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10 Best Accessories for iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple is selling a ton of iPhone 11 units and plenty of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max units as well, just like every year. Apple is shipping iPhones with a lightning port headphone, charger cable, and a power adapter. There are a bunch of other accessories for your iPhone 11 that can enhance the capabilities of your Apple device. We haven’t included the iPhone cases here, check here for iPhone 11 cases and iPhone 11 Pro cases.

The accessory list includes iPhone 11 chargers, power adapters, portable chargers, solar power banks, wireless chargers, wireless car charger mounts, USB drives, Bluetooth earphones and more.

Apple USB-C Power Adapter

Apple 18W USB-C Power AdapterApple ships iPhone 11 with a small power supply (5V/1A). However, if you want to have a fast charging support for your iPhone 11, you need a more powerful power adapter for your iPhone 11 and Pro.

This is the standard Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter and it comes without a cable. Apple officially recommends pairing it with the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12. 9-Inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation) for optimal charging performance.

Although it can be used safely as an iPhone 11 USB-C charger as well for some fast charging. As long as you have the right USB-C cable you can charge any devices with it including Android smartphones, and tablets or even USB-C laptops.

This is a USB-C based supply, that supports more power and you can use to charge Samsung or other Android phones that have USB-C port.

Type: 18W USB-C Power Adapter | Buy from Amazon: Apple 18W USB-C Power Adapter

Choetech USB-C Power Adapter

CHOETECH 18W USB C ChargerAre you looking for a universal power supply for all your USB C devices? You can use this universal power adapter with your USB C port.

Choetech USB-C charger is also an 18W power adapter in a compact size. The power supply comes with USB-C Charger cable.

This iPhone power supply is compatible with the iPad Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the older iPhone X and Xs models. You can also use it to charge a Samsung, Google Pixel and other Android smartphone or tablet as well, provided you have the right cable. It’s a USB C charger so one end of your cable will need to be USB C. The USB-C based fast charging is supported for iPhones and Android smartphones too.

The Choetech USB-C charger also has a smart chip that automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging power for connected devices. This iPhone 11 accessory helps protect the charger and thus your device against over-current, over-voltage, overheating and short circuit.

Type: 18W USB-C Power Adapter | Buy from Amazon: Choetech USB C Charger

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Anker 10000mAh Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000mAh Portable ChargerOne of the must-have accessory for iPhone 11 users is to always keep your iPhone live. The Anker Power Bank can also save some extra battery juice in your backpack.

Anker PowerCore is a slim portable charger for the iPhone 11 and other iPhones as well as any other mobile devices you may have. With a capacity of 10,000mAh, it should easily charge any smartphone, even those with massive 5000mAh batteries almost twice.

Some of that capacity will deteriorate over time though so you need to keep that in mind. iPhones don’t have such massive batteries though so you should be easily able to charge it from 0-100 twice or even thrice depending upon the model. For instance, the iPhone XS or even the Google Pixel can be charged twice completely. An iPad Pro 11″ can be charged once from 0-100%.

The Anker Power Bank also supports fast charging and provides a USB A port along with a USB C port. If you’re really into the match-making game, this Anker Portable Power Supply is available in the exact midnight green color as the iPhone 11.

Type: Portable Power Bank for iPhone | Buy from Amazon: Anker 10000mAh Portable Charger

Solar Power Bank Wireless Charger

BLAVOR Wireless Solar Power Bank for iPhone 11This iPhone accessory comes handy when you go hiking or on a long trip. This power bank can charge itself with solar energy. And it’s built with a compass and flashlight, in addition to a wireless charging support for your iPhone 11.

Blavor Solar Power Bank is a wireless charger based on the Qi wireless charging standard. At this point, it is probably pretty clear that it is like a solar battery so you can charge it up anywhere as long as there is the sun. Don’t worry though if the sun is not out yet because it can also be charged via traditional means, i.e,  a charger with a micro USB and Type C inputs.

