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12 Best Amazon Fire Game Apps for Kids to Entertain Them.

There are many kids game for Amazon Fire tablet, that will entertain kids but only some apps are crowd-pleasing. Just like play store in an Android device, the Amazon devices have also come up with a play store. The Amazon Fire tab is cheaper and powerful compared to Android tablets. If you already brought the tablet for kids, now you can search for the best Game apps for Kids that can install on Amazon Fire tab.

So, go ahead and take a look at these Amazon Fire Game Apps for Kids that your toddler is looking for.


Minecraft app

Minecraft is the leading Amazon Fire game app for kids. It will bring out kids’ creativity as the gameplay is to build blocks in the 3D open world. The Minecraft world is of cubes, fluids, and blocks that are in a 3D grid form. The kids should mine these blocks and build a new source using them. It is an infinite game with many packs and modes.

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While trying to build-up, the enemies will pop-up at times. On traveling more, there will be witches in huts, cauldrons, ocelots, bunnies and many more. There are many in-game slash commands which can be used at any time of the play. The app costs $6.99 which can be paid after playing a 30-day trial period game. Kids can enjoy more by playing it with up to 10 friends across platforms.

Download Minecraft for Amazon Fire

Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game

Minion Rush app

In this game, the kids can take up the role of Dave or Carl or Jerry. They need to run through exotic locations such as Gru’s lab and residential area. Upon completing missions and collecting the items at every stage, they will be rewarded with costumes, prizes, prize pods, and tokens. While trying to win these, kids as minions perform despicable acts.

For every obstacle crossed or on beating up the villains, they can even use the power-ups. Villians here are Vector, EI Macho, Meena and some more. In order to make the game more interesting, it has 3D graphics, funny animations, and fun-filled ambiance. The Minion Rush app is 86.6MB that is also available in 10+ languages.

Download Minion Rush for Amazon Fire

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash App

The fire game app seems to entertain kids with its in-game rhythmic music and simple gameplay. The aim of the game is to control the vehicle from start to end of each level. The control should be done such that it should not crash anything that blocks its way. Before catching up with the game, try to know the game better in the practice mode.

Upon playing the real game, it will start from easy and end at demon mode. Again there will be a number of levels in each mode. On clearing more levels and modes, you can access new icons and colors to customize your icon. So, on jumping to new levels and winning rewards, share it with others. But to install Geometry Dash, you have to pay $1.99.

Download Geometry Dash for Amazon Fire

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Bingo is very popular and commonly known to all. The game will have a 5*5 grid in which central square is empty. And the rest squares are filled with numbers. As it is a multiplayer game, the first one to cross out the consecutive squares is the winner.

The crossing out of numbers can be done in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal manner. For doing so, there will be power-ups and rewards too. The Amazon Fire game app also allows cross-platform play for Facebook and Kindle Fire accounts.

Download BINGO BLITZ for Amazon Fire

Bike Race Pro

Bike Race Pro App

Kids who are interested in bike racing can opt to play this game. The game follows a simple rule, to win is to race. The controls used to ride a bike are also pretty simple. When you want to move fast, just touch the screen. And tilt the mobile for the bike to lean.

But the path to race is going to be onerous. There are 96 such tracks to race in 12 environs. This is possible once you pay an amount of $0.99, which is quite affordable. After paying this amount, ads also will not pop up. The Bike Race app will just need a space of 29.1MB on your device.

Download Bike Race Pro for Amazon Fire

Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop

Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop App

The app from Amazon Fire is going to mesmerize kids with its cake and dessert making methods. Especially, kids in nursery, LKG, and UKG are going to have a lot of fun. While baking a cake or preparing dessert, kids can create the magic with Strawberry Shortcake. Pour the milk into the bowl and batter onto the pan, by just tilting your device.

Once the recipe is done, top it with icing, sprinkles, and more chips. As soon as the topping is done, tap the screen to have it. In addition to this, you can add your own berry recipe to prepare at home. Get baking tips from Strawberry Shortcake and complete special orders to bag stars.

Download Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop for Amazon Fire

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Barbie Magical Fashion – Dress Up

Barbie Magical Fashion App

The app is for those who are a favorite of Barbie. In this app, kids can beautify Barbie by decorating it with accessories. From head to toe, kids can design hairstyles, give a fairy tale make-up, design a necklace, and customize dress and shoes. By doing these, they can completely transform the Barbie into a princess.

Besides these, kids can even opt for mermaid style dressing and decorate the unicorn according to their taste. There will be gift boxes that will surprise them every moment. If the Barbie is so charming after the make-up, share it with others who are on Amazon Fire.

Download Barbie Magical Fashion – Dress Up for Amazon Fire

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO App

The Amazon Fire puzzle game aims to develop and enhance skills. The kids can learn any of Japanese, Spanish, Chinese or UK English languages too. Puzzingo is of puzzles and games that will help the tods to think and reason out more. It is a mixture of subjects that include general knowledge puzzles. Apart from teaching reasoning ability and skills, the app will also improve the sync between hands and fingers, and sense of touch.

Download Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO for Amazon Fire

Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas!

Thomas & Friends App

This is also a racing game just like bike racing except that it is done with engines. Kids can select any of the engines namely Thomas, Percy, James, Emily and many other friends. And then compete with other players in the engine race. While doing so, kids can even keep track of the rest engine players.

There are many features to utilize while racing such as blazing speed option, stunt acts, and a cogwheel to re-energize their engine. In addition to it, there are new tracks to thrill kids more. To boost the speed further, a better option such as whirly wind can also be chosen. The game can be accessed in Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese languages.

Download Thomas & Friends for Amazon Fire

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop App

This app has similar qualities to that of a strawberry cake shop. In the sweet shop, kids have to prepare sweets either by instructions or by tips given by Strawberry Shortcake herself. With her guidance, kids can even render to their friends and special orders that will earn them stars. Once sweet to be made is decided, there are many options to mold it in its aspects.

With this, kids can make a wide variety of sweets and put down the ideas of new recipes too. New ideas can also be tried in real-time. To make the kitchenware more accessible and reliable, upgrade the app as and when required. The information needed and provided by shortcake is get-at-able in more than 4 languages.

Download Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Shop for Amazon Fire

Wonster Words

Wonster Words App

Wonster app is a learning-oriented app that helps kids with letters, Phonics, diagraphs, and more of the English language. The app focuses on the fun way of learning with no hurry burry activities. Kids will learn to pronounce words and understand the meaning of it.

Wonster has mini-games and animations to teach kids in a playful and interactive manner. If kids like the games, they can replay any number of times. Not only these, but there are more than 100 stories that are told by the Wonster.

Download Wonster Words for Amazon Fire

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Peppa Pig: Paintbox

Peppa Pig app

The Peppa Pig is very simple and mainly for kids who like to paint. They can paint either with Peppa or George. They will be provided with brushes, stickers, and some other handy painting things. Start painting and exhibiting in the Peppas gallery. If you have 35.2MB of device space, then this amazon fire game is ready for your device. The app will support 10+ varied languages. Without any disturbance of ads and in-app purchases, kids can peacefully paint the walls.

Download Peppa Pig for Amazon Fire

Game Apps for Amazon Fire

If you own an Amazon Fire tablet and your kids are favorite of games, then you could go further and find some here. So, these are for those parents looking out for apps that will entertain and give productive results for their kids. These best Amazon Fire game apps for kids that are quite popular among other devices too. As you have seen that these apps tend to bring out toddlers’ creativity by creating a fun-filled friendly environment. Finally, hope that your kid will find interest in them and get completely engrossed.

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