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10 Best Cloud Storage Apps to Backup iPhone Photos

When you are passionate about the precious photos you click on your iPhone, you probably end up clicking loads of high-quality pictures. They eat up your iPhone storage over time. There is also the issue of aging of iPhone, accidental damage, or in case if you are planning to use a newer version. Therefore, it becomes critical to take backups of your photos to some best cloud storage for photos.

Here we list out the Best Cloud Storage Apps to back up iPhone photos.


Dropbox Paper

Since its launch, the Dropbox application is one of the most popular Online Photo Storage option for photographers worldwide. The advanced security and fast performance offered by Dropbox has helped maintain its vast userbase over the years. You can easily upload the iPhone photos to Dropbox in the background automatically with no hassles. Access the image files even offline with the preview feature. 

There is no need to worry about the large size of your image folders. You need to share the link to the recipients, and they can access them even if they don’t use Dropbox. This feature makes Dropbox of the Best Cloud Storage for Photos on the iPhone. The Free version grants 2 GB of cloud memory with paid options available for more extensive storage needs.  


  • Multiple image file format support
  • User-Friendly UI
  • Extremely popular and trusted
  • Compression of folders


  • Expensive Paid Versions
  • Compute intensive

Key Features: Automatic Photo Backup | Sync Folders to Mac | Offline Preview | Easy to Use UI

Download: Dropbox

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Google Photos

Google PhotosGoogle Photos is a dedicated Online Photos Storage App from Google. The easy backing up of your iPhone photos and videos is taken care of quickly by Google Photos. The free version helps you back up high-quality images for up to 15 GB of Cloud Storage. Automatic Album creation for your latest holiday trips makes it one of the Best Cloud Photo Storage App.

The in-built Photo Editing features are powerful and intuitive. Contextually-aware filtering options and lighting are a few of the highlights of Google Photos’ Editing Suite. The cloud storage for photos also has the AI aspect attached, which gives the Smart Sharing Suggestions on which photos are best to share with your friends and family. 


  • Ease of sharing photos 
  • Smart Automatic Albums
  • Unlimited storage for images with up to 16 MP resolution
  • Shared Libraries support


  • Automatic Photo Backup not supported on iOS
  • High-quality images (>16 MP) will be downsized
  • App performance issues

Key Features:  Fast Photo Backup | Advanced Search options | Smart Sharing | Editing Suite

Download: Google Photos

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iCloud Photos

iCloud PhotosiCloud is considered one of the Best Online Photo Storage App that comes default with the iPhone. All the images from your Apple devices are organized under one roof by iCloud. This aspect makes the photo access also very flexible across Apple devices. Alert notifications are also provided on the go by iCloud, saying your iPhone memory is almost full and there is a need to backup.

The free version grants 5 GB of memory space. In comparison, the paid Professional variant charges $20 per year for 10 GB of Cloud Storage. The object tagging feature makes image searching very swift and straightforward. Users can assign names and locations for each photo on a need basis. These features make iCloud a definite contender for one of the Best Online Photo Storage App on the iPhone.


  • Ease of sharing photos on iOS
  • Timely Alert notifications
  • Search features


  • Supports only Apple devices
  • Limited file type compatibility

Key Features:  Automatic Photo Backup | Advanced Search options | Apple Device Synchronization 

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Microsoft OneDrive

onedriveWhen you are an iPhone user with a Windows PC, Microsoft OneDrive App proves to be the Best Cloud Storage Option to backup iPhone photos. Be it images or other file types, OneDrive is a cool App for backing up your data across platforms. The Camera backup option allows for automatic photo backup storage with ease. 

Complete integration with other Microsoft Office Apps ensures easy photo access. Straightforward User Interface to Search, Sort, Create New Folders, Image Upload, and many other operations. The free version lets you store up to 5 GB of data.


  • Ease of sharing photos across Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Advanced Search features
  • Simple UI


  • Performance drops on iOS

Key Features:  Automatic Photo Uploading | Advanced Search options | Microsoft 365 Integration 

Download: Microsoft OneDrive

Amazon Photos

Amazon PhotosIf you are an Amazon loyalist and subscriber of the Prime feature, you get the Amazon / Prime Photos App for the back up of iPhone photos free of cost. There is Unlimited full-resolution Photo Storage provided. Sharing photos is possible on almost any phone, PC, or tablet. Photo sharing via SMS, external Apps, or e-mails is also supported. You can enable the Automatic Photo Backup option to free up your phone memory.

