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12 Best Hidden Object Games for Android and iPhone

Do you like challenges and mysteries? How about solving puzzles and finding out hidden objects in a thrilling space? It will be a great experience trying out this adventurous set of search games in which either you will be the only lead, or you will be among the team in charge of unraveling mysteries in the scene. We have collected some of the best hidden object games to get you into a thrilling mood.

Here, we give a briefing about the best hidden object games for Android and iPhone.

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City is a thrilling game that turns your imagination real. It is a free unlimited hidden object game. In-app purchase is also available which comes with new bonuses. The search game is based on an unknown city and the mirages happening there.

You have to save your friend from this strange city. A black smoke trapped him. You will see strange characters, dungeons, and cults in the journey. There are 77 distinct characters in the search game. Hidden City also has regular free updates with fresh content.


  • Good graphics
  • Mini tasks and puzzles
  • Game events and competitions


  • Slow progressing storyline
  • Updates are often buggy
  • Expensive in-app purchases

Key Features: 73+ hidden locations | 6600+ quests and tasks | Numerous game characters | Regular updates | Google Play Games and Apple Game Center support | Play with your friends

Download Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Object GamePearl’s Peril is one of the most mysterious “find it game”. Pearl is the main character. She wants to unravel the mystery behind her father’s suicide. It will be challenging to find the killer by traveling virtually to different places from the streets of 1920s New York to Paris in this best hidden object game.

You can redecorate the estate of the Wallace family on Artemis Island. The search game has beautiful graphics. You can also purchase seek new bonuses in Pearl’s Peril. In the journey, you will make friends with an international community of Pearl’s Peril Adventures.


  • Great scenes and interesting locations
  • Decorate your islands on your wish
  • Gives away badges and pink daisies as rewards


  • Buggy after some updates
  • Hidden objects blend away in the dark
  • Too many Ads
  • Lesser rewards

Key Features: Hidden object game | Exclusive island decorations | 100+ scenes | Gripping story | Test skills against huge community

Download Pearl’s Peril: Hidden Objects: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

Sherlock: Mystery Hidden Objects & Match-3 Cases

Sherlock Mystery Hidden Objects & Match-3 CasesHave you read Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Sherlock Holmes. By following the storyline of Sherlock Holmes, you can easily play the best hidden object game. The objective of the free unlimited hidden object game is to restore the original plots of the book. You will meet characters in the book in the find it game.

You will have to solve quests and puzzles for the same. In this free game, you can find hidden objects and use them to go further in your journey. The puzzle includes matching gems in a row. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you will find the colorful locations mentioned in the book here in the search game.


  • Brilliant graphics
  • Option to play a Match 3 game
  • Gives two options to complete challenge


  • Option to play untimed not available
  • Free game but cannot continue without buying points

Key Features: Sherlock Holmes storyline | Familiar characters | Multiple languages | Absorbing quests | Tons of puzzles

Download Sherlock Match-3 Cases: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

Mystery Manor hidden objectsBeing one of the best hidden object games, Mystery Manor has excellent hand-drawn graphics and has different storylines for each room. You can play the search game anywhere without an internet connection. The game is based on the disappearance of Mister X, the owner of Mystery Manor.

You, as an investigator will encounter strange crime scenes. You will also have to question strange criminals. Complete your detective tasks by finding out hidden objects. Besides, you can also meet new people in the find it game to get keys and clues to proceed further.


  • Game is fun and challenging
  • Puzzle needs critical thinking
  • Incredible graphics


  • Expensive
  • Hidden objects are barely visible
  • Addictive

Key Features: Mysterious game atmosphere | Detective storyline with several emotions | Wide range of hidden objects | Natch-3 adventures | Mini games | Works offline | New characters in each update

Download Mystery Manor: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

Enigmatis – Hidden Object Game

Enigmatis - Hidden Object GameEnigmatis is a good and straightforward kind of game. You have to save yourself and find out the missing teenage girl. The free unlimited hidden object game has so many puzzles and riddles. The storyline is just brilliant. You will have to collect evidence to play the search game further.

You are confronting a storm in the dark and you have to play in the middle of the road. Your target will be to solve the ages-old mystery of Maple Creek. You can locate the hidden objects with the help of a large map. Besides, a bonus chapter is awaiting you for completing the game.


  • Exceptional graphics
  • Affordable
  • Improves memory


  • Hard to get high score
  • Addictive
  • Hidden objects blend with surrounding

Key Features: AAA cinematics | Immersive story | Breathtaking sceneries | Adventures and tasks | Bonuses and awards

Download Enigmatis – Hidden Object Game: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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The Secret Society – Hidden Objects Mystery

The Secret Society - Hidden Objects MysteryThe Secret Society has good graphics and the scenes are really challenging. The search game comes with new updates on a regular basis. In the “find it game”, you have to find Uncle Richard who suddenly went missing. Using the unique abilities of the Secret Society, you can easily accomplish the task.

There are an ample number of quests in the free unlimited hidden object game to keep you entertained. You also get to see 99 amazing locations with interesting characters. Solve puzzles, find hidden objects and proceed further in your journey to find your uncle and protect the sacred Artifact of the Order.


