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8 Best Apple Watch Cases & Protectors

Apple Watch is quite expensive and also your Watch can also get easily damaged. Since the whole front is made out of, it is prone to scratches and cracks. This is a big issue since Apple Watch is a bit on the expensive side. Thus, protecting it from scratches, scuff marks, and accidental drops is quite important.

Here are some of the Best Apple Watch cases for Series 5 and Series 4. You have to chose the watch case either 40mm or 44mm based on your Apple Watch size.

Full Body Slim Apple Watch Case

Caseology Nero Apple Watch Case

Caseology case is one of the best looking Apple Watch, includes straps to match the design. This Apple Watch cover is made out of thin TPU which offers a snug fit. The case also features button cutouts which allow you to easily control your Apple Watch. You can buy it in either black or pink color. Caseology Nero is compatible with both Apple Watch Series 4 as well as Series 5.Caseology Nero Apple Watch Case

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Thin and flexible bumper case | Made from TPU | Caseology Nero Apple Watch Case: Check on Amazon

Full Body Rugged Case

UMTELE Rugged Protective Case

UMTELE makes one of the most rugged cases for Apple Watch with shockproof TPU and Polycarbonate material. The raised lip is to protect the display and screen from scratches and cracks. The case also supports the default straps and third-party screen protector of your Apple Watch. This case is designed for the 44 mm variants of Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5.

Made for Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Rugged bumper case | TPU and polycarbonate construction | UMTELE Rugged Protective Case: Check on Amazon

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Thin Bumper Case

Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Apple Watch Case made out of polycarbonate to act as a bumper cover. This does not protect the display from scratches. The polycarbonate material does not add any weight to your watch. The case built for 40 mm Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5.

Supports Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Thin fit bumper case | Made out of polycarbonate | Spigen Thin Fit: Check on Amazon

TPU Bumper Case

Penom Watch Screen Protector Case

Penom makes one of the slimmest Apple Watch cases in clear or semi-clear color options. This protective case covers the display and no need to buy secondary screen protectors. You can use the default straps with your Apple Watch. The TPU material offers a decent drop and scratch protection. You can use this case with both Apple Watch Series 4 as well as Series 5.

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Made out of thin and clear TPU | Penom Case for Apple Watch Screen Protector: Check on Amazon

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Body Case& Strap

SUPCASE Case for Apple Watch

SUPCASE offers great protection with great design. This shockproof bumper case with custom straps offers a sporty design. The case uses silicone for its construction and offers a raised lip. This case fits 44 mm Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5. You can choose from a variety of color combinations with this case for the Apple Watch.

SUPCASE Case for Apple Watch

Supports Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Rugged case with included strap | Made from silicone for shock absorption | SUPCASE Case for Apple Watch: Check on Amazon

Heavy Duty Case

SPIDERCASE Full Body Rugged Case

The Spidercase Apple Watch rugged case built with shockproof soft silicone. You also get a screen protector with this to protect from scratches as well as accidental drops. this Apple Watch cover is that it also comes with a strap. You can use this case with the 40 mm versions of Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 5.

SPIDERCASE Full Body Rugged Case

Works with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Full body rugged case | Shockproof silicone construction | Price: $19.99 | SPIDERCASE Full Body Rugged Case: Check on Amazon

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Protect Watch’s Screen

Armor Suit Military Shield

This protector does not affect the display quality of your Apple Watch. It also prevents fingerprints and oil from accumulating on the display. And it comes in a 6 pack which makes it a great value for money product.

Works with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Thin plastic scratch-resistant film | Armor Suit Military Shield: Check on Amazon

Snap-on Watch Case

Leotop Snap-On Watch Case

This Watch case is a Snap-on Hard Plastic crystal clear material with 0.mm thick. This PolyCarbonate Case has a built-in screen protector. The case can protect watch against scratches, dust, and shocks.

Works with Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 | Thin Snap-On Anti-Scratch Apple Watch Case | Leotop Snap-On Watch Case: Check on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4 are two of the best smartwatches out there. You can find a wide range of options and features in them. These can be quite helpful in your day to day life.

All of the various Apple Watch cases present in this article can be quite useful to protect your expensive Apple Watch. Some of these protect your watch only from scratches, while some of them offer shock resistance. Such an Apple Watch cover can also make your Apple Watch look better in terms of aesthetics. You can protect your Apple Watch without ruining its design and looks.

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