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8 Best Android Weather App and Widgets for Smartphone.

Acknowledging every change in weather with minute details is easy through Android Weather App. These Weather apps can display a lot of information on an Android screen. You can see temperature, forecast, wind speed, etc., in multiple locations almost in real-time. When you want to get the weather information in advance, at least one Android weather app must be installed on every person’s Android or tablet.

Finding the best weather app is important because it gives detailed and accurate information whenever you need it. To assist you in the process, here are the best Android weather apps and widgets for your Android Phone and Tablet.


Catch instant notifications regarding the latest weather conditions in your local area with the Accuweather Android weather app. This Android weather app is one of the Weather Alert apps that supports Android Wear and sends you weather-related notifications on Android phones and Android Smartwatches. The weather alert app comes with AccuWeather MinuteCast which provides minute-by-minute precipitation forecast precise to your location.


AccuWeather android app also offers users accurate news and weather videos, with many available in English and Spanish. This is one of the best weather apps for Android and brings accurate weather radar results in the form of graphs on daily and hourly screens. With AccuWeather, you can maintain a close watch on hurricanes approaching with weather alerts that come with the Hurricane Map feature.

Download from PlayStore: AccuWeather

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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Android weather app’s home screen changes automatically based on the current user location. The Weather Channel is one of the best Android apps for weather alerts and gadgets that Monitor storms and safeguard with the tips in the weather widgets Android. Fast-loading Doppler maps allow you to get preset and future forecasts. This Android Weather widget is cute and nice for bringing real-time weather conditions on the Android lock screen.

The Weather Channel

You can set different locations for the Android weather gadgets to display multiple location weather conditions at a time. You can use the weather radar features to fill your notification bar with the temperatures of your favorite locations scattered worldwide. With the Weather Channel Android app, you can plan activities taking place outdoors with pollen counts available in the form of seasonal weather tools in-app.

Download from PlayStore: The Weather Channel

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GO Weather

GO Weather is known as one of the accurate apps among the best weather apps for Android. This weather app offers more than just future weather updates; it comes with beautiful weather widgets for Android and live wallpapers. The Android weather app lets you get the 10-day weather forecast and lifestyle weather alerts.

GO Weather

With GO Weather, you can see the feels-like temperature and UV index on the weather radar app. With this Android Weather Widget, you can customize the sizes of weather and clock widgets easily to fit on your Android lock screen. The weather widgets come with inbuilt adaptation, and one can switch between different themes to ascertain an attractive look on the lock screen.

Download from PlayStore: GO Weather

Yahoo Weather

There is no introduction required for the Yahoo Weather Android app. You can prepare for the day with the accurate and precise hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecast of the Yahoo Weather Android weather app. You can get details like wind and pressure on the go on your Android device. With Yahoo Weather, you can track all the cities and their weather information on the app. This excellent Yahoo Weather can bring you the fine points of the day’s weather on the app, like sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure module.

Yahoo Weather

This Weather app can move between the locations with a simple left and right swipe on the app that you already set. You can also submit the local photos to Yahoo Weather to join #projectweather on Flickr. Yahoo Weather supports adding up to 20 cities on the app and browsing the weather through interactive maps, radars, etc. On your Android. enjoy the sunrise, sunset, wind, and pressure on the screen you can.

Download from PlayStore: Yahoo Weather

Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug gets accurate weather information from its largest network of professional weather stations. The Android weather app receives 18 weather maps and gives weather alerts to the user. The Android user can use the weather radar of the app and get instant alerts regarding the lighting, precipitation, local pressure, and much more in a matter of seconds.

Weather by WeatherBug

This weather alert app supports international forecasts getting data from over 2.6 million locations globally. You can customize the weather data to fit their own requirements, like the multiple locations, themes, etc. One of the unique features of this app, Weather Tiles, can be set with customized location and theme and get instant weather information from the Android screen.

Download from PlayStore: Weather by WeatherBug

Weather Live Free

With Weather Live Free, check the weather of your surroundings at a glance. The Android weather app gives you a detailed weather forecast regardless of the location. Android users can check the sunrise and sunset time just by swiping over the app.

Weather Live Free

No need to open the app to get the weather details; you can get critical information without opening the app on your Android screen. This Android weather app lets you easily switch from a detailed to a compact layout on the app to get a relevant weather report and related information. You will get the rain patterns through weather radar and rain maps and plan your entire day based on the detailed forecast. Live animations and graphics usually accompany the weather info to make it more attractive.

Download from PlayStore: Weather Live Free


Access and witness all your Weather info in a simple, beautiful package offered by the 1Weather Android weather app. To get real-time updates, you can view the weather forecasts and current conditions for ‘My Location.’ 1Weather allows adding up to 12 locations in one instance to get information regarding the weather and access the location graphs. This app lets you easily share Weather data via email and social media regardless of the location or time.


This weather app has an interactive map with Fullscreen mode and Zoom options. This Weather Map can also switch to terrain, satellite, and map views for easy access. The weather app Android offers weather widgets Android as well as live weather background. Dynamic photo backgrounds are also available, allowing the user to add user’s custom photos.

Download from PlayStore: 1Weather

Weather Underground

There is no additional introduction required for Weather Underground. Weather Underground is a popular Android weather app among the best weather apps for Android. This Android weather app also instantly shows status notifications; you can also see the current location, temperature, and conditions on the Android screen. The app gives the user 10-day forecasts, both daily and hourly, as well as a text summary. The interactive map lets you get information from all the personal weather stations in surrounding areas.

Weather Underground

This Weather app for Android allows customizing the weather widgets Android as per your choice. Ascertain push notifications give alerts regarding extreme weather as well as severe ones. Running from 1995 as an online weather service Weather Underground is a favorite tool with many options you must try.

Download from PlayStore: Weather Underground

Android Weather App and Widgets

At the beginning of the 21st century, we all used to look at the newspaper to know the current incidents and climate. Without the availability of newspapers and TV, many of us were not able to know the weather fluctuations. However, with the change in time and the evolution of technology, most of us now get all the latest information on our smartphones and tablets. Just pull out your phone and use the Android weather app to know the changes.

Knowing about the changes in the weather is what we all do on a daily basis. Through the Android weather app, Android users can take a slight peek to recognize the current weather and future information. Android Weather app can give a good timeline of weather changes with weather alerts and weather radar assistance. By choosing and downloading any of them, the user can sort out their entire day and the week with no trouble.

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