream and watch the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Youtube allows downloading movies in certain countries, but access to content usually depends upon the user’s geographical location.

You can subscribe to the channels you love, share with friends, and watch free movies on any device. YouTube app lets you send videos from your phone or tablet to your Chromecast, game console, or smart TV.

You can watch some old movies for free with pretty good streaming quality. However, you may choose YouTube Premium for more features and pay for new movies to watch. This makes YouTube one of the best free movie apps for Android.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download YouTube


Crackle - Free TV MoviesCrackle provides great new content every month. The app is from Sony, and the team frequently updates the content to ensure you are getting interesting TV shows and movies. No signup or fees, just hit movies, TV shows, and original series. Crackle allows you to watch movies online for free anytime, anywhere.

The main features of Crackle include full-length Hollywood movies and TV series. New movies and TV episodes are added monthly. You can cast movies, shows, and original series on your TV with Chromecast. Else, build and manage your watchlist for viewing on the app or online. The new Wi-Fi-only option allows you to view content without using data.

You can’t expect the best streaming quality from this free streaming service. However, all those shows and movies are free, and you can watch them in decent quality.

Availability: Free | Download Crackle

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Do you watch a lot of animated movies and TV series? Crunchyroll is one of the movie apps for Android to stream animation videos. The free Android app has more than 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of anime series. The premium features offer the latest shows, HD quality, and an ad-free experience. Premium users can purchase the latest shows and download them on their phones to watch later.

You can get the previous seasons of the shows you want to watch. The most popular ones include Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, and One Piece. You can watch them for free. You can stream other famous series: Hunter X Hunter, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, etc.

Crunchyroll is great for watching animated movies and series. Yet it does not offer the latest series always. Moreover, most of the content is in the Asian genre.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Crunchyroll

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hotstar app

Hotstar is your best bet if you want the best streaming app for Indian movies and TV shows. The Android app allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and live sports. The streaming platform includes more than 100,000 hours of drama and movies in 17 languages. This makes it one of the best free movie apps for Android.

You can select the premium service from two paid packages: Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. The VIP package is good for sports enthusiasts, while the Premium service offers American TV shows and movies.

Live sports streaming may be restricted to some countries. Yet you can watch free movies using the app for Android. Hotstar Premium subscription unlocks even more content to stream live and on-demand. Downloading content is not supported in the Hotstar app.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Hotstar

Tubi TV

tubi firestick app

Tubi TV offers hit movies and TV series to watch for free with its Android app. This is one of the best movie apps for Android. It allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows legally. There is no subscription or credit card required as well.

Tubi has a collection of movies in a variety of genres. This includes comedy to drama, kids to classics, Korean dramas, anime, and British series. The Android video streaming app adds HD shows and movies every week and keeps you updated.

You can also watch free movies online in the animation category by using Tubi TV. It has a nice collection that includes Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, and Cowboy Bebop. You can create a collection of movies in your account to watch later too. The app supports streaming movies on the big screen through Chromecast.

Availability: Free | Download Tubi TV

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SnagFilms allows you to watch free movies, TV shows, documentaries, and funny comedy shorts. All that can be accessed on your Android mobile phone or tablet whenever you want. The film library features full-length independent films, action-adventure movies, and many international hits.

The movie categories in SnagFilms include action, adventure, drama, horror, sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, erotic thrillers, and romance. They also offer hard-to-find indie movies, classic movies, cult horror, silent movies, and Golden Age films.

You can watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows using SnagFilms. It has a good collection of comedy shows, nature shows, cartoons, and animated series. The app offers additional features like adding films to your queue to watch later. They also allow syncing videos between Android phone, tablet, and their website. Moreover, you can also cast videos on TV when you watch movies online for free.

Availability: Free | Download SnagFilms

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Pluto TV

pluto tv firestick

Pluto TV is a free TV streaming app for Android users. It offers more than 100 live TV channels and thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. There are no contracts or monthly bills. This is one of the best watch-free movie apps for Android.

For movie lovers, Pluto TV offers the top hit movies, cult classics, and blockbuster films. You can watch hits like Batman Begins, Shutter Island, Rango, etc., for free on Pluto TV. It also allows you to cast TV shows and movies from the app to your big screen as well. You may need Chromecast, Roku, or any other dedicated device.

The service is offered with ad support, and the apps sometimes freeze. However, this does not weigh down on the amazing features of Pluto TV. It deserves to be on our list of best free movie apps for Android.

