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20 Best Free Movie Download Apps for Android (2023)

Google Play offers some of the best free movie download apps for Android. You can use these free apps to download movies on Android and watch them offline later. These apps will be helpful to download movies to an Android phone or tablet with Wi-Fi or mobile network and watch them whenever you want. Most importantly, by restricting these apps to download movies on the Android device only when your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi, saves mobile data. After completion of download of free movies for Android, you can watch them offline when you are away from home.

Also, here are some additional free Android Video/Movie Player Apps that supports all movie formats which can be used to watch the movies online. The apps listed in this article is used to download movies and TV shows for watching offline later. So, here is the list of best 20 apps to download free movies to watch offline on Android later. Most of these movie download apps are available on Google Play. However, it is also possible to download free movies apps APK from other sources and install them on your phone.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV app allows to watch movies and TV shows purchased or rented on Google Play. You can watch your favorite movies and shows instantly on the Android phone, tablet, or HDTV using Chromecast connection. You can also download them from anywhere, and watch even when you’re not connected. See the Google’s instructions to download videos to Android devices.

Google Movie Wishlist offers you a notification feature when a movie is added to Google Play that was on your wish list to watch later. With Google Play Movies & TV, you may also get free full movie downloads for Android phones. However, mostly you will need to purchase them to download. You can watch these downloaded movies (purchased) on up to five devices using the same account.


  • Good organizing of watchlist
  • Works offline as well
  • Good quality and easy access


  • Takes time to load large videos
  • Video players don’t work
  • App locks up and freezes constantly

Key Features: 700,000+ movies & TV episodes | Organized into topic and genres | See the latest releases | Watch laptop, Android phone, or tablet| Watchlist

Download from PlayStore: Google Play Movies (Free, Rent)

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YouTube is the video sharing app for Android phones and tablets. You can stream and watch different categories of videos like the hottest music videos, what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. You can subscribe to the channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device.

YouTube app lets you send videos from your phone or tablet to your Chromecast, game console, or smart TV. YouTube allows downloading of movies in certain countries, like India, but still not in US or UK. The YouTube Premium plan lets you download free movies for Android regardless of the location, as long as it is available.


  • Very useful for entertainment & educational purpose
  • Best app for viewing content
  • Playlists and watch later


  • No longer providing picture-in-picture
  • When changed to higher quality, it may start buffering

Key Features: Browse on Home | See latest videos in subscription | Save to watch later | Connect with YouTube community | Create content | YouTube Premium

Download from PlayStore: YouTube (Free, Premium, Rent)


Netflix is a leading subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes. Their movie app, Netflix, introduced a lot of features and also started to allow downloading movies using the Netflix Android App. Their Android users, even can select to save the downloaded movies or TV shows to memory cards to save the Android phone memory. Android version 4.4.2 OS or later users can take advantage of this feature for those who already have a valid monthly Netflix subscription.

However, Netflix will not allow you to download all of their videos from the collection. These free download feature is allowed only for certain titles. You can see a download icon next to the movie or TV episode title if those are allowed to download. Here is the help link for those who have any difficulty utilizing this feature.


  • Economical way to watch movies & TV shows
  • Awesome shows in Netflix Originals
  • Up to 5 profiles for an account


  • Noticeable bugs after the latest update

Key Features: Award-winning series | Movies | Documentaries | Stand-up specials | TV shows & movies | Up to 5 profiles for an account | Download and watch later | Kids with family-friendly entertainment

Download from PlayStore: Netflix (Premium)

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar may not be the best free movie download app for Android users in the US. Yet it is still worth a look. This app offers mainly Indian TV channels and shows along with movies. In addition to that, those shows coming in Star Network Channels will be available for streaming or downloading.

Disney+ Hotstar offers TV shows, movies, animation, music, news, entertainment, gaming, original comedy, and other massive videos. This app is also compatible with Android tablets. With Hotstar app, you can get live IPL scores, IPL schedules & fixtures, and all other details for cricket fans.


  • The video quality is really nice
  • All star channels are available
  • Favorite shows for free


  • Continuous lagging
  • Not good for live streaming
  • Intrusive ads
  • Lesser options

Key Features: TV shows | Live news | 200 days of live cricket | Shows available on demand | Blockbuster movies

Download from PlayStore: Hotstar (Free, Premium)

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BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer helps you to watch live TV and catch up on the past 30 days. You can watch either on Wi-Fi or cellular networks and download these TV programs to watch later. This feature is available on devices running Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

This free movie download app for Android mobile allows you to browse categories and channels, cast content to your TV using Chromecast, etc. iPlayer determines what type of network connection is in use (Wi-Fi or Cellular) for the Downloads feature. Downloads are enabled when connected to a Wi-Fi network. On a cellular network, downloads are normally disabled/paused.


