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10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android

In this digital era, there’s nothing you can do and get it done. Now, you can talk to strangers without revealing your identity at all, unlike Facebook or any social networking apps. I am talking about anonymous chat apps. With these stranger chat room apps, you can meet a total stranger and chat with them without revealing your identity.

Check out this list of best anonymous and stranger chat apps for Android that you’d love to use.



MeetMe is another app that lets you connect to strangers. It belongs to the category of apps such as LivU and Azar. It currently has 4/5-stars rating on Google Play Store out of 1.4 million reviews, so yes, this is an app you can check out. Users can broadcast a live stream and chat and allow or request others to join their live stream. All this and other users will be able to see your live stream on their phones.

The app lets you connect to people nearby and from all across the globe. You can search for the one you want to connect to as well. The anonymous chat app currently has more than 100 million users, so I don’t think you would find it boring anytime soon. MeetMe is free to use and does have a tonne of in-app purchases if you want to buy something such as points. There’s no paywall when chatting to others unlike any other app, so yes, I could vouch for MeetMe.

Key Features: Free to use | Multiple Language Support | In-app purchases | Livestream & video chats | Sort people by interest

Download the app: Android

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Walkie Chat

This one is a bit different from any other stranger’s app you can find online. The app is a massive amalgamation consisting of anonymous voice calling features, private messaging, and public posts & comments app. Create a profile, add your photo if you want, or leave it as it is. Share anything you like, from suggestions, opinions to random messages, and people will respond. Formerly known as Walkie Talkie, the app gives you access to a 90s style interface. You will find people from all over the world posting their suggestions and whatnot & you can respond & connect to them.

The best thing about Walkie is that you’ll meet a lot of intellectuals, people looking to make friends or learn a new language and so on. This is obviously unlike other stranger chat apps where you’ll stumble upon creeps. Love talking to random people? Just post on the app, and someone will call you right back. You can also chat with someone, befriend him/her and then call them if you aren’t comfortable voice calling a total stranger. The chat room app is all about random chats, texts, voice calls & more. So, do try it out, and I bet you’ll love it.

Key Features: Social Chat | Random voice Calls | Share your thoughts, suggestions & expressions | Private & public account | Free w/ in-app purchases

Download the app: Android

Stranger Chat from Kapps

Stranger Chats KappsThis app from the developer Kapps is an excellent anonymous chat app. I have mentioned the developer here because the keywords’ Stranger Chat’ is generic, and you could end up downloading a different one altogether. The app lets you connect to strangers one by one, although it enables you to stay connected to multiple strangers at once. It is also considered as one of the best chat roulette apps. Its minimalistic UI is what lures many people to stay on-board with the app.

Once you have the app, you don’t need to register yourself, and you can add a real or a pseudonym and a picture. Note that this also means someone you are talking to could be using pseudo-identity, so user discretion is needed. Connect with strangers, make friends within the app, and that’s all for free. You can send and receive images, audio messages, and videos on the app as well. The Kapps chat room app takes security so you can block whomever you want to unblock them, chats are stored in the servers only, and you can report unwanted elements as well.

Key Features: Beautiful & simple UI | Secured Chats | Report or Block Users | Meet strangers & make friends in the app

Download the app: Android


ChatousUnlike any other anonymous chat apps, Chatous uses hashtags that you can use to find someone. The app keeps your identity private unless you don’t disclose it yourself. You cannot search for anyone by name, but you can use hashtags to find people with similar interests. You are free to hold a text conversation, share videos, photos, and even audio messages. Moreover, the app lets you do a video chat with strangers as well.

Chatous is used across the globe, and that means you will be able to interact with people living in the other corner of the world. The app is synced to your account. So, even if you want to use its web platform for some reason, the app got your back. Additionally, there is a Snapchat-inspired feature where your photos, audio, and video message will disappear in some time so that you can be assured there’s no copy of the pictures you shared.

Key Features: Free | Search like-minded people over hashtags | Multiple Language supported | Easy to use | Cross-platform compatibility

Download the app: Android

AntiLand Anonymous Chat Rooms

AntiLandIf you are looking to be anonymous and yet share your heart out, AntiLand App is an excellent add-on to your Android smartphone. It allows networking to anonymous and strangers from all across the globe with no judgment attached. AntiLand app is a robust and secure individual and group chat as there are over 1.6 million people on the app and counting. There are more than 1000+ group chat rooms on the app spread across 32 international languages. In all, the app is often used by people of different ethnic backgrounds or those looking to learn a new language.

What’s more important is that the anonymous chat app has 70+ active moderators that will exercise control over what’s being shared. This is what makes this app a must-have plus there’s no names, no ads, and danger on-board. Note that you might come across certain creepy people, but hey, you can always push the kill switch and chat with others. It is one of the highest-rated strangers chat apps at 4.0/5-stars with over 50K reviews on-board Google Play Store. Moreover, the messages on-board are encrypted and self-destructing that is worth a shot.