Availability: Free | Download Pluto TV



We all know that the Roku Streaming Stick allows streaming movies from your PC and smartphone. In addition to the hardware for streaming media, Roku has its own channel too. That offers free movies and TV shows to stream directly on your TV.

The Android app for Roku brings you hundreds of free movies and TV shows to stream. Most of them are even available in 4K quality. You can also use the Roku Android app as a second remote. It also allows you to enjoy private listening when you stream content on TV. You can watch movies online for free or add and launch channels directly using the app.

The Roku app does not have a huge collection of films and shows like that offered by the best free movie apps for Android. Still, it offers a good free source to watch movies online and stream with your Roku device.

Availability: Free | Download Roku



Kodi is not a streaming service but an open-source media player. You can use the app to browse and play all movies and TV shows on your Android device. The simple and easy-to-use interface lets you browse videos, photos, podcasts, and music on your device or the internet and stream to your TV.

Kodi does not provide any content but acts as a media player to help you stream content. This makes it very different from the other watch-free movie apps for Android. Essentially, Kodi makes it easier to stream content from a local or remote storage location.

You can use the supported third-party free plugins with Kodi as well. This will help to extend the features and functions of the Android app. Just like the best movie apps for Android, Kodi does not endorse or approve of watching any illegal content.

Availability: Free | Download Kodi

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Free Movie Apps For AndroidViewster helps you to watch movies online for free using your Android device. It also has a good collection of TV shows and anime. All of the officially licensed content is available entirely free of charge. You do not need to sign-up or subscribe for instant access to full-length content.

You can choose from anime classics or discover brand-new simulcasts fresh out of Japan in Viewster. The content is available in a wide selection of multi-language subtitles as well. New anime shows and episodes are added each week. They also offer geek documentaries and throwback sci-fi movies for passionate fans.

Viewster has a great collection of fan-favorite series and movies. This makes it one of the best watch-free movie apps for Android. You can watch free movies using the app wherever you go and whenever you want.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Viewster


Watch Free Movie Apps For AndroidVUDU offers thousands of free movies and TV shows with limited commercials. The Android app has a vast selection of premium titles that you can buy or rent as well. With the VUDU app, you can instantly watch hits like Batman v Superman, Barbershop: The Next Cut, The Angry Birds Movie, and more. This makes it a great competitor for the best free movie apps for Android.

VUDU has many titles that you will not find on free movie apps or paid Android apps. It allows you to stream and watch movies and TV shows instantly on your preferred device.

You can see the upcoming movies and shows on the VUDU app weeks before they are available for streaming. This helps to keep you updated with the latest entertainment. There are no subscriptions or contracts; you can watch content wherever and whenever you want.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download VUDU

Amazon Prime Video

Movie Apps For AndroidPrime Video from Amazon is one of the best premium live and on-demand video streaming services. They have a great collection of movies, TV shows, and curated content. You can stream all that using the Android app on the go. However, you will need to rent or buy movies and TV shows to stream on your device.

Amazon Prime Video also has many original TV shows that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want. Their popular shows include The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Tumble Leaf, and more. There is also an option to download videos. This way, you can watch them later without an active internet connection.

You can opt for a 30-day free trial to check out the offerings of Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime members can watch thousands of videos at no additional cost to their membership. If you own FireStick, you can directly stream through Forestick to a big-screen TV.

Availability: Premium | Download Prime Video


Best Movie Apps For AndroidNetflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV shows and movies on your phone. The Netflix Android app delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime. You can get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and instantly watch TV episodes and movies on your phone.

You can browse new titles or search for your favorite movies and shows to stream instantly via the Netflix app. They also recommend TV shows and movies based on your watch history. You can also stream on multiple devices simultaneously using an active Netflix membership. It also supports downloading content to your device to watch later.

Netflix has an impressive collection of award-winning series, movies, and documentaries. You can also watch stand-up specials, original TV shows, and films on Netflix. No wonder Netflix is considered one of the best movie apps for Android globally.

Availability: Premium | Download Netflix


Watch Movies Online FreeHulu allows you to watch live sports, news, movies, and TV series on your Android device. Many popular shows on Hulu are available the next day and air on TV. Depending on the shows, you can also watch multiple episodes from the current season.

Hulu is one of the best premium apps offering quality programming and curated content. They also have many popular original shows, such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Ramy, Catch-22, and more. This makes it the best Android app for movies and TV series in all genres like thriller, romance, drama, and comedy.

You can also add your favorite videos to your queue for instant access via the Android app. This allows you to share, stream, and control your viewing experience. You can also cast videos on Hulu via Chromecast, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

Availability: Premium | Download Hulu


Free Movie AppsPlex allows you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows on the move. There is no subscription required to stream content, but you may need to log in to access their services. You can also cast videos using Plex on your PC, Mac, Fire TV, or Android TV.

