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14 Best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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The Nintendo Switch has made a great impact on the lives of gamers from the day it was released. There isn’t any doubt about the quality and immersive gameplay that Nintendo provides. To add a bit more luster to your gaming sessions, we’ve got som,e of the cool Nintendo switch controls that’s quite robust and durable. Apart from the Joy Con and Nintendo’s own controller, there are tons of millions of cool controllers for the Nintendo switch available online.

Here, we got some of the cool 3rd party, as well as Nintendo, licensed wireless gaming controllers available online. Take a peek and make sure you get the best pick from our list.

Nintendo Switch Pro Joy Con

The Nintendo Joy Con is one of the best Nintendo Switch Pro you could ever get online. It is one of those gaming controllers that give a total versatility and flexibility while gameplay. This versatile device offers many ways of gameplay depending upon your needs. You can use them in each hand or together as a single module by attaching it to the Joy Con grip. In fact, if you’re preferring the multiplayer mode, you could split the unit and connect them. Make sure that the games have multiplayer access to use the controller in split mode. Whatsmore, each Joy Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller.

Each one of them includes an accelerometer and a gyro sensor too. This makes independent left and right motion control possible while gaming. Coming to the design, on the right module, you have the directional buttons and the joystick. On the right unit, there is the right joystick and A/X/B/Y buttons. There is also an IR motion camera beneath the right control unit. This can aid when you use the Switch with the Nintendo Labo. The connectivity is through Bluetooth. There is also the NFC for near field communication. Coming to the power issues, yes it comes with a rechargeable 525 mah internal battery. You get an approx battery life of 20hrs before running out.

Key Features:

  • Detachable Nintendo controller
  • Useful for multiplayer gaming
  • Presence of IR camera
  • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity

Pro Switch Controller

The next stop is the RegeMoudal Remote Joystick Gamepad. It is the best one you could couple for getting the best Nintendo gaming experience. The Gamepad feels solid and sturdy in your hands. It is made in such a way to reduce hand fatigue. There are good matte grips and textures to give you priceless gaming feel every time. As you know, the Switch controller comes with an Xbox Style button configuration. There are two analog directional sticks on either side and in-game control buttons.

The A/B/X/Y buttons sit on the right top corner of the controller. Unlike the Xbox controller, the Pro Switch controller has a USB C port for charging. There are the connection battery indicators in the form of LEDs too. On a single charge, the Switch controller 1200mAh battery can last up to 22 hrs. You get the charging cable with the delivery. What’s more, the gamepad comes with motion controls and Amiibo functionalities. There ain’t any IR camera but the motion sensor does the job pretty well.

Key Features:

  • Durable and strong
  • LED indications
  • Official Nintendo controller
  • up to 40 hours of gameplay

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Benoncool Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Pro

The BenonCool wireless controller is a good third party gamepad to equip with your Switch Pro. This switch pro gaming controller connects to your Nintendo switch pro through Bluetooth. It supports all famous Nintendo Switch games thanks to its software gaming capabilities. The controller comes with dual adjustable Turbo shock. The dual-motor shock and gyro motion gives a vivid and realistic gaming experience. You can adjust the turbo speeds and dual shock effects from the settings window.

Coming to the design, this gaming controller for Nintendo Switch Pro comes with a textured plastic grip. It also features a 350 mAh internal battery that gives 8 to 10 hours of continuous gameplay. You can recharge the device With the USB C cable. In fact, you can play while you are charging the controller. A thing to note is that there is no Amiibo function. Apart from that, it’s a pretty decent controller for you to get under 30 bucks.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great vibrational feedback
  • Presence of Turbo, dual-motor shock
  • 6 axis gyro motion sensor

Hori Split Pad Pro

The Hori Split Pad Pro is a good third party alternative for the Nintendo’s Joy Con. It is quite large and has good ergonimics to suit in handheld mode. It ain’t for those with small palms and is not that compact. This device is double the size of the standard Joy Con and comes with larger grips and buttons. The triggers and the analog sticks too are quite big and are user-assignable. It comes with an extra button on the rear sides of each control unit.

You can assign functions to these buttons so that you get better gaming experience. The controller comes with a turbo function on each side as well. But yet there aren’t any sensors or IR camera modules within the unit. There is no HD Rumble or morion control, unlike the Joy Con. Moreover, there isn’t an inbuilt battery. It is more like a plug n play controller. But with that, it gave the effect of draining the console’s power.