Key Features: No ads | 70+ skilled moderators | Multiple Language Supported | 1000+ groups & 1.6 million users | Maintains anonymity across the globe | Encrypted and self-destructing messages.

Download the app: Android

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RandoChatOkay, the thing is, you won’t find much information about this app on any website. RandoChat uses the chat roulette feature so that you can search and connect to a random person from anywhere in the world. It has a 3.5/5-stars rating with over 50,000 reviews on Google Play Store. The app lets you create a profile with your name, age, gender, and a photo. You can put a fake or anonymous identity and disclose it later to the users as per your preference.

When connected to a stranger, you can chat or send an audio, video, or photos as and when you wish. There’s an app to befriend people within the app, and it will be your discretion to share personal information or not. Unlike many strangers’ chat apps, you won’t lose the connection with a stranger even if you close the app for a while. Note that inappropriate content might be exchanged on the app, and that’s why you need to keep an eye and block unwanted elements while using it.

Key Features: No Registration | Search & Connect with multiple people | No messages are saved on servers | Contains in-app purchases | Status indicator

Download the app: Android


CamsurfIf the name of this app hasn’t made it clear, Camsurf is a 100% free chat app that lets you talk to strangers from all over the world. It has millions of users with thousands and more joining each day. Camsurf is used in 200+ countries, which means you get a chance to interact with people living in a distant country. The app lets users chat while maintaining anonymity at all times in a secure environment.

Camsurf lets you video chat with strangers, and you can also filter the recipients using its location & language filters. The Camsurf anonymous chat app is 100% free, which makes it a must-try. It is a great way to network with people without paying even a penny out of your pockets. You can search for people nearby or at distant locations, all while scrolling through thousands of suitable profiles. The app is moderated for any inappropriate actions. Actions against the policy will result in a permanent or temporary ban from the app. This works as a double-sided sword as it protects you from unwanted elements.

Key Features: Users from 200+ countries | Anonymous & Secure | Moderated at all-time | Free to use | Location & Language filter

Download the app: Android


SplanshUndoubtedly one of the most powerful stranger chat apps I have found so far. Splansh is a 100% anonymous chat app that doesn’t reveal your identity to others. But you can create a complete profile with photos and everything if you want others to know about you. Use the search by common interests feature or search by gender as the app has it all. Furthermore, all your old messages are destroyed securely without ever being used unlawfully.

The developers have maintained that they delete the profile, messages, photos, and everything when a person removes his/her profile from the app. There’s also a bad word blocker that blocks anything bad like swear words from the system to prevent sexual harassment. One of the major USPs os Splansh is its premium and minimalistic user interface that looks plush, unlike many stranger chat room apps. The app uploads quality quotes and motivational/inspirational content every four hours to cheer up your mood and more.

Key Features: Beautiful UI | Bad words blocker | Automatically destroys old messages | Search by Interests, Gender | Quotes & more everyday

Download the app: Android


TalkWithStrangersOnce you download this app, it is the same as its website, although now you have an app with it. Connect with strangers from across the world, share texts, photos and videos, voice messages, and more to strangers. The app doesn’t require registration, and there’s no profile picture either, you can name yourself anything and simply hop onto the app. Tap on ‘Connect’ to connect with strangers, tap on the skip button, and you’ll be paired with another stranger. This loop will continue until you either find someone to talk or get bored with it.

The UI is pretty simple; the app doesn’t carry around bells and whistles. You can chat with strangers on a 1-to-1 chat or check out various group chats available. The app is free to use so that it won’t require any payment whatsoever. Share pictures and videos and any other personal details on your discretion. Note that with any other anonymous chat app, you need to be aware of creeps and freaks, and yes, there might be a few bots here and there. Also, the app is infested with ads just to inform you.

Key Features: Connect to strangers anonymously | Chat on group chats | Minimalistic UI | Free to use

Download the app: Android


Chat-UpAnother anonymous chat app is Chat-Up from the developers Chat-Up. The app lets you chat with strangers from all over the world without revealing your identity. There’s no registration required to use the app, so everyone you connect with is anonymous. The app doesn’t store any chats and messages to offer full privacy to the users at all times.

You can share anything from text messages, images, and videos. This chat room app has a user interface similar to WhatsApp, so you’ll feel as if you are chatting on WhatsApp. There’s a status indicator that lets you know if the person you connected with is online or not in real-time. You can create your profile, add information for others to read, and vice versa for you. There’s a blocklist in case you want to block someone. Perhaps I should warn you of any unwanted elements as it is a must-have part of anonymous chat apps.

Key Features: No registration required | Simple & WhatsApp-like UI | Block & report users | Status Indicator | Add strangers as friends | The app offers total anonymity

Download the app: Android

There you have it, a list of ten best anonymous and stranger chat apps for Android that you can check out. Note that these apps have all kinds of people, so your discretion is needed. This is to safeguard your interests and any personal information you’d share. Tell us which chat room apps you’d try to meet with strangers online.

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