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10 Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone to Set Beautiful Wallpapers Every Day

Wallpaper is the first thing we see every time we open our phones. An average person checks their phone at least a hundred times a day. Wallpapers are proven to influence our mood, so it is essential to have beautiful wallpapers on our iPhone home screen. Wallpaper also lets us express our unique personalities.

In this article, we have shared the best wallpaper apps for iPhone, which will let you express your unique personalities through beautiful wallpapers.

10 Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

These are the best wallpaper apps for iPhones available on the app store. These apps will help you pick out the suitable wallpaper that matches your vibe.



The Unsplash app empowers creativity by sharing copyright-free photographs and wallpapers. The Unsplash app also enables you to make your artwork using photographs. The iPhone wallpaper app gives you access to over 3 million high-resolution photos.

The unique feature of the Unsplash app is that you don’t even need a high-resolution camera to create great wallpapers. You can take a picture on your own iPhone and edit the image to make great wallpapers in the app.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Huge wallpaper collection


  • Website better than the app

Key Features: over 3 million images | anyone can upload | Copyright-free images

Download: Unsplash

Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD

WalliThe Walli app is a great wallpaper app for iPhone users with millions of cool wallpapers for you to choose from. Walli has high quality, selective collection of unique and cool wallpapers exclusively made by talented artists for your iPhone.

Artists create the wallpapers in the Walli app in the app community, each with their unique styles, selected carefully by the Walli team. Walli is not just another wallpaper app offering the same and usual photos of flowers, mountains, and beaches. Everyone can find their perfect wallpaper in the Walli app.


  • Great aesthetic selection of wallpapers


  • Shows ads
  • App design is average

Key Features: App gives recommendations | Allows multiple sized downloads | Can see what others select

Download: Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD

Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum WallpapersYou can find beautiful hand-picked wallpapers from the thousands of images coming in every day in the Vellum app. You will not ever need another wallpaper app with the Vellum app again.

Vellum lets you create a blurred background using the blur tool, and it gives an aesthetic touch to the wallpaper. The wallpaper app also gives you fresh and limited wallpaper every day. The free version of the Vellum app lets you choose from hundreds of wallpapers. Vellum app has a great collection of beautiful wallpapers, making it one of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone.


  • Beautiful wallpapers
  • No ads in premium version


  • App crashes a lot
  • Not completely free

Key Features: Powerful built-in blurring | fresh wallpapers every day

Download: Vellum Wallpapers

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Clarity Wallpaper

Clarity WallpaperClarity is the ultimate wallpaper app for iPhone if you look for elegant wallpapers. The Clarity app lets you create and explore wallpapers. You can change wallpapers automatically with shortcuts through the Clarity app. Clarity also lets you preview wallpapers right on your home screen.

You can also change backgrounds and create blurry wallpapers with Clarity. You can also share your photographs or artworks with the app community. With Clarity, any photo can be the perfect wallpaper because it has enough features to make any images look great.


  • Filled with features
  • Unique wallpapers not available anywhere else


  • App crashes often
  • Blurring feature not that good

Key Features: Can change wallpapers automatically with shortcuts | Preview wallpapers on your home screen | Create gradient backgrounds | Create blurry wallpapers | Create portrait wallpapers

Download: Clarity Wallpaper

Patternator Video Wallpapers

Patternator Video WallpapersPatternator is one of the most creative wallpaper apps. You can create calm and beautiful wallpapers using only your creativity. The more creative you get, the more attractive your wallpapers will be. You can make any animated pattern using your imagination and save them as your live wallpaper in the Patternator app.

Patternator lets you choose single or multiple designs from tons of stickers or your photos to make cool wallpapers. There are features in the app that would easily cut out and help you make stickers out of your photos. You can also choose the background for your wallpaper and adjust the pattern scale, rotation, and more to help you make very cool and appealing wallpapers.


  • Fun to use
  • Creative app
  • Tons of built-in stickers


  • Not completely free
  • At times crashes when you save

Key Features: Live wallpapers | Can make stickers and patterns| Can create creative backgrounds

Download: Patternator Video Wallpapers

Art Wallpapers by Artpaper

Art Wallpapers by ArtpaperThe Artwork app aims to bring some of the most beautiful paintings in the history of humankind as wallpapers on your iPhone. The artwork succeeds in turning your iPhone into a gallery with 1300 artworks. Most wallpapers are from some top-tier galleries and museums worldwide.