The solar charging is only in case of emergencies. With a 5V/2A charging, it can be recharged in about 6 hours. The solar power bank is built for outdoor use though and is IPX4 splash-proof, dustproof, and shockproof. There’s also a built-in flashlight and compass.

The Solar Power Bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh. It can charge an iPhone 7 Plus up to 2.2 times, iPhone X up to 2.3 times, and an iPhone 8 up to 3.5 times. Of course, charging wirelessly means some of that power will just dissipate into the air as heat, the efficiency is reduced in that case. As far as support is concerned, the Qi standard is supported by most other phones including Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel 3, etc.

Type: Solar Power Bank with Wireless Charger | Buy from Amazon: Solar Power Bank Wireless Charger

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Choetech Dual Wireless Charger

CHOETECH Dual Wireless ChargerCHOETECH Dual Wireless ChargerCHOETECH Dual Wireless ChargerThe wireless charger mat is a lot more convenient to charge your iPhone or AirPods. You can have this accessory for your iPhone 11 and charge two devices simultaneously.

Choetch Dual Wireless Charger provides Qi-certified fast wireless charging and uses 5 coils to deliver maximum power. The charging pad is compatible with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, Samsung, Airpods, or any other device that supports the Qi wireless charging standard.

This wireless power mat features two Qi-compatible charging mats and has the ability to charge two phones simultaneously at up to 18W output. The power adapter included is also an 18W charger compatible with quick charge 3.0.

The charging pad is designed with an anti-slip PU leather surface which not only looks sleek and modern but also prevents your glass-back phone from slipping. Similarly, the anti-slip pad on the bottom keeps your charging pad from slipping.

Type: Wireless Charger Pad | Buy from Amazon: CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount with USB-CYou’re gonna love this wireless charger. This can hold your iPhone 11 on your car’s dashboard while charging your phone.

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount is just like a regular car mount, except it charges your iPhone 11 wirelessly too. It features an auto clamp, 10W wireless charging and can attach to your car’s windshield, dashboard or air vent.

The car wireless charger is compatible with iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, etc. The wireless charger plugs into your car via a USB-C port and has LED indicators on both sides. For fast charging, you’ll need an additional Quick Charge 3.0 compatible car charger which is not included in the pack.

The ZeeHoo wireless car charger mount also has a Multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology that provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more.

Type: Wireless Car Charger Mount | Buy from Amazon: ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

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Mikikin Wireless Car Charger Mount

Mikikin Auto-Clamping Qi 10W 7.5W Fast Charging Car iPhone 11If you are looking for a simple wireless car charger to charge your iPhone 11 while driving, try this iPhone accessory that can mount on a/c vents.

This wireless charger car mount iPhone 11 accessory by Mikikin is also based around the Qi wireless charging standard and features protection against overcurrent, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit protection to ensure charging safety.

As for the maximum power output, for iPhones that max out at 7.5W and for supported Samsung smartphones, it is 10W. For everyone else, the max output is limited to 5W.

The 3rd generation reinforced copper coils make it charging speed 76% faster than standard wireless charging or so the company claims. As long as your phone’s case is less than 8mm thick and not made of metal or contains magnets, there’s no need to remove the case for the wireless charging to work.

Of course, it’s also a car mount and features an auto clamp with a silicone base that prevents your phone from slipping. The list of compatible devices includes the iPhone 11, 11Pro, and Android smartphones Samsung.

Type: Wireless Car Charger Mount | Buy from Amazon: Mikikin Wireless Car Charger Mount

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ESR USB C to Lightning Cable

ESR Braided Nylon USB C To Lightning CableiPhone 11 comes with a lighting port. You might need this USB-C lighting cable if you want to transfer data or charge your iPhone 11 with a new MacBook Pro.

Do you own the latest MacBook Pro or iPad? Then you must already start using USB C cables. USB C power adapters are the most common power supply ports used for Samsung and Pixel phones.

