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15 Best Live Video Streaming Sites

Live streaming is a benchmark product of most of the Social Media channels. Most of the social media channels promoting the users for Live Streaming to earn extra attention and income. After Facebook and Instagram live, people came to know about Live streaming videos. After that, almost all social media sites accepted live videos. People started broadcasting live videos for fun, many started using it as a business. Soon many online gamers started live streaming their games. As the viewers increased, live videos gained its popularity.

Here is the list of best live video streaming sites that are available for the public. You can pick one whenever you want to go live and feel like a celebrity!!

Facebook Live

Facebook created a revolution in Social Media network. Connecting old school friends, creating job opportunities, running businesses, Facebook grew with people. Facebook soon became the face of social media. Introduction of Facebook Live was also some kind of revolution. They gave permission to every user to go live. Everyone started testing and going live in various places. The real-time chat was also available to chat with the live viewers.

Note: Facebook Live notified followers so that they won’t miss any live videos. After a live video ends, it will remain in the user account until it got removed. This helped the followers to watch the video even after it ended.

Go live on Facebook


An app for live broadcasting and chatting. A majority of teenagers, budding musicians, artists, and many casual users use YouNow. This app allows you to go live on the go. Artists share their work, live with YouNow audience. YouNow is a casual app for live video streaming. Because of that, YouNow gives the feel of a complete social network site.

Note: To broadcast in YouNow and to watch replays, you need to buy a subscription. With 4.99$ a month, you can watch replays, make comments on live videos and broadcast as much as you want.

Go live on YouNow

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If you’re a gamer and want to live stream your gaming skills, Twitch is the right platform. Twitch is a live video streaming website created for games. You can live stream your gameplay after linking with Twitch. Professional gamers use Twitch to teach games, show off their skills, and also to make money. Every live streaming game video will have an option to add a buy button. You’ll receive a 5% commission if anyone downloads the game via your stream. You can also watch other players’ live broadcasts and comment on their gaming skills.

Note: Unlike Instagram Live and Facebook Live, you cannot re-watch a live video. There is no rewind or pause button. Once the video ends, it’s gone forever. Twitch’s basic account contains ads. But, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can log in using prime membership.

Go live on Twitch

Be Live

Be Live is a platform for professionals. This live streaming site allows you to conduct interviews and talk shows. There are 3 options while going live. One is solo, where you only will be on the screen. The second one is the Interview. In this, 2 people can go live, at the same time. And the third one is a unique one, the Talk Show. In this option, 4 people can go live together. Your live stream will be available on Facebook and the comments appear in real time. You can sign up in Be Live using your Facebook or your Twitch account. Crawlers are available for your viewers to catch up on your live videos.

Note: Be Live is for free 20 minutes, 2 times a week. But, if you have a subscription of 12$, you can use it as much as you want.

Go live on Be Live

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Created for daily vloggers. Periscope provides a platform for vloggers to vlog about their daily events. You can connect your camera, mic, and all your recording setup and a go live with high-quality video and audio. The time limit of a live video? There is no limit. You can broadcast live videos as long as you want. Periscope allows you to record your live videos and watch again for improvements. It also allows a replay option to viewers in case if they missed out your live video. Viewers can also comment on your videos in real time. In short, you can go live from anywhere, as soon as you want for free and without ads.

Go live on Periscope

Instagram Live

Short after Facebook bought Instagram, they introduced the live feature in it. With improved video and audio quality, Instagram Live spread like a wildfire. Although, the live videos only had 24 hours of life. Also, the duration of each live videos is 1 hour. With new innovations, 2 people can share a live video from 2 phones. If a user goes live, a follower can request to join that Live. People can react, comment, and chat with each live videos. You can also add filters to your live videos on Instagram Live.

Note: Instagram provided viewers an option to watch the ended live videos again and again.

Go live on Instagram Live


A business-oriented live streaming site. StreamShark allows you to edit the live streaming platform before you go live. You can adjust the colors of the site to match your product. The viewers can rewind your live videos if they are late to join from the beginning. Once live streamed, the user can mark certain parts of the videos as highlights. These highlights appear right after the live video. The viewers can chat with the users during the live sections.

Your live video will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube, etc. at the same time you go live. This way a larger audience can see your live streaming video. All the messages from all social media site will appear in your StreamShark Chatbot. So you won’t miss any comment or suggestion on your video. You can also make money using this live streaming site by adding ads to your live videos.

Note: There is a free trial for you to test StreamShark. After the trial, you need to sign up for the premium account to broadcast live videos.