Key Features:

  • Improved design
  • Sensitive triggers and buttons
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works on 2 AA batteries

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PowerA Wireless Gaming Controller

This Nintendo Switch controller might not be the best when it comes to its design but, it is capable of giving a smooth gaming experience. It is the best gaming controller to equip if you are carving to play the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. With its octagonal sticks and large buttons, you can get accurate control every time. It is Bluetooth enabled Nintendo Switch controller that’s lightweight and compact. It isn’t bulky as those of the ones you saw above.

Unlike traditional gaming controllers, the PowerA Nintendo Switch controller comes with shoulder buttons. It also comes with motion controls and system buttons for wider compatibility. This Nintendo Switch pro controller works with the normal AA batteries. You get up to 30jrs of continuous use with these batteries. There are LED indicators that show battery status, player number and connection status.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Presence of shoulder buttons
  • user-assignable switches
  • LED indication

Jamswall Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Jamswall gaming controller for the switch pro is yet another device that works on the Bluetooth. It works well with the Nintendo Switch Pro and is compatible with most of the Switch Pro games. Being wireless gives you the freedom to connect it with your console within a minute. You never need to install any drivers or as such for establishing a connection. This switch pro controller flaunts an ergonomic design and comes with good quality rubber grips. This reduces slipping while your hand starts to sweat and reduces hand fatigue too.

It comes with quite a lot of advanced features such as the gyro axis function and dual motor shocks. The shock feedbacks give you immersive gaming experience. The buttons, the dual analog sticks, and expansion triggers give you good control. The Jamswall controller for the Nintendo Switch works on a rechargeable internal battery. This 500mah battery offers 8 hrs of continuous gaming on a single charge. Also, a plus point that’s worth mentioning is that it is under $20 online.

Key Features:

  • Works on Bluetooth
  • Rubberized Grips

Ralthy Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

The Ralthy Nintendo Switch controller is a for all hardcore gamers. It is compatible with most of the Switch Pro’s games and works well to give a good gaming experience. This switch controller comes with a design that looks a bit floppy on the first look. It ain’t that ergonomic but has good quality rubber grips and comes in a dual-color tone.

The device features double shock function and has an adjustable Turbo speeds. You can adjust the turbo speeds from 3 shoots to even 20 shots per second. You can also adjust the double shock within a 3 level scale from low to high. This Nintendo Switch pro controller can pair with the console through Bluetooth. It comes with an internal battery that offers 10hrs of gaming on a single charge. The best part is that you can charge the battery within an hour through the USB C charging port. As an extra addon, it also comes with the LED connection status indicator.

Key Features:

  • Old school design
  • Adjustable Turbo speeds
  • Charging through USB C port
  • upto 10hours of gameplay

RegeMoudal Switch Pro Controller

The RegeMoudal Switch Pro Controller has quite a lot of features and solid built quality to show off. It comes with a cool ergonomic design with large buttons and DPads to make gaming smooth. The design is like the Nintendo switch controller but with streaks of aesthetics. It comes with good quality artificial leather grips to make sure the device stays put. The features such as the gyro function and dual motor vibration make gameplay interesting. The sensitive buttons, the analog sticks, and the triggers provide precise movement controls.

This Switch Pro controller comes with the Bluetooth connectivity. This makes the connective process easy and less time-consuming. It works fine within a 10m range of the console. The console features a 500mah internal battery that offers 3 hrs of extended gameplay. There are battery indications and the recharging is through the USB C port. You receive the USB C cable and adapter with the package.

Key Features:

  • Solid Build quality
  • DUal motor vibrational feedback
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 500mAh internal battery
  • Up to 3 hours of gameplay

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PowerA Wireless Gaming Controller for Switch Pro (Upgraded)

This PowerA gaming controller for the Nintendo Switch is an upgraded version of the one you saw earlier. It has a clean and minimal design that matches the standards of the Switch Pro. Luke its later, it connects with the console through Bluetooth. It has a smooth texture and has the Dpad and the joysticks within good proximity.

You might feel a bit of fatigue to reach the left joystick if you’re a kiddie gamer. That’s because of the minimal design and low ergonomics. Apart from that, it works fine while you’re gaming. You get greater precision when you hold the device in your hands. This device features motion control and gaming button mapping. There are low battery and connection status indicators in the form of LEDs. It works on the normal AA batteries and can offer 40 hrs of continuous gaming.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • LED indication

Orzly Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch

The next one we’ve got is not an all-out gaming controller but a racing wheel module. If you’re into racing games with you and have a Joy Con with you then, you should definitely try this one out. The Orzly steering wheel comes in two shades, the red and the blue, like the way to suit your Joy Con. Each wheel can fit the Joy Con without any fuss and works fine while playing racing games in multiplayer mode. It is perfect for playing the Mariikart and allows a true driving experience.