  • Sign in and watch everything on CBBC channel including the news on it
  • Saving the shows is easy
  • Setting up the account is easy


  • Difficult to watch audio based programs on the app
  • Downloads disappear sometimes
  • Playback controls are outdated

Key Features: Latest TV series and Box sets from BBC | Live news coverage | Documentaries | Shows from CBBC and CBeebies | Download shows | Build playlist | Stream programs to TV using Google Chromecast

Download from PlayStore: BBC iPlayer (Free, Premium)

ITV Player

ITV players can catch up their favorite ITV shows or watch ITV channels live. Devices running on operating systems 4.1 and below will be able to access an older version of the ITV Player app. With ITV player app, you don’t want to miss a show.

You can watch different programs on it from Corrie and Emmerdale to live sport, Britain’s Got Talent to hard-hitting documentaries, compelling crime thrillers, and all. ITV player also supports to cast movies to Chromecast that can play on big screen TV. However, it may not be the best choice for free movie downloads for Android users.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Many programs available in one app
  • Bugs are fixed after the latest update


  • More features needed
  • No longer works with HDMI connection
  • Constant ads and glitches

Key Features: Stream live TV | Classic football events | Watch ITV, ITV2, ITVBe content up to 30 days after broadcast | Watch on big screen with Chromecast | Ad-free | Download shows| Free 7-day trial

Download from PlayStore: ITV Player (Free)

Sony Crackle

Crackle is possibly the best free movie download app for Android and iOS users, especially for watching classic movies. It has a great collection of movies and TV series. You can stream the content on a PC or using an Android or iOS device. The user interface is very simple and clean. However, free full movie downloads for Android phones may not be possible using Crackle.

You can use the filter features in Crackle to find your favorite movies and TV shows. The app also keeps you updated with trailers and movie clips. Besides, as soon as you log in, you will get personalized content suggestions as well.

Note that you may see random ads when streaming content using Crackle. However, the ads are not as invasive as those seen in other free movie download apps. There is no limit to streaming movies and TV shows using Crackle.


  • Contents can be filtered according to preference
  • Great and free service


  • App lacks a bit selection and updates
  • Black screen comes when playing next episode
  • Few freezes and glitches

Key Features: Free Hollywood movies | TV series | Watch premium TV shows and movies | Filter content | Handpicked recommendations

Download from PlayStore: Sony Crackle (Free)

Amazon Prime Video

As long as you are a Prime member, Amazon lets you download movies and popular TV shows with the Amazon Prime Video app. There is no need to pay additional money to download movies as long as you are happy with Prime movies. However, there is options available in the app to rent or purchase some additional movies and download them from Amazon when needed.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy international and regional movies on Android phones or tablets. The streaming service also has many original movies and TV series that are both critically acclaimed and liked by users.

You can watch award-winning Amazon Prime original movies, such as Manchester By the Sea, Wonder Wheel, Gringo, and more, using the app. They also have a web app to make streaming simpler for users. The only drawback is that for using the streaming service requires a subscription.


  • You can save your favorite shows
  • Shows recommendations
  • Get details about cast members


  • Could have had HBO add on
  • When new episode, pause screen remains

Key Features: Download videos and watch later | Rent or buy new movies and shows | Phone or tablet or big screen with Chromecast | Multi-user profiles |Behind the scenes | Watch on Apple Tv

Download from PlayStore: Amazon Prime Video (Premium)

VUDU Movies & TV

VUDU Android app lets you watch movies and TV Shows wherever and whenever you want. You can watch the newest releases, including Star Trek Beyond, Ghostbusters, The Legend of Tarzan, and Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 way. VUDU for Android devices puts these over 100,000 more movies and TV shows only a few tap and swipes away.

You can join VUDU for free, rent, or own only options as you like, with no subscription or late rental fees. This app lets you stream directly to your phone or tablet along with download option for watching offline and on the go. You can easily download free movies to watch offline on Android devices later.


  • Lets you pay for what you want
  • Good prices and a vast selection
  • Great variety of movies and shows


  • AirPods not compatible anymore
  • User interface not good
  • Bad tech support

Key Features: 1000+ free movies | Library of 100,000 titles | Download movies and TV to your phone | All your movies in one place

Download from PlayStore: VUDU Movies & TV (Free, Rent)


Kodi is a free movie app and an open-source, cross-platform software media player. It is an entertainment hub for Home Theater PC. This best Android movie app uses a 10-foot user interface well suited for a living room media player. Furthermore, Kodi’s graphical user interface (GUI) makes browsing videos, photos, podcasts, and music easy.