However, Apple is not completely switched to USB C port yet. If you’re not so much into wireless charging, you can still get this USB-C to Lightning cable by ESR. This USB-C cable provides several advantages over the cable provided in the box by Apple. For one, it is 6.6ft long so it allows for more freedom while plugged to the wall.

Paired with the right USB C adapter, USB-C to Lightning Cable also supports fast charging for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Moreover, the cable is completely nylon braided which gives it additional durability to daily wear and tear. The charger heads have an aluminum casing around them as well. These have been tested to withstand being plugged in over 5000 times.

Of course, it can also be used to transfer files from your PC to your iPhone or iPad. ESR says you don’t have to worry about the “Accessory may not be supported” error.

Type: USB C to Lightning Cable for iPhone | Buy from Amazon: ESR USB C to Lightning Cable

Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case Don’t like the wired headphones? AirPods are one of the best wireless earphones made exclusively for  your iPhone.

AirPods are one of the best iPhone 11 accessories to have. This is the latest model of the Apple AirPods, also commonly known as the Apple AirPods 2. This one comes with a wireless charging case. As AirPods should, it connects with any nearby Apple devices with one tap once you open the case.

The AirPods also provide quick access to Siri even if your phone is in your pocket or just away. The surface of the AirPods is touch-sensitive too. So you can play/pause or skip songs simply by swiping or tapping on the earbuds.

Once in the case, the earbuds charge quickly (can check with Siri). The case itself can be charged wirelessly via any Qi-compatible wireless charging pads. You can check the additional tips for AirPod users in this article: The top 20 Apple AirPods Tips you must know.

Type: Wireless Earphones for iPhone | Price: | Buy from Amazon: Apple AirPods With Wireless Charging Case

Beats urBeats3 Earphones

Beats urBeats3 Earphones iPhone 11 lightning wired earphonesCheck out Beats3′ earphones if you want noise isolated. These lightning port earphones have extra bass.

Wireless is fine but the audio quality wires can provide is still unmatched. Not to mention wired headphones are cheaper too. Beats by Dr. Dre connect to your iPhone 11’s lightning port to provide a fine-tuned listening experience.

The earbuds have an acoustic and optimal ergonomic design for all-day comfort and exceptional sound quality. They ship with a variety of ear tips to provide individualized fir for good noise isolation.

The tangle-free flat wires also ensure that you can avoid the most dreaded disadvantage of wired earphones. Bats urBeats3 support taking calls, controlling your music, and activating Siri.

Type: Lightning Port Headphones | Buy from Amazon: Beats urBeats3 Earphones

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SanDisk 256GB iXpand Flash Drive

SanDisk 256GB iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPadLooking for some additional backup for your iPhone 11’s photos and videos? Get this 256GB flash drive for your iPhone.

iPhones have supported the iXpand flash drives even before the iOS 13 update. The SanDisk 256GB iXpand flash drive is one of the best iPhone 11 accessories to have on the go to transfer recorded videos and captured photos onto if your iPhone’s memory is full.

iPhone USB drive comes with a lightning connector on one end and a normal USB A connector on the other. The lightning connector is flexible and should fit through most iPhone 11 cases. The flash drive can automatically back up photos and videos from your camera.

This iXpand flash drive functionality is available for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPads with Lightning connector and iOS 8.2+. The flash drive supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds to and from a compatible USB A 3.0 port on your computer. The iXpand Drive app can be used to easily manage your photos and videos.

Type: Lighting Port Flash Drive | Price: $71.88 | Buy from Amazon: SanDisk 256GB Flash Drive

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All the accessories listed above have mainly been described with regard to the iPhone 11. Even though we have mentioned a wide range of devices some of these iPhone 11 accessories are compatible with wherever the manufacturer has provided such a list.

In the case that a compatibility list hasn’t been mentioned, you can safely assume that these iPhone 11 accessories will also be compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. For example, the SanDisk iXpand flash drive will work fine with either of the iPhone 11 models even though the official list of supported devices doesn’t mention them.

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