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8 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories to Protect Your Console

Excited about the new console, the Nintendo Switch? Congratulations. Well, don’t forget to buy some accessories to protect your investment. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories that guarantee to give you, even more, every time you take the console. We’ve got some of the best protective cases, portable chargers, and other useful yet innovative Nintendo accessories that fall on the reasonable price tag.

It’s time you take a peek on these best Nintendo Switch accessories list and make sure to these gadgets a try.

ZeroLemon Battery Charger Case

The first one we’ve got is the ZeroLemon battery charger case that is designed for the Nintendo switch. It works as an extended power source for your Switch when you take it with you. This Nintendo Switch charger offers up to 10 hours of playtime thanks to its 10000mAh rechargeable battery. The design is such that this cool Nintendo attachment works like a charger case as well as a gaming grip. The improved kickstand and the extra card slot adds more convenience to your gameplay.

ZeroLemon Battery Charging Case

The kickstand’s adjustable in 3 different angles and the card slots allow you to store 3 extra game cards. The intelligent battery management system protects the Nintendo Switch from overvoltage. The battery charger for Nintendo features the normal micro USB and the Type-C power inputs. These are the four LED lights indicate whether your battery is pumped up to the maximum or not. And yeah, as the Nintendo switch consumes a lot of power. It’s good to have a ZeroLemon charging case for portable and extended gameplay.

Buy from Amazon: ZeroLemon Battery Charging Case

AmazonBasics Car Charger for Nintendo Switch

The AmazonBasics Car Charger is a handy device to charge Nintendo Switch while driving. In fact, you can use it in the plug and play mode, keeping your Switch powered up and ready for action anytime. This cool Nintendo switch charger makes it quite easy to charge as well as play your favorite games while you are on the road. You can plug it into your car’s DC power source and the USB-C cable that comes with the package connects with the Nintendo’s charging port.

AmazonBasics Car Charger

The car charger also features security protections. This includes short circuit and over current system that keeps an eye on the input power voltages all the time. The charger provides a 6-foot cable with a protective coating and voltage protection. The cables easy access to the gaming console for the backseaters without cutting off the power.

Buy from Amazon: AmazonBasics Car Charger

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Hori Compact Playstand

The Hori Compact Playstand is one of those play stands that are built only for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo PlayStand is licensed and approved by Nintendo. This ergonomically designed stand provides a pure and immersive gaming experience each time. The design favors gaming while Charging and the extended back bracket allow you to adjust the angle. You can adjust the viewing angles according to your wish by sliding off the back brackets.

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

The Hori Playstand’s design is in such a way that you can fold and keep them safe inside your pockets. That worth a point to note when it comes to portability. And as you get charging slots within the sides of the Playstand, you can plug and play all day long.

Buy from Amazon: Hori Compact Playstand

EEEKit Wireless Pro Gaming Controller

The EEEKit gaming controller is exclusively designed for the Nintendo Switch. It can be paired wirelessly through the Bluetooth connectivity and is expected to support the new updated firmware. This Nintendo controller comes with an ergonomic and dynamic design that adds a deeper level of gaming intensity. The Gyro Axis function and the dual motor vibrators provide accurate gaming feedbacks while you play. The lightweight design and good quality grips make it comfortable for long hours of intense gaming.

EEEKit Wireless Pro Gaming Controller

You can get a total of 5 hours of continuous usage on a single full battery charge. The charging time rounds up to around 3 hours thanks to the USB charging slots. The internal battery is of 380mAh, which is adequate for most of your gaming needs. the LEDs on the dock shows the connection status, as well as the remaining battery charge.

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FastSnail Gaming Controller Grip

The Fastsnail Nintendo Switch gaming control is quite simple at first gaze. It is designed to be more child-friendly and features a simple control mechanism. The device comes in an ergonomic design that provides superior grip and enhanced comfort while gaming. The lightweight design, as well as the brightly colored outer covering, give your kids a pleasant surprise.

FastSnail Gaming Controller Grip

The best part is that there is no fussy buttons or crowded control panel. Its rather simple with only the necessary Dpad and X, B, A, Y buttons. You can simply slip the on and off buttons without having to deal with any fussy mechanism. Since it’s a dedicated Nintendo control case, it protects the control panel from dirt and dust and rather holds the control panel intact.

Buy from Amazon: FastSnail Gaming Controller Grip

Mumba Protective Case

The Mumba protective case is a hard case that meets the standards of the Nintendo Switch. This Nintendo protective case is one of those heavy duty hard cases that protect your Switch from scratches and accidental impacts. This Nintendo cover comes with a special polycarbonate back panel that is resistant to scratches. The rugged hand grip on both the sides provides greater grip while you play and makes sure it never slips out of your palms. The bumped up corners also sees to it that your Nintendo switch stays safe during accidental impacts by absorbing them.

Mumba case for Nintendo Switch

The bumper panel is made of TPU material and ensures that impacts are absorbed. The design part is rather ergonomic, making it extremely gamer-friendly. But yet, keep in mind that the screen is vulnerable to damage as there is no protective screen cover available. You need to equip extra screen guards accordingly.

Buy from Amazon: Mumba Protective Case

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AmFilm Tampered Glass Screen Protector

The AmFilm screen protector is one of those good Nintendo specific screen guards available online. It’s a clear tempered glass screen guard with prior dimensional ratios with respect to the Nintendo Switch. It comes with a greater level of transparency and clear cut viewing experience. Although mostly screen guards are not really taken into account by gamers, it would be a good idea to get yourself one.

AmFilm Tampered Glass Screen Protector

Its installation is simple and you get two glass screen guards and additional wet wipes with the total delivery. If you are planning to get yourself a protective case, it’s also worth considering. You can pair this case with this tempered glass screen guards for extra protection.

Buy from Amazon: AmFilm Tampered Glass Screen Protector

SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card

The Sandisk 128GB micro SD card is yet another accessory that is designed solely for the Nintendo Switch. It is approved by and Licensed as a Nintendo friendly accessory that gives you additional storage up to 128GB. With transfer speeds that rate up to 100MB/s, this Nintendo Switch storage card delivers high performance all the time.

SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card

With this transfer rate, you can load most of the games without any fuss and delay. So yeah, if you are looking to add up space on your Nintendo Switch, the Sandisk 128GB micro SD is the best option you can get online.

Buy from Amazon: SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card

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Avantree Leaf USB Audio Transmitter

The Avantree Leaf is a long-range, high-quality USB Audio Transmitter. It is a Nintendo specific Bluetooth device that works with the switch as well as the PCs. It is more or less like a plain USB stick but works only to transmit audio.

Avantree Leaf USB Audio Transmitter

With the Avantree Leaf, you can stream audios to Bluetooth enabled devices. This is ideal for watching movies, video games etc. The leaf works to a maximum distance range of 66 feet in an area with no direct obstructions. If you are looking for something like a compact audio transmitter, the Avantree Leaf is a good option to consider.

Buy from Amazon: Avantree Leaf USB Audio Transmitter

Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. It’s one of the most loved and popular portable gaming consoles to ever hit the markets. It provides some of the most impressive and innovative gaming experience in the portable range of consoles. Always keep your precious Nintendo Switch with protective case and other accessories. And it is always be safe better than sorry.

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