The Android app allows you to organize your media and stream it on your device. Plex has a simple interface, which makes it easy to browse and stream content as you want. They also support music streaming from TIDAL, which has over 60 million tracks and 250,000 music videos.

Plex allows you to watch movies online for free and access live TV from popular networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. You can also watch the videos on your local library using the Plex Android app.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Plex


Watch Free Movie Apps For AndroidHOOQ is one of the best Android apps for watching movies, TV shows, live channels, and news. They focus mainly on Hollywood and Asian entertainment, yet you can also get other foreign movies on the app. The most interesting thing about HOOQ is that they have all the latest DC and Marvel blockbusters.

HOOQ has movies and shows in almost all genres, including comedy, horror, action, romance, and drama. They feature popular TV shows from networks like the CW, which includes The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and more. This makes HOOQ a worthy shot for comic-book movies and shows lovers. Apart from that, you can also watch live news from CNN, TIME, Bloomberg, and more using HOOQ.

You can rent or buy the latest movies using the HOOQ Android app. It also allows you to download content on your device and watch later without an active internet connection.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download HOOQ


Watch Free Movie Apps For AndroidXUMO gives you access to over 160 channels and a massive library of movies and TV shows. The app can also stream live news, sports, and family-friendly content. XUMO also has a great collection of educational kids’ programming. You can access all that for free.

There is no arguing that XUMO is one of the most popular watch-free movie apps for Android. It has a simple interface that offers you a fast and hassle-free experience. There is no registration or credit card required to access its content either.

XUMO has content to entertain viewers of all ages. From old-time classics to hair-raising thrillers and rom-com dramas, they have movies and shows in almost all genres. You can also stream content from popular networks like TMZ, NBC News, and USA Today using XUMO app.

Availability: Free | Download XUMO


Watch Free Movie Apps For AndroidPopcornflix allows you to watch over 700 feature-length movies on your Android phone or tablet without any subscription. Install the Popcornflix app and start streaming your favorite movies on the go.

Popular genres in Popcornflix include Comedy, Romance, Drama, Urban, Action, Horror, and Thriller. They also have a good collection of documentaries and Spanish movies. Many of the feature-length films on Popcornflix have some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, and Olivia Wilde. New films are added to the app daily, keeping you updated with the latest entertainment.

Popcornflix offers standard definition video streaming quality on the app. you can also cast videos on Popcornflix using Roku and other devices. There is no limit on how many films you can watch using the app.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Popcornflix


Best Movie Apps For AndroidFreeform features some popular TV shows like Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Shadowhunters, Good Trouble, and Siren. You can also stream many blockbuster movies using the Freeform app. There is an option to subscribe to their loyalty program, which will let you watch movies and TV shows with fewer ads.

You can connect your Freeform account to watch full episodes of Freeform TV shows. The app also allows you to connect to your TV provider and access live TV on your Android device.

The only drawback of the Freeform app is that it contains ads targeted to your interests and watch history. This is why Freeform is ranked rather lower on the list of best free movie apps for Android. However, you can control the targeted ads by resetting your device’s ads identifier.

Availability: Free and Premium | Download Freeform


Watch Movies Online FreeYidio is not a streaming app for Android but a search tool. This Android movie search app will help you to search for your favorite movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and over 100 other services.

The app is pretty good and acts as your universal search guide for movies and TV shows. You can track your watch history and get personalized suggestions based on your previous searches. You can keep a watchlist with Yidio, and compare the price when you buy movies or TV shows. There is also an option to set reminders to see what’s new and when you can watch it.

Yidio allows you to save valuable time and money by using one app for managing all your TV and movie needs. However, the Android app does not offer direct streaming or casting content.

Availability: Premium | Download Yidio

Free Movies

Free Movies application connects you to a database of over 5,000 movies you can watch on your Android smartphone/tablet computer for free. The list includes Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, War, Western, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Musicals, etc. Your device does not need to support Adobe Flash Player to use the Free Movies app. This watch-free movie app for Android uses HTML5 technology to stream movies. All movies listed on Free Movies are in the public domain and are part of the Internet archive.

Availability: Free | Download Free Movies

These are the best Android apps to watch movies online without the help of any web browser. Those may need flash players to stream movies and can consume a lot of time and data. These free movie apps do not need a third-party plug-in to play content on your Android device. Just download the best free movie apps for Android and watch your favorite movies and TV shows as you want.

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