It works fine with all major racing games on the Nintendo platform. The wheel is easy to configure. You need to slide your Joy Con controller into the central panel attachment and you’re done. There isn’t any Bluetooth or cables required to connect the steering wheel to the Joy Con. There are LED indications as in the Joy Con so that you can be sure of connection and battery status.

Key Features:

  • Steering wheel design
  • Compatible with the Joy Con
  • comes in two shades
  • LED indication

PowerA Wireless Gaming Controller

This one you see here is for that who plays a lot of Princess Zelda on your Nintendo Switch. It is basically the same when it comes to the feature list but with a Princess Zelda skin. Every other aspect of the device is the same.

It connects through the wireless Bluetooth and has the same dimensions as its previous versions. There are also LED indicators and works up to 30hrs with the AA batteries.

Key Features:

  • “Princess Zelda” skin
  • LED indication
  • AA batteries
  • 30 hrs gameplay

Hori Nintendo Nintendo Switch Pro controller(Zelda Edition)

The Hori Zelda edition is for those who love Princess Zelda. It’s the same as that of the previous one we mentioned. All main features are identical and come with the same dimensions. It is ergonomic to the core and fits well inside your palm. Unlike the previous versions, this one not wireless.

It’s a GameCube styled wired USB controller with a 10ft cable. It comes with some cool feedback features like the turbo and dual shock. The anti snapback analog sticks and the L/R buttons provide better gameplay. This is one of those limited third party controllers that is officially licensed by Nintendo.

Key Features:

  • Princess Zelda edition
  • Wired USB gaming controller

ESYWEN Gaming Controller for Nintendo Switch Pro

The Esywen Switch Pro controller comes with quite a lot of features. It designed for those hardcore gamers who love carves for immersive gameplay. It comes with an ergonomic design with slight concave joysticks and solid Dpad. The device supports adjustable turbo, dual shock, and 6 axis gyro motion controls. You can adjust the Turbi and dual shock feedbacks on a 3 level scale.

The device comes with LED indicators that give the connection status. The connection is through the Bluetooth and takes less than a minute to configure. Coming to the battery, yes it is rechargeable and offers 13 hours of continuous gameplay. You can charge it through the USB C port. Also, unlike other controllers, there is a dedicated home button to access the home page.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • USB C charging
  • Adjustable turbo, dual shock, and gyroscope motion

Jackiss Pro wireless Switch Pto Controller

The Jackiss Pro Controller is yet another gaming controller for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. It features a traditional design with good grips and ergonimics. It is one of those 3rd party Nintendo Switch controllers that have got quite a lot of attention. The device is compatible with Switch games and works as an additional remote for multiplayer gaming. It has motion controls, dual shock responded and 2 analog control sticks.

You can control the turbo and dual shock levels and adjust them according to your games. The connectivity is through Bluetooth. You can connect ut with the console with a range of 400ft. This Nintendo Switch Pro controller comes with an internal 500 mAh battery. It offers up to 15 hrs of continuous gameplay. You can charge it through the Type C port and you get the cable with the delivery. There is also the inbuilt Gyro sensors. This can, in fact, add more spark to all your racing gaming sessions.

Key Features:

  • Gyro scope sensor
  • 15 hrs gameplay
  • 500mAh rechargeable battery

Maegoo Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

The Maegoo gaming controller comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can use it to play games with your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite. Being wireless makes it easy to connect and it doesn’t take even a min to configure the device with the console. Coming to the design, it flaunts the ‘all traditional’ Switch layout. The controller might be a bit bulky in your hands but yet, it is sturdy. There are also rubberized grips to help keep the controller falling down or slipping.

This Switch Pro controller comes with inbuilt dual motor and Turbo functions. It gives feedbacks according to your gaming and you can control them as you need. There is also the 6 axis gyroscope sensor to make your gaming sessions more immersive. The power issues are safe with a 500mah battery within the device. This battery can provide enough juice to give you continuous gameplay of up to 10 hrs. You can charge it through the USB C port and you get a 0.7m USB C cable also. As a concern, A small flaw that you might feel id the lack of LED connection indicators. There aren’t any indications on the controller to check the battery and connection.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Better grips
  • Turbo and adjustable dual shock
  • up to 10hrs of gameplay

That’s our list of some of the best Nintendo Switch controllers available online. We went on a deep search through the web keeping convenience, performance and customer reviews in mind. Ther are quite a lot of them in our list with different price tags. Make sure to keep an eye on that before diving into a conclusion.


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