Prime Members get additional benefits like sharing the backed up photos with an additional five members using the Family Vault option. You can also view your photos on Amazon Fire TV or the Echo Show. The image search functionality is pretty robust. There is the option to search by name, location, or using keywords.


  • Easy Photo Sharing
  • Advanced Search features
  • Prime Benefits
  • Unlimited photo uploading
  • No Image Resolution downsizing


  • Biased towards Amazon Prime Membership

Key Features:  Automatic Photo Backup | Powerful Search option | Family Vault | Unlimited full resolution image uploading 

Download: Amazon Photos


FlickrFlickr, owned by SmugMug, is primarily intended for Social Media with the option for Photo Storage of iPhone. Using the free account, users can store up to 1000 photos on the cloud. The paid Flickr Pro variant lets you use unlimited storage at a monthly rate of $6.99. 

The essential advantage provided by Flickr is that the original resolutions of the images are maintained. Automatic Photo backup requires an additional App download. This uploader can pull photos from external storage clouds like iCloud. The robust search functionalities using color, shape, depth of field, pattern, etc., makes Flickr land into the 10 Best Cloud Storage for photos.


  • Advanced Search features
  • Image Resolution maintained
  • No ads for the paid version


  • No offline view
  • Limited file format support
  • Image file size constraints

Key Features: In-built Image Recognition | Unlimited photo upload using Flickr Pro

Download: Flickr

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500px500px is more suited for professional photographers compared to casual smartphone photo enthusiasts. Pros can showcase and license their photos using the 500px community. The free version allows up to 7 uploads a week. The focus is on Quality over Quantity in this case.

The paid version costs vary between $4-$12 every month. You can compete against top photographers in the App community by displaying top quality photography and landing in the Editor’s choice. The paid version allows for unlimited uploads and access to expert feedback on your work. 


  • Ideal platform for Professionals
  • Peer Community 
  • Original resolution maintained
  • Collection of diverse photographic genres


  • Not meant for bulk storage
  • Challenging for Amateur photographers

Key Features: Aesthetic User Interface | Portfolio building | Tiered pricing             

Download: 500px


PhotobucketPhotobucket is clearly on the Best Online Photo Storage Apps for iPhone from an amateur perspective. The ability to store / backup 2 GB of Photos free of cost makes it a good photo storage option. The easy to use of Online Editing features makes it attractive for even beginners.

The image search is robust with the capability of searching and tagging. The added option to sell your photos improves Photobucket’s popularity to a great extent. The UI is pretty easy, and the live tile option is present for recently uploaded photos for easy access.


  • Ideal platform for Beginners
  • Highly Popular and Trusted 
  • An extensive collection of shared photos


  • Photo sharing via links not supported
  • The login button has issues
  • Simultaneous bulk photo upload not supported

Key Features: Easy to use UI | Online Editor | Search features | Automatic upload available

Download: Photobucket


SnapfishSnapfish is one of the most straightforward photo backup App for iPhone to store unlimited photos at full resolution. The key focus is not the photo storage but on printing the photos to be gifted to friends and family. Users are granted 50 prints for free every month. 

Easy linking with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Photos Apps makes it one of The Best Online Photo Storage Apps. The images printed are for holiday card designing, mugs, blankets, and so on.


  • Unlimited photo uploading
  • Easy cross-platform integration
  • 50 free prints per month


  • App performance issues
  • Preview option missing 

Key Features: Easy to use UI | Automatic upload available | Original Resolution

Download: Snapfish

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative CloudFocused on a professional photography storage solution, Creative Cloud is a high-quality cloud photo storage App for iPhone. The image galleries are top notch with options for group libraries to allow colleagues to add images in a shared space. 

The photo editing stands at a completely different horizon due to integration with Adobe product suites like Lightroom and Elements. Photo upload is exceptionally smooth and user-friendly. The free version allows 2 GB of storage.


  • Tailor-made for Pros
  • Aesthetic UI
  • Suited for Group collaborations


  • Paid versions are expensive

Key Features: Professional Photography App | Group Libraries | Advanced Editing features | Gmail integration 

Download: Adobe Creative Cloud

Backing up your photos from your iPhone takes up a lot of storage. Also, personal photos need a secure place to rest in. All the listed best cloud storage for photos to backup iPhone photos are secure and robust.

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