With Artpaper, you will never get bored of your wallpaper because the app reminds you to set a new one if you put an interval. The interface feature will let you pick a work you would love to see on your home screen in seconds with the Artpaper app. If you are an art lover, Artpaper is the best wallpaper app.

Even if you are not an art lover, Artpaper is significant because the frequent change of some of the most beautiful artworks as your wallpaper is an excellent treat to the eye.


  • Features beautiful artworks
  • Easy to pick wallpaper


  • Paintings are unorganized

Key Features: Features over 1300 paintings | Easy to use interface | Changes artwork often

Download: Art Wallpapers by Artpaper

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Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4KEverpix has an exclusive collection of high-quality HD and Retina wallpapers for iPhones. The bright and colorful wallpapers in the Everpix app brighten up your screen and your personality. You can easily express yourself with unique and awesome wallpapers from the Everpix app.

There are thousands of free HD and 4K images as wallpapers in Everpix. Vast collections of wallpapers come in every day. Another fun feature of the Everpix app is that the wallpapers have different themes. When it is Christmas, you can choose from tons of Christmas-themed wallpapers. Wallpapers for every holiday are available on Everpix.

The wallpapers from the Everpix app will let you express your personality through bright and colorful HD wallpapers. Everpix is unique among the wallpaper apps because it has many different themes for you to choose from based on holidays or your mood.


  • Features multiple themes
  • Very high definition wallpapers


  • Not completely free
  • App loads slowly

Key Features: 4K, Retina & HD wallpapers | New wallpapers everyday | Various themes

Download: Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

Kappboom – Live Wallpapers

Kappboom – Live WallpapersKappboom claims to be the best wallpaper app with over 2,00,000 cool and inspiring wallpapers at your fingertips. Kappboom lets you share awesome and inspiring wallpapers with your friends. You can choose your wallpaper in different resolutions from the Kappboom app.

The iPhone wallpaper app gallery is easy to navigate, and they are even is a slideshow feature. You can even combine your photos with the wallpapers in the Kapboom app to create even more awesome wallpapers.


  • Tons of features
  • Gives inspiration
  • Considered number 1 by many


  • Shows ads
  • No fresh content

Key Features: Can choose resolutions | Slideshow mode | Combine wallpapers and your photos | Cool effects and skins

Download: Kappboom – Live Wallpapers

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Papers.co Wallpapers HD

Papers.co Wallpapers HDPapers.co is one of the most popular wallpapers apps for iPhone. There are over 10000 hand-collected wallpapers in Paper.co. The wallpapers in Papers.co are put in different categories like art, celebrities, and landscape.

You can preview the wallpapers in your home and lock screen using the Papers.co app features. New wallpapers are uploaded daily and are chosen by top designers. You can also create or edit wallpapers in the app.


  • Easy to use
  • Vast variety of categories


  • App crashes sometimes

Key Features: Wallpaper preview | Wallpapers segregated into categories

Download: Papers.co Wallpapers HD

Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes

Dark Mode Wallpapers & ThemesMost of us generally use our phones in dark mode. The Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes app makes the best wallpapers for dark mode. The Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes wallpapers are aesthetic as they set a dark tone to your phone.

All the wallpapers are available in HD 4K. Despite being an app for the dark mode, Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes has wallpapers for every taste. The app interface is simple and is easy to use. Dark wallpapers also preserve your phone’s battery which is a huge advantage.

The wallpapers are frequently updated, and there are no annoying pop-up ads in the free version, unlike most other apps. With limited edition categories for holiday seasons, wallpaper previews, 20+ featured wallpapers, and many other unique features, Dark Mode is a suitable wallpaper app for your iPhone.


  • No pop up ads
  • No subscriptions
  • Frequently updated


  • Only for dark mode users

Key Features: Wallpaper preview available | Preserves your phone battery

Download: Dark Mode Wallpapers & Themes

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Wallpapers play an integral part in influencing your mood while you use your phone, and the apps mentioned above will help bring out your best attitude. The apps mentioned in this article will help you express your personalities through awesome wallpapers proving that these are indeed the best wallpaper apps for iPhones.

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