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10 Best Custom iPhone Widgets Apps to Stylize Your iPhone Home Screen

Home screen widgets on iPhone can change the way you look at your phone. You can get anything on your iPhone home screen without opening apps. From world clock to Spotify player, there are tons of iPhone widgets you can use. Then there are custom iPhone widgets with useful widgets for your home screen.

In this article, we will go throuugh the best custom iPhone widgets apps to add iPhone home screen widgets in different styles.


  1. Color Widgets
  2. Widgetsmith
  3. Usage: System Activity Widgets
  4. Launcher with Multiple Widgets
  5. Widgeridoo
  6. Health Widget & Sleep Tracker
  7. OneWidget – Widgets in One App
  8. Widgetify
  9. Widget box-color home theme
  10. Widget Plus : Calendar & Memo

Color Widgets

color widgets custom iOS 14 widgets app

Color Widgets offers a set of basic text-based widgets that show different kinds of information. These include time, date, battery percentage, countdown timer, weather, music, playlists, calendar, reminders, quotes, custom text, and step counter amongst other things.

Moreover, you can customize the iPhone home screen widgets to add an image, edit the text, create your own color scheme, etc. The widgets are very versatile and customizable. Whether you just want to stick to something basic or stick to a certain color scheme, Color Widgets custom iPhone widgets app can look at home with any kind of set up.

Download: Color Widgets


Widgetsmith custom iPhone widgets app

Widgetsmith is possibly the most popular custom widgets app for iPhone. It was the first app of its kind on iPhone and is largely responsible for the trend. Widgetsmith has a wide range of customizable iPhone home screen widgets from simple date, weather, and time widgets to astronomy.

All of these widgets can be customized to best fit your needs both in functionality and in appearance. The home screen custom widgets can also be set to change based on the time of day, so the same widget will show different information at different times. For instance, the same widget can show weather information in the morning, your calendar a couple of hours later, your activity at the end of the day, etc.

Download: Widgetsmith

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Usage: System Activity Widgets

useful system activity widgets for iPhone

Usage: System Activity Widgets makes what it is pretty obvious with the name. It contains a set of useful iPhone widgets that I regularly use myself because there is no easier way to monitor your internet speed on iPhone. But Usage can help you track more than that. The iPhone custom widgets monitors your device’s data usage, real time connection speed, storage usage, battery graph, etc.

If for some reason you want your device’s hardware info available at all times on your home screen, you can get widgets for that too. All the available iPhone home screen widgets can be customized to change almost everything about them. If you’re using an older version of iOS, or you just like the older widget styles, those are available as well.

Download: Usage: System Activity Widgets

Launcher with Multiple Widgets

iOS  14 Launcher with Multiple Widgets

The primary function of a useful widget is convenience, so that you don’t have to perform multiple steps for a task you often have to do. For instance, an email widget can let you know if you have a new mail, and from whom, at a glance without having to open any apps. Launcher is an app launching custom iPhone widget that makes your life easier not by presenting you with quick information but quick controls.

With a single tap it can let you call, message, email, or FaceTime with the people you contact the most. You can easily access your favorite websites right from your home screen, run shortcuts, tweet, play/pause music, get directions, etc. If you buy the premium you can also schedule the same iPhone widget to show different icons at different times. Launcher Premium also gives you the ability to customize icon sizes, remove icon labels, stack widgets, and more widgets.

Download: Launcher with Multiple Widgets

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Widgeridoo - create custom widgets on iPhone

Widgeridoo is an advanced custom widget creator app for iPhones that allows you to create your own useful widgets. Where most of the other apps offer built-in widget templates that you can customize, Widgeridoo gives you total control. You can customize an entire iPhone home screen widget from the ground up. The app provides you with a block-based grid system.