The free movie app does not include any media or content. You should provide content from a device storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray, and so on. There is an additional feature called Estuary in Kodi. You can avail the skin to get additional benefits like working with phones and tablets. However, it is not designed to work with smaller phones.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Works great after the latest update
  • Fast


  • Does not include any media
  • No affiliation to third-party plug-in
  • Too many ads

Key Features: Free | 10-footuser interface design | Graphical user interface | Estuary standard skin

Download from PlayStore: Kodi (Free)

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers thousands of movies and TV shows on demand. There are over a hundred TV channels like Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Drama, Ghost Dimension, and many more. Their channels cover movies and shows of all genres. Watch your favorite crime movies, animated ones, poker, sports, news, gaming, documentaries, and many more using this app.

There are many binge-worthy Live TV channels that you can watch for free. To list a few are the Unsolved Mysteries and Forensic Files for true crime fans, Fear Factor, and Ice Pilots. The free movie app also telecasts Pluto TV Movies starred by Mila Kunis, Nicolas Cage, and Robin Williams. Go on, download the app, and see a lot of shows and movies live.


  • Lots of shows both live and on-demand
  • A good alternative to a cable TV
  • Huge variety of channels


  • No proper UI
  • Too many ads
  • No search button

Key Features: 100+ TV channels | Unlimited and free live TV | TV shows | Movies of different genres| Crime | Poker | Adventure | Unsolved mysteries | Kickboxing

Download from PlayStore: Pluto TV (Free)

Dove Channel

Dove Channel telecasts shows and movies that are truly family-friendly. You can give your family a safe place and ensure every member watches safe content. The filtering tool of the Dove channel filters content that includes nudity, coarse language, drugs, and violence. Every title is reviewed by trained and certified Dove foundation staff.

The free movie app also has a premium version at $4.99 per month. In the premium version, you can customize your Safeguard settings to create a filtered list of your titles. Dove Channel is now available on both Android and iOS. You can see a diverse list of TV shows that respecting your family values using this free movie download app.


  • Good inspirational movies
  • Good video selection
  • Clean, enjoyable, and uplifting movies


  • No option to cancel subscription
  • Too many ads
  • App crashes sometimes

Key Features: Parental control | Filtered content | Dove Foundation certified contents | Build & manage watchlist | 30-day free trial

Download from PlayStore: Dove Channel (Free, Premium)

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream assures streaming of award-winning ad-free content. The free movie app for Android comes with non-fiction streaming which is covering science, nature, history, and biographies of real characters. Learn about nature and space through the shows of Sir David Attenborough, Michio Kaku, and Brian Green.

Nurture your kids’ curiosity with CuriosityKIDS, a dedicated collection of safe and entertaining programs. Let it contribute to your kid’s passion for exploration if you take a premium membership which is only $2.99 USD per month. In that subscription, you will get extra benefits like unlimited streaming, 4K and HD documentaries on multiple devices, and many more.


  • Screen sharing possible
  • Can stream on Chromecast
  • Best educational & entertainment app


  • Autoplay is not there
  • Promo code does not work
  • Ads and pop-ups

Key Features: Non-fiction streaming service | CuriosityKIDS with filtered content | Ad-free content | New content weekly

Download from PlayStore: Curiosity Stream (Free, Premium)

Old Movies

Are you a fan of old classic movies? Then you are at the right place. Watch and download unlimited classic movies for free in Old Movies App. Old movies App bring together movies of your favorite actors like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, or Debbie Reynolds. Also, enjoy the outstanding work of directors like Orson Welles or Alfred Hitchcock.

Besides, there is a collection of acclaimed classic movies like The Gold Rush too. You can enjoy free full movies on your mobile device, tablet, Android TV, Chromecast or Chromecast built-in TV. You can browse through different categories: action, family, fantasy, love, musical, or horror; choose your genre and start watching.


  • Good picture quality
  • Loaded with great old movies
  • Large range of movies


  • Too many ads
  • Low sound
  • Video jumps from half to beginning

Key Features: Classic Hollywood cinema era | Great actors and actresses | Acclaimed classic movies | Free full movies | Available on Amazon Fire TV

Download from PlayStore: Old Movies (Free)

Hoopla Digital

One of the best apps for saving your money on audiobooks, movies, eBooks, and TV shows. Hoopla Digital delivers you a digital library app with over 80,000 titles. Hoopla Digital has best-selling novels which you can take, and you don’t have to pay a late fee. Also, you can take the library with you and read on your mobile or tablet.

This app also has blockbuster movies that you can instantly watch or download offline. You can also sync your content to other devices. Amazingly, you can watch ad-less TV, and get books and audiobooks for free. Also, it has good customer support.