Go live on StreamShark

YouTube Live

We cannot imagine a top video platform without a live video streaming setup. Yes, even though they were a little late, they did it in style. YouTube changed the face of live streaming. They provided 36 hours of live duration and 4K quality live streaming. A completely free live streaming website where you can broadcast 4k videos. All you need is a YouTube account, a webcam, and a 90-day clean record. YouTube checks whether your account faced any blocks in the past. Only after your account gets verified, you can go live. The viewers can ask questions, make suggestions and comment on the videos. The user can see these comments and reply to them in real time.

Note: YouTube will insert ads if your video reaches a larger audience.

Go live on YouTube


When you go live, latency is a major problem. There is no point in going live if your video lags a lot. Bambuser is the solution for the latency. With high-speed upload rate you can broadcast live videos in HD. Both professionals and casual users use Bambuser alike. This live streaming site is not limited to smartphones. If you have a webcam and a microphone, you can go live from your desktop. Like most of the live streaming websites, Bambuser allows you to save the live video after it ends. You can also make some edits to the video before saving it to the public.

Note: Bambuser offers a 14-day trial account. After that, you got to take up a subscription plan to continue using it.

Go live on Bambuser


Stream allows you to go live or watch live videos from your Android or iOS devices. All live videos are available in your phone memory after live. With HD audio and video streaming, Stream raises a bar in the live video streaming community. Stream is free to use which makes it even better. The audience can comment or even send voice notes to your live videos. Your live videos will appear on Facebook and Twitter for your followers. A viewer will get suggestions for live videos based on their locality. This helps a user to increase their audience using Stream.

Note: The viewers can subscribe to channels. Subscribers get notifications when these users go live.

Go live on Stream

Vimeo LiveStream

Vimeo LiveStream is a live video streaming site built for business.This live streaming site provides HD quality audio and video support for your live videos. With a subscription, you can add ads to your live video and earn through it. You can go live from a single camera or a set of cameras from different angles. Vimeo supports broadcasting live videos on YouTube and Facebook at once.  This live streaming site also allows real-time chat.

Note: Vimeo is a bit costlier than its competitions. A premium account costs $75 per month.

Go live on Vimeo

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Crowd Cast

If you want to conduct a webinar, or a workshop online, you’re in the right place. You can host interactive Q&As, polls, real-time chats, etc. in Crowd Cast. The main highlight of Crowd Cast is the Q&A section. If a viewer wants to ask a question, he/she can join the live and ask. This creates a better social interaction with the audience. You can set the time and date of your live broadcast. Your video will appear in the highlight section of the Crowd Cast website. They also send push notifications to your followers before your broadcast begins. Crowd Cast is very easy to set up and is user-friendly.

Note: For 100 live viewers, you need a 49$ per month subscription. With higher offers, the number of viewers supported will increase.

Go live on Crowd Cast


A live video streaming website for beginners and professionals. DaCast is a user-friendly website to start your live streaming career. This live streaming site offers monthly, yearly, and event payment schemes. Each offer is different from one another. Professionals can take high premium accounts. Amateurs can try the DaCast with one-time payment live. For premium accounts, DaCast allows watermarking so that no one can copy your work.

Note: You can earn through DaCast by advertisements that appear in your videos. Ads appear in your video only if you select ads option.

Go live on DaCast


If you want to launch a product, Ustream can help you. Ustream is a web-based live streaming platform that also supports smartphones. Live chat is available once you go on live. This way, you can communicate with your audience. Ustream offers a 30-day trial period. After that, you can continue the subscription or cancel it. Paid users get more advantages than free users. Ustream provides HD video quality for your product to stand out in the video.

Note: Premium users get more storage space,  conduct live polling, and customize videos.

Go live on Ustream | Android | iPhone


A business based video streaming website. Zoom focus on meetings conducted by companies. You can share your screen, conduct interviews and conferences and a lot more with Zoom. Zoom allows you to share your live video with one another person. So you can host a live section with 2 people at once. With Zoom, you can conduct live polls, host Q&A sections and many more. For free, you can broadcast live videos for 40 minutes.

Note: With a subscription, the rate of viewers and the time duration increases. A premium account costs 14.99$ per month.

Go live on Zoom

Best Live Video Streaming Sites for Smartphones and Desktops

Video live streaming is the new face of the social community. From celebrities to MNCs to ordinary people, live video is a sensation among them. So select a live stream link from above and go live. You’ll figure everything out, it’s that simple. And also, there are many more websites that support live broadcasts. They have their own cons and pros. Stop thinking and start broadcasting live on your favorite live streaming sites.

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