  • The game has special items/crystal deals
  • Graphics are beautiful
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Changes made over time have been uniformly negative
  • Buggy after several updates
  • Non-working keyboard
  • Pop-up Ads

Key Features: Free to play | Hidden locations and objects | Mystery storyline | 7700+ Quests | Never-ending locations

Download The Secret Society: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

Time Trap – Hidden Object Adventure Games

Time Trap - Hidden Object Adventure Games for FreeTime Trap has a unique sci-fi storyline. It is a hidden picture search game that doesn’t have the stress of timing you. You have to solve the mystery in the post-apocalyptic world. The objects are well crafted and hidden which makes the game challenging.

The find it game has good graphics and there are picture puzzles to solve. Though the game has a little too many Ads, it is entertaining and free. It also has a pleasant background score. The free unlimited hidden object game has mystery, suspense, and realistic photos.


  • Realistic photos
  • Soothing mysterious music
  • Good storyline
  • True search and find game



  • The top row of squares of the puzzle is barely visible
  • Too many Ads
  • Difficult to find hidden objects

Key Features: Post apocalyptic storyline | Investigative journalism | Challenging game locations | New quests and rewards

Download Time Trap: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Mystery Hotel – Seek and Find Hidden Objects Games

Mystery Hotel - Seek and Find Hidden Objects GamesThe best hidden object game showcases a variety of tasks like search for items, puzzles, and spotting the differences. On the map, you can see an “Add friend” button, add them also in your investigation. You will get many rewards with each quest you complete.

The free unlimited hidden object game has colorful scenery and 3D visual effects. You have the role of a detective to solve the mystery of Hotel Noir. The scene happens in Western Europe. There happens a murder at the hotel, you have to collect clues, talk to witness and solve the case.


  • Hidden objects are ease to medium challenge
  • Graphics are good
  • Visual artwork is incredible


  • Too many Ads
  • Unable to download massive hidden object games
  • Misleading storyline
  • Scenes keep repeating which is boring

Key Features: A variety of tasks | Colorful animation | Puzzles and restorations | Team up with nearby friends | WiFi gameplay

Download Mystery Hotel: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

Hidden Objects – Photo Puzzle

Hidden Objects - Photo PuzzleHidden objects is a fun game with lots of levels to explore. The search game is family-friendly. You can play the game anywhere without an internet connection. You have to solve photo puzzles, and also find hidden objects. The find it game has a beautiful soundtrack and awesome graphics.

It will be really thrilling for you to play unravel the secrets of the mystery hidden world, explore its places and solve the puzzles. The game suits both children and adults. Besides, you will be provided three hints for each quest.


  • Family friendly
  • Explore different places
  • Thrilling storyline


  • Too many Ads
  • Game keeps crashing
  • Provides only little clues

Key Features: Online and offline modes | 3 hints for each quest | Unlimited levels | Adventure game for all ages

Download Hidden Objects – Photo Puzzle: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey - Hidden ObjectsJune’s journey has beautiful illustrations and the storyline is entertaining and compelling. You require some effort to find the hidden objects which are quite challenging. Even though, the best hidden object game has Ads, watching an ad will benefit you in certain ways here in June’s Journey.

Get into June Parker’s quest to find out hidden family secrets. The find it game is just like TV series, a new episode is added every week. You can design the island just the way you like. There will be hundreds of hidden objects. You will have to keenly observe to find hidden clues.


  • Storyline is very interesting
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Relaxing background music


  • Addictive
  • Crashing multiple times in an hour
  • frustrating and repetitive ads

Key Features: Available for iMessage | Observation skill test | Mystery game | New episode every week

Download: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Object Adventure

The Paranormal Society Hidden Object AdventureThe search game sets you in Victorian England to look into the ghosts haunting the town. The game has an attractive concept with graphics well executed. Besides, It also has pleasant music. The Paranormal Society is a mix of haunting and peaceful times.

Victorian England is experiencing an invasion of phantoms. The government seeks the help of the Paranormal Society. You, who witnessed her husband’s soul leaving the body to join other phantoms is its member. In the process, you will explore stunning manors, solve puzzles, and use scientific tools to end evils.


  • Interesting storyline
  • Updates bring really cool features
  • Amazing graphics


  • In-app purchase is expensive
  • Gives hardly any clues
  • Hidden objects too difficult to find

Key Features: 22 locations | 29 characters | 44 phantoms | 1800+ quests | Dozens of game collections

Download The Paranormal Society: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Alice Through the Looking Glass: Find Hidden Items

Alice Through the Looking Glass Find Hidden ItemsA fun game in which you find hidden objects on ships, trains, or in the woods. The search game with its HD and 3D graphics is nice and straightforward. Finding hidden objects can be really challenging and interesting in Through the Looking Glass.

Alice is the heroine of the story. Help her solve puzzles in her journey. While playing the game, you will experience colorful 360 degree scenery. Play the find it game and solve the diverse challenges awaiting you. Besides, being the best hidden object game, it gives away many rewards.


  • Refreshingly uncomplicated
  • Graphics and music are great
  • Helps you to stay focused


  • Hidden objects blending to background
  • Game is confusing
  • Too many Ads
  • Game is short

Key Features: Unusual 360-degree experience | Vibrant game aesthetics | Classic challenges | Build your own collection

Download Alice Through the Looking Glass: iPhone | Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

Start hunting and find hidden objects in a world filled with mystery. Let your imaginations and fantasies come real in these virtual games. Do try out these challenging games and get a handful of rewards. Let us know which best hidden object games you enjoyed the most.

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