  • Ad-less TV
  • Good customer service
  • Save money on audiobooks by using the app


  • Papers are not aligned page number wise
  • can’t browse by format, author, and title
  • Missing accessibility features like text to read aloud

Key Features: Available 24/7 | No late fees | Travelling library | Download for offline reading or watching | Sync many devices

Download from PlayStore: Hoopla Digital (Free)


You can stream many films in Kanopy app that are completely ad-free. You can sign up with your library card and then enjoy watching award-winning festival films and thought-provoking documentaries. Every week, new movies or shows are added. Kanopy is now available on mobile, web, and living room devices.

Kanopy also features intellectual content, including world cinema, classic cinema, documentaries, short films, and even lecture courses. The full movie download app is easy to navigate, saves your list, and has a countdown on movies which you have left. There is a Kanopy Kids section for your children which has parental control options available.


  • Engaging content
  • Ad-free
  • New titles added every week


  • Libraries fail to load repeatedly
  • Crashes constantly

Key Features: 1000+ films | Ad-free | Sign up with library card | New titles added weekly | Kanopy Kids | Available on mobile, web, and living room devices

Download from PlayStore: Kanopy (Free)


iflix is promised as a forever-free version app. This makes it the best free movie download app for Android users in the US. iflix app offers mainly Indian or Asian content in it. You can use this app to discover thousands of movies, preview, to play. The iflix app support you to search and find out your favorite TV show and watch on Android phone or tablet.

The premium version of the app is coming with the streaming capability of live sports and free of ads. The iflix Android app lets you download movies and TV shows to watch offline later. There is a dedicated Kids section with lots of videos and TV shows for kids.


  • So many great shows
  • Good quality and variety of category
  • No need for subscriptions


  • Problem playing the next episode
  • Needs more movies and options
  • Problem with downloads
  • Needs to update shows more frequently

Key Features: Best original Asian content | Shows in B&B, Section St. Valentine | The Disappearance of Divine show | Asian dramas like The Sweet Blood, Attack on Titan, The Final Season, Love Scenery

Download from PlayStore: iflix

MX Player

The MX Player app allows you to enjoy the movies for free. MX Player lets you download free movies for Android, which you can watch later. Whether you are waiting in a long queue or traveling, you can watch these downloaded movies on Android. MX Player is also a video player so that you can play downloaded videos and movies on it.  In addition to downloading the movie, you can download subtitles for the film, for foreign-language movies.

MX Player offers to watch movies in HD quality, free of cost on your Android. The movie download app mostly contains Indian and Asian movies and TV shows.


  • Free movies/ TV shows
  • Plenty of free shows
  • Good prices and a vast selection


  • Air pods not compatible anymore
  • Geared towards buying movies
  • Bad tech support
  • No way to switch payment options on app

Key Features: Watch 1000+ movies | Library of 100,000 titles | Download movies and TV to phone | All movies in one place

Download from PlayStore: MX Player


Popcornflix app now allows you to download free movies for Android devices as well. In fact, the app is now available for Mac and iOS devices too. Popcornflix can be the best alternative to subscription-based apps for watching movies. It allows you to stream movies directly, and it is completely free.

Popcornflix does not smack you with annoying ads when streaming movies or TV shows. There is no need to sign up or create an account either. Popcornflix has an elegant and intuitive interface and offers multi-language subtitles for movie streaming as well.


  • Adds new content every week
  • Good movies and shows


  • Categories of movies not organized
  • Can’t find tags to watch later
  • No watch list
  • Ads are too long

Key Features: Stream free movies | Selection from new titles, most popular titles | Hidden gems | Action | Horror | Family | Adds new content every week

Download from PlayStore: Popcornflix


Tubi is a great app that allows free movie downloads and TV shows for Android phones. You can even stream the latest movies using the app or download them for offline watching.

The movie-watching app can be an ideal choice for free movie downloads for Android users. Tubi has a simple and easy to navigate interface too. You can browse through the massive collection of movies using Tubi, and stream or download the one you want.


  • Has a “Not on Netflix” section
  • Customizable watchlist
  • App is free
  • New videos added every week


  • Too many ads
  • Needs more movie variety
  • Lags and crashes all the time

Key Features: International hits and hidden gems | Pick up watching where you left | Manage personal video queue | Anime | Korean dramas | Telenovels | Reality shows | New videos added every week | “Not on Netflix” section

Download from PlayStore: Tubi

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With a free movie download app for Android mobile, you can save mobile data by downloading shows and movies with Wi-Fi. Later, when you go out, you can watch downloaded movies offline while on the road. There is no need to be on Wi-Fi or data network to watch these downloaded movies.

Please consider saving movies to an external memory card. This is especially important when using the app for free full movie downloads for Android phones. This will help to save the internal memory of your Android device. That means you can continue downloading videos using the best free movie download app for Android.

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