You can add or remove rows and columns in custom iPhone widgets. You can also add different data types to each block. A single widget can be made to show multiple data types or simply one data type with more details. The blocks can contain information about calendar events, texts, images, date, countdown timers, battery percentage, etc. Widgeridoo can even show health information such as steps or distance from your health app and many other things.

Download: Widgeridoo

Health Widget & Sleep Tracker

Widget: Health & Sleep Tracker

As the name would suggest, this app offers you a collection of health and fitness related iPhone home screen widgets. The custom iPhone widget app automatically syncs the data with your Apple Watch. Therefore, the widgets that you place on your home screen will always provide you with the most up to date information. This is not an app that merely exists to give you a bunch of widgets, however.

Health Widgets & Sleep Tracker also provides detailed analysis of your steps taken, sleep quality and cycles, etc. by monitoring your heart rate. It can also automatically schedule wake-up alarms for you based on this data, at a time optimal for your body. Naturally, this means the app collects a lot of information about you. Your data does not get sent out of your phone either, neither to the developers nor to a third-party.

Download: Health Widget & Sleep Tracker

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OneWidget – Widgets in One App

OneWidget - useful iPhone widgets in one app

OneWidget is another iPhone widget app that contains a selection of various widget templates. The custom iPhone home screen widgets themselves offer a wide range of functionality from basic things like clock, date, reminders, to-dos, system info, etc. to date counter, life counter, health, etc. The app works with Apple Health to keep your health data in sync. It also lets you individually choose which health stats you want to provide access to.

So, if you only want to see step counts on a home screen widget, you don’t have to provide the app access to all your health data. Health widget can show pretty much every health information available on Apple Health. For example, it can show the steps count, distance, active energy, exercise time, stairs climbed, swimming distance, basal energy, etc.

Download: OneWidget


Widgetly useful iPhone widgets

Widgetly lets you create photo widgets or solid background widgets that display time, step count, app icons, etc. So, if you’re not a fan of the regular iPhone app icons, you can replace them with your own. All you have to do is create a little widget with Widgetly for a Shortcut than launches the app of your choice and give it an icon of your choice.

Widgetly also works with HealthKit to sync your health information with the Apple Health app. As a result, your widgets will always show you the most up to date info about the number of steps you’ve taken, your sleep cycle, heart rate etc. If you’re a graphic designer, you can even create an iPhone custom widget to show you the latest inspirations from Dribbble.

Download: Widgetly

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Widget box-color home theme

Widget box-color home theme

If you’re someone who wants their iPhone widgets to create or fit into a unique thematic home screen, Widget box is the iOS widget app for you. It contains various widgets such as for wallpapers, clocks, weather, and daily theme text. Each of the iPhone home screen widgets can be customized to adjust to your desired function and appearance. Things that can be customized include font, theme color and style.

Widget box can also be used to replace the boring old regular app icons on your home screen. Instead, you can replace them with little widgets which still launch the app you want. As an advantage, you get to choose the app icon that best fits your home screen theme. There are many app icons already included in the custom iPhone widget app such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, etc. You’ll need a monthly or yearly subscription to take full advantage of the features, however.

Download: Widget box

Widget Plus : Calendar & Memo

Widget Plus : Calendar & Memo

Widget Plus is one of the simplest custom iPhone home screen widget apps on this list. The widget selection here is not very wide, but these are useful widgets nonetheless. You do get a number of iPhone custom widgets for sticky notes, checklists, calendar, timestamps, etc. Unlike most widgets on iOS, these widgets don’t simply show you information at a glance.

For instance, you can scribble on your notes widget with your finger to write a note instead of the widget simply showing you your most recent note. The widgets are customizable, of course, and can also be shared with friends. You can also import someone else’s home screen widget if they share it with you online or anywhere else. The free version only allows up to 5 widgets and 2 favorites.

Download: Widget Plus : Calendar & Memo

All the useful iPhone widget apps on this list are a good indication. There are many more such apps to let you add custom iPhone home screen widgets. If you think there’s an app that should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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